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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving To All My American Friends!

Lack of posts this week due to my system not allowing me to add pictures from my files!  Which I am still trying to sort out.  Have lots to show you but need to get this sorted!  Hey ho! 

Hope everyone in the US is having a good day.  Although it is not a holiday in the UK I am Thankful for DH, The Boys and Treacle and everything which makes us a family. 

Hugs, Susie xx

Throwback Thursday

DSC00624The weather here has gone from pretty mild although a lot of rain to freezing!!!!!  They have even forecast some of this!!!!!  This was taken five years ago and we had so much snow it didn’t matter how much they disturbed it, it was soon covered over with fresh snow.  They were all in their element, especially Treacle. 

I have this picture in a frame in our sitting room.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04809I have had to make do with the garden today, in between all the showers, as Mom has been really busy with work and Eldest!

DSC04531The Squirrel has also been very annoying today!  I bark and bark and it just stays on the nut feeder, hanging upside down and eating all the birds sunflower seeds.  I am going to catch it one day!

DSC04529Mom’s been tidying my toys up again, just when I had got them everywhere around the house I needed them!


Mom said that every picture she took today I had my back to her, so here is my face!

I hope you are all having a Woofy Wednesday


Just Seen These in the Paper!

The extra-padded slipper will protect parents' feet against the tiny Lego bricks which otherwise cause pain when trodden on 

For everyone who has children who like Lego.  For when you are tidying their rooms, or trying to see if they are okay at night when they are sleep and your bare feet manage to find that tiny piece of Lego they have been looking for all day to complete the model!!!!!

Lego Slippers!  The must have for adults this year!

Hugs, Susie x

The Dark Days of Autumn!

The UK have now started to name their storms!  So far Storm Abigale has brought us high winds and lots and lots of rain.  Overnight and tomorrow Storm Barney is on his way with high winds and some more rain!

Hmm don’t know how successful this naming of storms is going to be as we seem to get loads which really are just strong winds, so by the end of this winter we could be back to A again!!!!!

Had to take Eldest to the hospital for a check up on his shoulder which shall we say was less than stellar!!  We are going to our GP tomorrow to hopefully get a more definitive answer and if necessary get some physio for him privately!!!! 

Youngest was also off school today, I think he did too much over the weekend, so he has spent most of the day in bed sleeping!  Either this or he is really sickening for something!

Having spent two hours at the hospital for a three minute appointment, I did manage to get my paying work done as well!  Just need to get some other jobs done now. 

DSC04396Treacle is in seventh heaven though as both Boys are home!  Have you ever seen an Airedale with three tails?  Because she has spent the whole day going between their rooms.  In the end she lay between both Boys rooms, so she could keep an eye on both of them!!!!!  So funny.

Hope your Tuesday is a little less blustery.

Hugs, Susie x



Having done the school run this morning I decided not to go home but run my errands first!  Three and a half hours later I finally got home!  I cannot believe how much time it takes to do a few jobs.  I went to the dry cleaners, returned some clothes to a shop and bought a couple of Christmas presents there.  Then I went to get a birthday present for a friend’s little girl, then I went and bought the Christmas cards and wrapping paper.  I then had to go to the village school to drop something off there, then the post office and finally home! 

Over the weekend the weather was as bad as predicted with lots of rain and high winds.  This picture was taken in Cumbria where they got the most rain.  Today has been much better with even the sun making an appearance and things seem to have calmed down.


The swimming events on Friday and Saturday went well, with a few moments!!!!  Youngest did well again by getting a PB and coming first in one of the events, so he was really pleased.

Eldest arrives home tonight, no doubt with a bag of washing (!) but it will be great to see him.

This week is looking busy and every weekend from now until Christmas we have something on either swimming, charity things and trying to fit in visiting family and friends before the day, as well as getting everything ready for the day!  Also Youngest’s 16th Birthday as well, so I think by the time Christmas Day arrives, I will be bushed!!!! 

Happy Monday!

Hugs Susie xx

We Made It To Friday!

We have made it to Friday!!!  The Theatre the other evening was great and Youngest really enjoyed the evening, as did we!  Today has been house job day which I have got finished and then a basket of ironing beckons but tonight is our swimming club’s small pool championships!  The swimmers are aged five to approximately eight and it does not take long to get through them.  Tomorrow evening is the main pool second championships and Youngest is in two events.  This takes a little longer but we should hopefully be home by 9.00pm! 

Still have lots of jobs to do and I am going to get them sorted although the weather forecast is for heavy rain so I think the garden won’t be done!!!!!

Christmas things are coming together and I think (hope) I may get some quilting done too!!!!!!

DSC02529Treacle is still hibernating!

Have a Wonderful Autumn Weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!


For All Those Who Gave Their Lives So We Can Live Ours!


It has been wet and mild again here in the UK and very dark!  So I really am hibernating at the moment.  The clouds did lift for a little while and Mom decided I needed some fresh air and I was sent outside!

DSC05002There were some workmen at our neighbours home and they were making a lot of noise!

DSC05003Just making sure they are not going to come into our garden!

DSC05006The garden is starting to take on its winter coat.

DSC05004 DSC05005 DSC05007

The leaves are now off the trees and everything is starting to look quite bare! 

They are forecasting a big storm but it is mainly in the North but we are due more rain and it is going to get a lot colder by the weekend.  Mom has threatened a haircut soon and that will definitely make it cold, it always does when I have my coat cut!

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday.