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It’s October!

Can anyone tell me where September went to?  I honestly don’t know!  It flew by and hardly stopped in the middle!  So here we are October! 

Things are hotting up with swimming events which means DH is busy.  This weekend it is the swimming club’s Championship events on Saturday and Sunday and I will be helping out with the timing.  Before that we have a few jobs to get done too.

Friday night is date night with DH and it is that time of year when Goose Fair arrives in Nottingham.

For those of you who follow my blog know this is a family tradition of going to Goose Fair and both Boys went before they were born!  However we are now fair weather visitors, if it is pouring with rain we usually just drive past to see the lights!!! 

For those new to my Blog, Goose Fair is one of the oldest fairs in the UK.  The earliest record was from 1164 when King Henry II granted a charter to Lenton Priory allowing them to hold a fair to celebrate Martinmas (St. Martin’s Day 11th November).  In the Charter it actually banned all other fairs in the area.  A century later King Edward I granted another charter for a separate fair to be held on St. Matthew’s Day which flourished especially in Tudor times.  Since 1284 it has been held on an annual basis and has only been cancelled three times; once because of the outbreak of Bubonic plague, it was cancelled for the duration of World War I and finally in 2020 because of Coronavirus.  However it did happen during World War II.

The name of Goose Fair came about because of the farmers and poulterers who would drive their Geese, numbers of 20,000, into Nottingham to be sold at the fair.

It used to take place in Nottingham Market Square in front of The Nottingham Exchange and then The Nottingham Council House which was completed in 1929.  The Fair by this time had grown so large with stalls selling other products, rides, side shows and things to eat and drink it was decided to move it to the Forrest Recreation Ground just outside the city centre.  Although it was an unpopular move with the locals at the time, it actually meant that there was more room and therefore more attractions.

When my family and I went there were still the old side shows on; Mouse Town, The Bearded Lady, The Snake Man, The Wall of Death, Gypsy Rose Lee etc.  Sadly they have now gone and made way for more rides.  Although there are still a lot of stalls selling sweets, food and other goods which is great and also the famous mushy peas with mint sauce! I love going and of course it was where DH and I had our first date all those years ago, well 1986!  It is one of those events that screams Autumn to me.

Coco in the sewing room with me!

DH was out all weekend at swimming and now don’t faint but I actually got some quilting done!  I have a Baby quilt to get done as the baby has already arrived and I want to get it done before she starts school!!!!!  It is our Boys Godparents, their first Grandchild, a little girl called Darcy.  I will show you when it is finished.  I will also take pictures of my sewing room as it is now a little bit more organised, but I still have some things to do! 

The other thing which screams Autumn to me is the Masterchef Australia programme which shows in the UK at this time of year. It was a huge favourite of the Boys too as it was on at dinner time and we used to watch the contestants making the dishes.  I don’t like any of the other versions of Masterchef including the UK one, only this one. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

What To Do?

This was Eldest’s room the last time I was camping in there with my sewing.  Things have changed since then when he came back home.  His desk was made smaller and put onto the other wall, so I have got Youngest’s old desk out and that is now where the one above was.

I am still sorting out things in it and I have another few things to show you which I got as my Birthday present but one issue I have at the moment is my fabric storage.  At the moment it is in large clip boxes because A. It kept the fabric clean when it was stored under our bed and B. The Boxes stacked. However they are not ideal and are stacked on the floor.  The problem I have is how many different sorts of storage there is and wanting to get the best solution for the room and the fabric.  When I mean lots of storage solutions it does not come close, there are hundreds!!!!

Do you go for chest of drawers with several draws in, or do you go for shelves with baskets on them?  Do you go for furniture which has a top which you can use as a cutting table or use it for more storage?  Don’t get me started on colour!!!!

As you can see from the picture above we have an issue with the room in that we have two sloping parts of the ceiling so we have to be creative with where the furniture goes.

I do need to find the fairy lights and put them back up!

I started this post yesterday but ran out of time!!  I have been busy with work today and tomorrow DH and I are out at my Library Day at Chatsworth House, can’t wait!!   At the weekend DH at a swimming event both days so I am doing home jobs on Saturday and hopefully getting some sewing done Sunday, say it quietly though, things have been going awry!! 

As today is #TBT as well here are a few more of my sewing space before!!!

Angel Treacle who always got on the bed when I was sewing!  Fast asleep in this picture.

Need to find my other sewing things!!!

Happy Thursday everyone. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Summer & #TBT.

A November Monday!

It was a typical November day on Saturday with fog which was going to be a problem as it was also Bonfire Night!  It cleared though in time for the bonfire and the fireworks, it was cold though.  I did not get any pictures because sometimes you just want to enjoy the event rather than be behind the camera, also my phone battery died!!!! 

Yesterday we got some jobs done before DH had to go off to a swimming event.  I did catch up on all my home jobs which was a relief.  DH has been sorting my new computer which I absolutely hate because everything seems to disappear!!!  I know it will be sorted in the end but now I am behind with my work!  Just get one thing caught up and then get behind in another!!!!  Hey ho.

