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Busy week again but at least tomorrow is Friday!  

It’s Throwback Thursday today and I have been looking through some of the old pictures and thought I would show you a selection.

Goose Fair 2019, taken from the Big Wheel DH and I were on.  Slightly blurry!

Eldest, DH and Youngest waiting for the Dodgems to start.

Youngest and I on the Cyclone

The Boys outside Parliament in 2005.

The view over London from the restaurant in October 2020.

The top of our garden in October last year, slightly misty and very cold!

Treacle and her football from three years ago in October.

It is cold again today and very rainy so we are definitely getting into Autumn!  Hoping that the weekend is going to be okay at some point to get a few final jobs done in the garden before the weather gets too bad.  Also have some home jobs to do as well. 

Happy Thursday everybody!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

It is very cold here today and Mom has put the heating on and it is so lovely.  It has also been raining so I have not been out much either.

This is what I have to do when Youngest gets home to get my dinner; ATTACK!!!!!

Stop lying on the job, it’s dinner time.

Okay if you won’t get up I will lie on you and attack you !!!!

Right I will just lie on you until you admit defeat and get up!

I may as well take 40 winks now I am here lying on this comfy person!!!!!

Dinner will be soon hopefully.  I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx


Yesterday was “National Son Day” but I missed it, here I am with our two from 2010 when we were in Orlando.   Youngest was ten and Eldest was fourteen.  I wish we could go back to this time!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday All.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Busy & Chaos!

We had a very busy weekend being out on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday lunch which was lovely.  Of course the weekend flew by and before I knew it, it was Monday again.  Of course being busy meant we did not get any jobs done but who cares?!!!

This is what we have also been busy sorting.  My new vehicle!  My lovely Jeep Grand Cherokee which I had had for fifteen years was getting to a point where it was not worth spending any more money on, the last two small things we had to get off the internet as they do not do parts for it any more.  Anyway Youngest works at the dealership and so we went down and had a look at the vehicles and this one ticked the boxes.  It is a Jaguar F-Pace AWD in grey. 

Matt’s Cartoon from The Daily Telegraph Today!

Now if you have seen the news in the UK we are having a bit of an issue with fuel supplies with deliveries not getting to the fuel stations due to a lack of tanker drivers and the media whipping everyone up into a panic.  So people have been panic buying fuel to the extent that they are now rationing how much people can fill up with!  So I have a lovely new vehicle with a teaspoon full of fuel in it and cannot go anywhere!!!!!!!!!  Only me!  They are hoping that things will start to ease soon, the situation being caused by HGV drivers getting new jobs during the pandemic and not going back so there is a shortage now.  It is also the same for deliveries to other companies.  I will let you know what it is like when I can drive it!

This week is a little quieter and especially now as no one can go anywhere (!) and the weekend at the moment is free so we will be doing all the jobs that we should have got done last weekend!  There is always a pay off when you spend a weekend having fun!

I hope you lovely lot had a good weekend and have a good week.  It is pouring with rain here at the moment so definitely and in-door day.  Treacle is not keen on going out!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


The Wednesday Wag.

It is a wonderful Autumn day today, the sun is shining and it is nice and warm and I have spent the whole day outside!  Mom says this time of year is difficult for her as she cannot see me very well when I am at the top of the garden as I blend in with the Autumn colours!

I think I had better look round and make sure there are no intruders in the garden.  I almost caught one of those pesky squirrels the other day!

What was that?  Squirrel?

Mom says I will have to come in when it starts to drop cool but she will have to catch me first!!!  Have a lovely Autumn Woofy Wednedsay. 

Treacle xx

Home Maintenance.

Work on your home never stops!!!  We did a lot to ours when we moved in so of course things are now breaking or need replacing as it has been twenty years!!   The basin in our main bathroom has developed a crack which is starting to creep so we are getting a new one, which of course means new taps.  We are also going to replace the taps on the bath too because you can guarantee if we don’t it will fail immediately after the plumber has been!

Another job is we have some blown units in our double glazed windows so we are getting those replaced before Winter.  The problem at the moment is that everyone is so very busy, which is great for them after the last eighteen months but things are taking a long time to sort out.  The windows have been ordered and we are just waiting for them to set a date to come and replace them.

We are now waiting for the plasterer to come and quote to replaster the ceiling where the rain got in and still waiting for the roofers to come and seal the tiles and clean the gutters out before Winter!  Of course you do know what will happen don’t you?  They will all turn up in the same week!  Yep especially as it is me, these sorts of things always happen to me!!!!

One of the windows which needs replacing is in our dressing room, which means I am going to have to empty it for them to do the job!  Of course that means I can have a clear out at the same time so it is not all bad news!

Today has been busy with work and I had an appointment this afternoon, I don’t know where the days and weeks are flying to!  I hope you are all having a good Tuesday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Treacle’s view on the day!

Monday Mood.

“Books are uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King

How true is that statement!  To me I love books which I can escape into for a while and get away from everything else which is going on in the World. 

On November 4th it will be the 20th anniversary of the release of the above film in cinemas and I took Eldest and his friend to see it.  Next year it will be twenty five years since the publication of the book.  OMG where does time go?  The Harry Potter books were great favourites of our Boys and me too.  I still watch the films and even though you know the stories it does not matter, they are good fun. 

Once in each generation we seem to get a book or set of books which capture the imagination of everyone who reads them and they then become classics.  I read The Hobbit when I was eleven and then of course went on to read all of Tolkiens books and loved the fantasy of them. 

Out of all the stories I have read the thing I wish most is that at some point in our World History that Dragons really did exist!!!!! 

Busy week again as always and as you know a busy weekend too.  The weather is getting cooler here, sunny and warm during the day but dropping cold at night, Autumn is definitely making itself felt. 

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” 

Nora Ephron From my favourite film “You’ve Got Mail”

I just love that film.  I hope you lovely lot have a fantastic week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


Here are some pictures of our work in the garden yesterday.  DH got the grass cut which always makes the garden look so much better and also got up the leaves that had fallen.  Of course a load more of fallen since!!!!

The table and chairs are still out at the moment but we did put the umbrella away as it was nice and dry, which was a good job as it rained all night and most of this morning.  We will put the furniture away next week after I have given it a clean.

The vegetable bed has been cleaned and tidied and I wil put some winter greens in, when I visit the garden centre for the Winter pansies. 

The pots waiting to be filled and I swept the patio stones.  I clipped the box bush in the top left of the picture and made it look tidy and we just now need to trim some of the plants before Winter.


Next time we need to tackle the plants on the right hand side as they need tidying!

Busy sorting things out at home now as the weather has been up and down today including rain, wind and sun!!! 

Happy Sunday everybody. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.

This is one of Stephen King’s short stories book, the main one being a stand alone sequel to “The Outsider” and then three short stories. 

Holly Gibney of the Finders Keepers Detective Agency is working on the case of a missing dog and also her long standing battle of trying to be more assertive and less closed off with people.  She sees a report of her case on TV on the late night report, but something is not quite right about the correspondent who was first on the scene.   This is the beginning of the story “If It Bleeds”, from the old journalistic saying “If it Bleeds, It Leads”!!!!

The book also includes three long stories; “Mr Harrigan’s Phone” which will make you consider how you use your mobile phones, “The Life of Chuck” and “Rat”.

You know I love Stephen King and so far the stories have not been spooky, just mind twisting,  Normally I don’t like short stories but so far they have been good.

We got some of the garden done and filled up our brown bin, which goes off to the compost centre, and we are hoping that the wether will be good next week and we can get some more trimming done.  I will show you some pictures tomorrow, it is looking very tidy. 

Happy Saturday everybody. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

It’s Friday!

It wasn’t quite this cold this morning but it was very misty!  It is definitely feeling like Autumn! 

I managed to get all the home jobs done this morning and then I went to see a friend whose Birthday is on Monday with her present.   I only meant to stay for coffee but then stayed for lunch and it was so lovely to be out of our office and see them both!  I got back at 4.00pm and managed to catch up on the days work and just now need to do the washing and ironing. 

Tomorrow is the best day for good weather so I will try and get our garden done then as Sunday it is due to rain for most of the day and in the evening we are out for another Birthday meal as a 21st celebration and that will be the weekend done!  However if the weather is bad I can play with quilting fabric and I can interchange it with baking if I get fed up!

I am also trying to sort something out which I will hopefully show you soon but at the moment it is taking a little longer than I thought, but it has to be sorted by the end of September!!!!!!  Ohhhhhhh.

Next week will be a busy week but I do have a massage booked which will be so nice.  Next weekend will also be very busy but in a social way, we have the 21st Birthday party on the Friday evening, out with friends for dinner on Saturday evening and then out for Sunday lunch with another set of friends!!!  I will need to diet all week with all the food I am going to eat out!  Isn’t it always the same, nothing going on for weeks/months and then three things in one weekend!!!  I am not complaining of course!

It is then another very good friend’s Birthday on the Monday and later that week it is October!!!  Who can believe it will be October?  Oh boy.

Of course last week should have been Susie Book Club Friday so I will do that tomorrow!!  One month it will be on the right Friday I promise!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Sorry couldn’t resist another Christmas picture!!!!

Christmas is Coming!

You know how the Game of Throne’s saying is “Winter is Coming” well according to our press today “Christmas is Coming” and we had better get to it!  They are forecasting shortages of Christmas food, including turkey, as well as other food stuffs and presents apparently.  Now of course this may be a good marketing ploy but you never know.  The Government announced measures for the Winter months which if cases rise again we may be back to wearing masks everywhere and people working from home again but hopefully no lockdowns!  However there is always that option if things get bad again, which I am really hoping it won’t be.

On the basis that things might be scarce I have decided to get the Christmas cake and pudding made a little earlier than normal and also get some mince pies into the freezer as well.  I am just in the process of getting the freezer’s empty so I can start sorting them out.  I think I will also put the vegetables we have at Christmas in the freezer as well so they are all ready and waiting. 

I have already bought four Christmas presents for people we buy for and tucked them away and know what I am getting for the rest so that little bit is sorted.  I know people will laugh at me doing this but at least by the time December rolls round I am not running around like the proverbial headless chicken, like everyone else, and get time to spend with family and friends which is the most important part of Christmas. 

I have also booked for DH and I to go to Chatsworth this year, which will hopefully be on.  The last time we went was 2019 of course so it will be nice to go and see what they have been up to, especially as it is twenty years since they first opened Chatsworth at Christmas.  It was first put on by the previous Duke of Devonshire to help as that year the whole country was suffering from Foot & Mouth disease so visitors to the house were drastically down.  It was a great success so they decided to make it an annual event. Can’t wait.

As you saw earlier in the week Treacle is already on to her Christmas list and one of the things she definitely needs is a new football for outside as her current one is well and truly used up!!!  I saw an Instagram post the other day of a dog in the pet store going along the treat shelves and choosing one treat!!!  If we took Treacle she would have eaten half the shelf before we had chance to stop her!!!!  This picture was taken last year in November on a foggy and very cold day!

I do love all the seasons as I think every one has something different to offer us, but I do love Autumn going into Winter a little bit more than Spring and Summer, even if we are not able to do all that we usually do still. 

Over the weekend I am going to plan what I am going to make with this lovely lot of material. 

Don’t forget – CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!

Happy Thursday you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx