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It’s Friday but not Black!

I am so fed up of our retailers jumping on the band wagon for Black Friday!  It has always been an American day, ie the day after Thanksgiving, when Christmas starts and their retailers do discounts to encourage people to shop.  However our lot seem to have appropriated the day and some people have lost their heads over discounts, which are not always what they are cracked up to be!!!!!  If I get one more email about Black Friday…….!!!!


We were going to get the tree this weekend and decorate but DH now has to be at an event anouncing Santa’s arrival!!!  So it looks like it will be next week now!!!  I am doing okay with my plans for getting things sorted for Christmas and as DH is not around for this weekend I can get on with my jobs!!!  I have been out today running errands, some of which were successful and others which were not!!!  Hey ho.  My aim is to get the majority of the jobs finished so that we are all then able to enjoy the next few weeks in the run up to the Big Day!!! 

It was actually sunny today which has made a huge difference after all the rain over the last few weeks.  It was very cold first thing with a hard frost which will also hopefully help kill off all the bugs!! DH has had a cold since last week but so far, fingers crossed, I have avoided it!!!!


Treacle loved being outside this morning and I sat at my desk for as long as I could with the door open for her until I was frozen, but she happily came in and got in her basket for a snooze whilst I worked!!!  As you can see she is also getting ready for Christmas.  Next week she is off to the Spa for the day!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend for the last day of November!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Happy Thanksgiving.


To All My American Friends & Followers

Happy Thanksgiving

It is not our Holiday here in the UK but I am very thankful for my wonderful family, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Fiancé, Girlfriend and Treacle.

I know that the weather is quite extreme at the moment in parts of the US so I do hope everyone is okay and has a good holiday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Christmas is Coming Fast!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  DH and I were away in Edinburgh for two days on Wednesday and Thursday of last week and then the weekend rushed up on us and Monday and Tuesday flew by and here we are a week later and oh boy is Christmas rusing headlong towards us!!!

So I will do this in order!  Tuesday I went to the flower show with Fiancé’s Mom and it was a lovely evening and some stunning displays that were raffled for the charity, Blood Bikers.  Mel and I decided that we did not want to win one as they were enormous and we were worried about getting them home in the car!!!!

Jonathan Moseley was really entertaining keeping a running commentary going whilst doing these huge floral designs.

Wednesday and Thursday we were travelling for business and it was quite cold in Scotland but dry for a change although there had been some snow! 

We stayed at the hotel right next to the new bridge in Edinburgh.  It was a great room and for once there was a table for DH to work at and a dressing table which surprisingly few hotels seem to have these days!!!

This was the view in the morning at sunrise and I also saw a man working beneath the bridge in a harness.  It did not look comfortable!!!

We visited the customers in the morning and then headed home and stopped at a lovely old Mill for lunch.


The Mill and the river next to it.


Friday I caught up on work and home jobs and the washing of course and in the evening it was the Christmas Light Switch on in our village and, of course, DH was announcing!!!!  We had a lovely few hours despite all the rain!!!!


After we had cleared up our friends Pat and Alan came round for dinner.  It was a lovely evening and launched the Christmas festivities.

Saturday DH was busy with announcing duties but this time for the Samoyeds, they were very cute and fluffy and quite different to the Rotties the previous week.


Ready and waiting.


These two pictures are the puppies.


This is the winner!

Whilst DH was out I took the opportunity of clearing up the sewing room and then wrapped all the Christmas presents!!!  I will show you some pictures tomorrow.  Sunday DH helped me with the extra cleaning before we decorate for Christmas.

Monday I spent the day working and Treacle was keeping me company in the Den as it was, yet again, another wet and horrible day!!!  Yesterday I sneaked the day and went over to Nottingham to get the final gifts and have a look at the Christmas decorations!!!  Again I will show you some pictures later in the week.  This morning I have been working and this afternoon I have been making the mince pies!!!! IMG_3233

First lot of the pastry ready for cutting


The first thirty six done and cooling!

The last meeting on the Wednesday in Aberdeen was at a local restaurant and whilst DH was busy I was having a look round and found these in the cabinet!


Huge Christmas cakes made at the restaurant!!! 

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping and in the afternoon I will try and get the cheesy stars made.  Friday I have a few more errands to run and I am hoping to make the Christmas cookies.  DH is announcing tomorrow and Friday evening for the Christmas light switch on in Long Eaton and Ilkeston and Saturday he is busy again with a friend’s daughters 18th Party and Youngest is going along to help.  Sunday he is then announcing Santa’s arrival at an event!!! At some point we will get the tree and decorations done!!!!!!


Treacle has been busy helping me all day and has just got in her basket for a quick rest before her dinner!!!!

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tuesday Thoughts.


So after all the rain we have had recently we woke up today to find it all frozen!!  The first extremely cold night of Autumn so far but fortunately the fog which had been forecast did not appear!!  Just once I would love it to snow from about the beginning of December and be snowy on Christmas Day.  Usually it is raining or just grey and dank!!!  I am very tempted one year to go somewhere where it will definitely be snowy for Christmas but I love being at home so it is a real Catch 22 situation.


I got the Christmas puddings steamed and have replaced their caps of grease proof paper and tin foil ready for Christmas Day.

DH and I are off to Scotland tomorrow and Thursday for business and so Friday will be home jobs day and I am then hoping to get the mince pies, cookies, cheesy stars and sausage rolls made, before we go to the Christmas Lights switch on in the village and dinner with our friends. 


This is Jonathan Moseley who we are going to see tonight at the flower arranging event.  He is based in Derbyshire and has done many floral demonstrations including at Chelsea Flower Show.  I am hoping I will get some pictures.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Here!

Stitch it and Gift blog hop button large it button

We had a wonderful week on the Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop and because of it I have a few new followers.  So Hi, thank you for following and welcome to my crazy world!!!  I also still have a few comments to respond to and will get those done hopefully by tomorrow, but thank you for all the wonderful comments. 

DH was commentating at the weekend and I have some pictures of the event.  It was quite unusual.


It was the Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club’s Annual Party, Fundraiser and Champion of Champions Show!  I don’t know exactly how many Dogs and Bitches there were there but they are all Champions from the year and this was the final competition. 


This is Taylor and he was last year’s winner.  He was absolutely adorable and when we were fussing him he would throw himself at you and spin round to be fussed!!! 


The room set out ready for the guests and doggies and DH’s sound gear in the corner.  They all must have had a good time as it did not finish until 1.30am!!!!

DH and I actually stayed at the hotel where the event was overnight to make things easier and also because it was our wedding anniversary earlier in the week but DH was busy!!!!  Sunday we met up with our good friends Tricia and Kevin who are now back from Jersey for good.  We had Sunday lunch and it was a really nice few hours catching up.  We have also arranged to meet up again just before Christmas!!!

Very long and busy weekend again but great fun.  Next weekend DH is again at the same hotel but this time for the Samoyed Club!!!  We are not staying overnight though this time!!! 

I have a check up at the hospital tonight (!) and then tomorrow I and Finacé’s Mom are out at a flower demonstration (hopefully I will get some pictures again).  Friday night will be the Christmas Light switch on in our Village and our friends who arrange it will be coming back to us for dinner.  Sunday DH and I will be getting some home jobs done before the Festive Period kicks into high gear!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good week to come.

Hugs, Susie xx

Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop – What a Week.

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We have had a wonderful week on the Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop and some wonderful gifts have been made and I am sure all the recipients will love them.

In case you have missed any of the Hoppers here is a complete list from the week:

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Many thanks to Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks for all the organisation and getting these Hops off the ground.  She will be annoucing soon a new Hop for the New Year. 

We have a busy weekend as always and I am hoping to get some pictures for Monday, I won’t tell you what we are up to just yet!!!  On Sunday we are meeting some friends for Sunday Lunch as we have no time to see them for dinner before Christmas (!) but Sunday Lunch will be a lovely treat and catch up on all the news.

I am still in the process of preparing things for Christmas and have now made and steamed the Christmas puddings!!!  Still need to make all the other Christmas treats which I am hoping to get done next week.  Then I will tackle the sewing room!!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop Day 5.

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Hello Hoppers and welcome to my Day on the Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop.  There have been some amazing projects and gifts shown this week and many thanks goes to Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks for this amazing Hop and all her hard work organising us all.  I actually found the Hop on my good friend, Farm Quilter’s Blog, so many thanks to her too.


These were actually started last year (!) but I did not get around to finishing them!!!  They are for DH and the Boys as mats.  They are all into cars and I just loved this fabric when I found it so had to use it for them.  Really quick “gift” block to make and I did a diamond quilting on it. 


I need eight little gifts for some ladies nearer Christmas but could not decide on what to do but found this sweet little stocking pattern so decided that that would work.


I used the pattern to cut them out and used my pinking sheers to save sewing and turning them. 


I sewed a ribbon to one corner and attached a little bell to the outside and inside there are some chocolate truffles.

The next projects, I am afraid, are not completed!  I just ran out of time sorry!  However I cannot show all of them to you either as the people they are for also read my blog!!!!  However here is a sneak peak!!!


The Backs.  I am hoping to get them finished over the weeked.


As you can see this one is still on the machine being quilted!!!  I just love the colours.


This is the back.  There are two of these!!!

I just love this time of year and getting things ready for Christmas.  I love spending time with the family and friends but usually end up running ragged trying to get everything done but I try each year to be organised and not get to that point!!! At the moment I am doing okay!!!! 


However this is the state of Eldest’s bedroom at the moment, which I am camping in as my sewing room!!! I hate a mess so after finishing my quilting projects the next job will be to tidy this mess!!!!!  I do not work well in a mess!!!! 

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I hope you have enjoyed your day here at Susie’s World and thank you very much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx


Thursday Blog Hop.

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Hello Hoppers it is Day 4 of the Hop and we have seen some wonderful projects and I am sure all the people who are going to get these gifts will be thrilled.  Here are the Ladies Hopping today:

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My very good friend, Farm Quilter, is one of the talented ladies who is showing her creations today.  She does wonderful work and is a great Quilter having her own long arm. 

Tomorrow it is my day on the Hop and I feel quite intimidated by all the projects so far, I do hope mine live up to all the talent so far on the Hop!  It has been a great week and I have also found some new Blogs to read.

We have more rain today and tomorrow.  The water has receded quite a bit from the fields surrounding the village but of course with all this new rain it could flood again!!!  I am really now fed up with all the rain!!!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Hugs, Susie xx


Stitch & Gift It Blog Hop Day 3.

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We are half way through the Blog Hop and I have found so many new projects to have a go at from the lovely ladies who have hopped already.  Here are the Ladies who are hopping today:

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The problem is that my “To Do” list is getting longer and longer!!!!!  DH is at this conference today and tomorrow so I will have lots of work to do and also I am trying to fit in getting more Christmas jobs done.  Today I will be steaming the Christmas pudding.  Still need to make the mince pies and all the other goodies that DH and the Boys love.  I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by at the moment. 

Today we have a bright, sunny but cool day but tomorrow it is forecast for heavy rain again with the possibilty of more flooding.  I think we could do with a few weeks of dry weather to try and get everything sorted.  Although we live on a Hill the garden has taken a battering and we could really do with some dry weather to try and tidy it up.  Treacle is also fed up with the wet weather as she absolutly hates being dried every time we come in!!!! 


This was this afternoon,  As you can see she is taking advantage of the wet weather by snoozing in her basket next to my desk!!! 

Have fun Hopping today.

Hugs, Susie xx