Now don’t faint but here is a bit of quilting!!  This was one of my UFO’s.  I bought the fabric ages ago at The Festival of Quilts, the pink bits and it was supposed to be enough to make a quilt but it wasn’t so I added some white and then the grey and backed it and did the binding in the same material.  I like it.

I still have a lot of quilting to get done as well but hopefully I can sneak a couple of days here and there to get things done.  I vow one of my 2023 Aims will be start the Christmas gifts in January!!!

Here is Coco’s eight month old Portrait!!  Far too tired to sit up and have her picture taken!!!  Here she is lying on our bed whilst I was getting dressed!!!  Comfy or what?

This week is a little quieter again and next weekend we have Saturday in, yeah!  Sunday we are busy during the day and in the evening we have the second swimming club in-house championships.  Next week is a bit busier and I am doing some Christmas things!  It is coming up fast!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


Where are the Weeks Going?

I just think that I have caught up and back on track and then a week disappears in a flurry of work, home jobs and everything in between and I haven’t done a post!

Last week DH and I were in Edinburgh and Glasgow for business.  Left on Tuesday and got back Friday!  (Edinburgh above, Glasgow below).

What I want to know is where September disappeared to?  I know the weeks and months go quickly but September didn’t even seem to stop in the middle and now we are into October!!! 

At the moment I seem to be bombared with things about Halloween and Christmas at the same time!  DH’s birthday is at the end of the month and I have no clue what to get him, although we are going out for dinner on his birthday. 

Although I did upset one friend by telling her that I have almost finished my Christmas shopping! 

Friday is Goose Fair night although they are forecasting heavy rain so we may not be going, but we will perhaps do a drive-by to see the lights and then sneak off for dinner.   Saturday will be a busy day and in the evening we have friends coming to dinner who missed out on our dinner in May as they were away  but it has taken until now to find a date.  I will try and remember to do pictures. 

Sunday is our first swimming club Championships at Alfreton LC, which is usually a good event as it is just our club and usually not too late a finish.  I also have plans to do some more baking as the ones I already made have been eaten!!

Coco is out and about!

She completed her six week crate rest, just in time to save her and I going insane!!! 

In DH’s truck on her way to the garage.

In the garden amongst all the leaves coming down.

Eldest looked after Coco whilst we were away last week and she spent the days with him at the garage.  Here she is in the office.

Having not been out and about and busy for a while over the weekend I think we managed to wear her out.  This was Monday morning, she has run out of charge!!!  She is going to have a busy few weeks as she is going for her first spa day next week as she is just so fluffy with her puppy coat and needs balancing up where they did the Op and also she cannot see because of her puppy floof on her face.  I am sure she is going to feel a lot better when she comes back.  Then the following week will be her second x-ray to see how the leg is doing. 

Then for DH’s Birthday we are taking him down to London for the weekend as a treat.  Before we know it, it will be Halloween and we will be welcoming November in!!!! 

I am still working on sorting out the pictures I took at the quilt show and will get them added asap, as well as some other quilting I have been doing. 

I hope you lovely lot are all doing well and Happy October.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Quilting Plans.

I am busy sorting out things to take away and as you know I take my sewing machine and quilting.  I have a few things which I need to get finished and as I did not get anything done last weekend I need to start my Christmas projects, so that will be going with me.  I have Eldest’s quilt to finish and another project for Youngest and when I told Eldest about it his respons was “I want one of those”!!!!!

They want me to make them each a wing cover, which as you can see covers the paintwork whilst they are leaning over to work on the engines.  I have found some excellent material for it so this will be another project I want to get done for their Christmas stockings!!! 

I never managed to use this last year so this will be my Christmas projects.

I also have a very large clip box full of scraps which I intend to cut and size so I can make a quilt for us!!  Eventually!

What I have to be careful of is taking too much of course!!  Especially as Coco is coming with us, with all her stuff!

Today I have been working and trying to get things sorted and tomorrow is home job day and grocery shopping and also a few baskets of ironing to get done so that the weekend we can got those other home jobs sorted!  The weather is due to be warm but raining so that will be handy doing jobs although we may have to work around the showers getting the garden sorted!

I hope you lovely lot are having a Thrilling Thursday! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco.

As it is Thursday so #TBT picture is our Boys from 2011 on vacation aged 11 and 15.

A Little Bit of Quilting and a Lot of !!!!!!

I was asked by DH’s cousin if I would make two Memory Quilts for her grandchildren and I, of course, agreed.  I have seen lots of them around in Quilt Land but never done one so asked for help from my very good friend, Susan, who is an expert quilter as to what I needed to do.  She very kindly told me and off I set.  Well I know I have only been quilting a short time but I always enjoy what I have done, even the King size quilt I have made for Eldest.  However these two quilts were just the most taxing things!   I picked them up and put them down so many times but in the end over the last two months I have got them all done and was ready to take them to the Christening yesterday. 

