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Wednesday Wag & Mom Too!

DSC03729My leg is getting better but it is slow and I am fine walking around but then when I have been asleep, I am limping again!  Mom says I need a holiday like the rest of them!!!!

Mom has been so busy over the last few days trying to get everything sorted before the vacation, which has been good as I have been asleep in my basket.  I am busy packing what I need for my holidays and Mom says my case is bigger than hers!


It is Treacle and yes you can take all your toys if you want to!  Yes it has been busy but shush don’t tell anyone, I am up to date with work and house jobs too!!! I don’t think I have ever been this organised, which probably means that between now and Saturday it will all get in a mess!!! 

Whilst I was out running errands the other day I was listening to Radio 3, which is our classical radio station.  They were broadcasting from their pop-up studio at the South Bank Centre in London, where they were talking about the “singing lift”.  Follow this link to hear the lift “signing”.  Now if all lifts sang it would make the World a better place!!!  Here is the link :

This also caught by eye.  What happens when you make a set of stairs a piano?  More people use the stairs as its fun!!!  Now if we could get these added to every set of steps…   Here is the link :

Tonight Youngest is helping on poolside with the younger swimmers and tomorrow is house job day for me and get any final pieces of work finished and then Friday will be packing.  DH has been at a business exhibition all week in Birmingham, which means he has been leaving early in the morning and not getting back until after 6.00pm and the last day of the exhibition is Friday!  You can see where things are going to get complicated.  Youngest finishes school on Thursday as there is a Teacher Training Day Friday, so that will help.

DSC03732 DSC03733

He made this at Scouts on Monday evening for Easter and it’s really cute.  He has asked for eggs for breakfast next week while we are away.

Come on Mom, its dinner time now, you need to get off the computer and sort dinner out!

Okay Treacle will do!!!!  We hope you have had a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle & Susie x

paw print

It’s Friday Yeah!


Here is Treacle showing off her new haircut, doesn’t she look smart?  We have a smaller dog now, after all the hair has been cut off!!!!!


Side View!


Still a fluffy face though!

I think she feels better now, although the weather over the last few days has been cold again, which always happens when Treacle is cut!!!!

Eldest has been busy with filming again in York, although yesterday he was “wounded” and spent the day in bed!!!!  Which was a good thing as he and DH had got up at 3.00am and left at 4.00am!  Although I was not up, I was awake.  This morning they had a lie in and got up at 4.30am!!!!!!  It has been a busy day again and he thinks that today will be the last day for him for filming. I, needless to say, am shattered.

Youngest is glad to be home as he is getting tired towards the end of term and he had a big exam this afternoon so he is glad to have finished for the week.


We are going here for the Easter break, near Inverness, and can’t wait even though DH has a couple of business meetings to go to whilst we are up there and Eldest, Girlfriend and Youngest have revision to do but we will still be away.  I am taking my quilting things and machine, that is if I can find anywhere to set up my machine with everyone else carving out a space for revision and work!!!!!!  I may be in the garage.  

This weekend is a sort out weekend and get things organised before next week but we are not going anywhere which is really great.  I even may get some quilting done at the weekend.  One can hope.

Have a Fantastic Friday and great weekend.

Susie x

He Passed!

We have just heard that Youngest has passed his Grade 3 Piano exam!!!! Yeah Well done, we are so proud of him.


The above picture was taken on his sixth birthday in his favourite Woof PJ’s and now eight years later passing exams and very grown up!!!


Where does time go?!

Susie x

Wednesday Wag!


It is a quiet day here on Wednesday Wag.  I have managed to pull a muscle at the top of my right leg so I am limping around the house!!!!!! So I am not allowed out to run around “like a lunatic” as Mom put it!!!!


I have been doing a lot of this!

Treacle and Her Busy Day!

And this!  Mom says she thinks I am putting it on but I am not honest!!!!!!!


I am off to the hairdresser tomorrow and Mom says if my leg doesn’t ease I will be off to the Vet as well!!!

Have a Woofy wounded Wednesday!!!


paw print

April Already!

Yes I got them again this morning!  Eldest and Youngest still asleep and I rushed in at 6.45am to say that it was 10.00am and we had all overslept, get up quick!!!!  Eldest sat up and then looked at the clock and groaned at me and Youngest was getting up until I pointed out the real time!!!!! I think it helped putting the hour forward as no-one is sure what time it really is at the moment.  But I got them, I really did have them going!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a couple of days of lots of work and one or two other things to do but I am determined not to get behind, once I do it just gets worse so I am going to keep on top of it.  We are going away for the Easter break and we all can’t wait so I need to make sure that things don’t get behind.  However I have broken my resolution of getting some quilting done each week!!!!!  But I may be able to get caught up with that whilst we are away.

Okay so who can tell me where January, February and March went to?  The first quarter of 2014 has gone and I really don’t know where its gone to.  I know I have been busy and lots of things have been happening but three months already?  Wow before we know it summer will have gone and it will be the big run to Christmas.  Now how many days are left? (267 apparently!!!!!!!!)

So on that note I think I am going to do a Second Quarter Resolution!!!!!!!  Yep it is not only for New Year, you can be resolute any time of the year! Everything I planned to do in January, February and March is now transferred to April, May and June BUT I am going to do them this time!!!!!  I always think the first quarter of the year can be hard.  Its dark, often cold and you really want to hibernate (well I do) but as April opens the weather is getting better, the nights are lighter and the garden is coming to life so on that note I am off to get some jobs done that I have put off.  Well after the basket of ironing I still need to do!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Thoughtful Tuesday

Susie x

Found this on the Web, quite appropriate for me!!!!!