We had our swimming Open on Saturday and it was a very, very long and very, very HOT day!  So much so that we just had something to eat when we got in and went straight to bed.  We did not get up early yesterday which meant we ended up rushing out of our home to get to the Christening on time and you guessed it; I forgot the quilts!!!!!!!!  Anyway I did tell them that they are done and Mom is going to save them until Christmas anyway but I will be taking them over soon. 

They don’t read my blog so I am able to show you them now they are done.

This is for her Grandson (above and below).  I loved the backing which has little yachts on!

This is for her Granddaughter and the backing has very pale delicate flowers on.

I decided to just do a diamond pattern as the quilting, so it did not hide any of the main front pieces which all came from their baby grows and early clothes they had worn. 

I think the thing I found most hard was getting the block sizes the same, especially when some of the pictures/words etc were large so they ended up being bigger than the block size I chose which was 6″ x 6″ which is why in particular the boy’s quilt is a bit higgledy piggledy!!  I am sure the children won’t mind just hope Mom and Grandma like them!!!!

Today is even hotter so Coco and I have the tower fan going full blast in the Den and she is actually asleep on her back in her crate, so she must feel comfortable with the fan on her!  I am off to run a couple of errands and then I think it will be dinner and bed, don’t want to do too much in this heat!  It is due to be even hotter tomorrow so I will be up early getting my jobs done before it gets too warm!!!  Have a wonderful week all. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xxx

A Quilty Post!

Yes I know don’t faint, a quilty post from me!!!  I did get quite a bit of quilting done whilst we were in Scotland but not quite finished things off, so I have been trying to get things done since we got home.  Anyway here is the first finish which should have been done for the end of November last year, so only six months late!!!  Groan!

I took these pictures yesterday outside as it was lovely and warm which was great, but it has blurred the quilt a bit!

This quilt is for our very good friend Alan, who after the Lockdowns bought a caravan for him and his wife, Pat, to go on holiday as although they love to travel abroad they are not confident at the moment so are travelling in this country.  Anyway he said right at the start he would like a quilt for his caravan more as a joke but I thought what a great idea for his Birthday at the end of November last, for this year when they started travelling again.  SO I managed to get some caravan material and I found the VW Camper Van holiday fabric and combined with this wonderful blue spot. 

My very good friend, Susan, in the US, sent me this wonderful green material and I saved it for just the right project and thought it would be perfect for the backing to this quilt. 

I took a couple of pictures inside too.

Of course I had material left over so made a couple of mats for the table.  I still have some fabrice left so when I have finished everything I need to do I will probably make them some other things for the caravan.

I am going to take it round tonight for him.  Onto my next job which I am hoping to get done for second week of July, along with another quilt.  Then I am hoping to get my Christmas gifts made for “Christmas in July”!!!!  Really trying to be organised!! 

I hope you lovely lot are having a great Wednesday, almost the weekend!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

National/Worldwide Quilting Day!

Happy National/Worldwide Quilting Day!

I hope you all get time to do some quilting today.  I am hoping to, having got all my other home jobs done early!!!

This is what I am trying to get finished.  The King Size quilt for Eldest!!!  Then I have the other quilt to pin and get that quilted!!!  I still have a few weekends where DH is busy and I can use to get things done!!!

Happy Quilting Day!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Oh What A Week!

It began on Monday with Miss Floof having her Spa Day and looking so much better and smelling a lot better when she came home!!!

She has felt a lot better too and full of the joys of a Spring Airedale.  Although today, it was nice and sunny again she was out in the garden unsupervised and has come in after eating grass and digging, when she actually decided to come in that is!!!

We finally got all the paperwork sorted for DH’s old truck and managed to order the new one which will be arriving in September.  This is the new one and it will be in this colour, Valencia Orange!!!!  You will certainly see him coming!!!

On Wednesday I went to see a good friend who had her knee replaced last week.  She is doing really well and of course the pain has gone so although she is on crutches is getting around really well.  I took them dinner.

Thursday morning I was playing taxi with both Boys, Eldest to his work and then followed Youngest as his Land Rover was in for a service and then to take him to get his golf out of where it is stored. However he forgot to take the key so I had to drive him back to the Land Rover and then back to the garage!!!!!  I finally got home at lunch and then sat down for work.  Then Eldest came home at 5.00pm and said he had pains in his chest and had spoken to our GP who recommended he go to our local A&E Hospital!!!

So I took him and arrived at 6.00pm.  I had to stay in the car park because of Covid and he went in.  Several tests, bloods etc later they decided he had at sometime possibly damaged his breast bone and it was in spasm which was why it was so painful.    He finally came out at 5.00am this morning and I had slept on and off in the car!!!  It was extremely cold but I fortunately had my coat in the car and put that over me.  The Fox came to visit though!!!!

Needless to say I did not get any of my jobs done today except work!!  It should have been home jobs day but I will have to get that done tomorrow now and all the washing and ironing.  Also it will be any early night for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend DH is commentating at another swimming event all weekend so I am hoping to get some Quilting done. 

Tomorrow is National/Worldwide Quilting Day so hopefully I will get some done and I hope you lovely lot do too!

Have a wonderful, peaceful Weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx