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Monthly Friday Book Club.

Sorry this is a week late but as you can imagine at this time of year, I run out of hours in the day, days in the week!!!!  Anyway this book has to appear here for December as it is one of my favourites which I read every year, like Pride & Prejudice.


You will all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge from films and TV programmes so I don’t need to give you a synopsis.  It is, in my opinion, the best Dickens book as it is a story of hope and no mater how many times you read it, you can’t help but be uplifted by Scrooge’s change of heart after being visited by the three Ghosts. 

I also think that the sentiment of keeping the spirit of Christmas in your heart all year is something we should all strive for. 

I also have a second book this month;


Nigella’s cook books are written with a sense of fun and she shares bits of her life in her writing around the recipes, so you can actually read her cook books, not just use them.  I use her Christmas cookbook a lot at this time of year but also have used several of the recipes during the course of the year too.  The recipes are very easy to follow and if you do not like a particular ingredient you can change it and the recipe still turns out very well. 

I have really enjoyed my Friday Book Club, once a month, and hope you have enjoyed my suggestions.  I will be carrying on with this next year and have a whole bookshelf full of books to read which is one thing I will be doing over the Christmas holidays.

I hope you get lots of books in your Christmas stockings (Books are always on my Christmas list!).  Happy Christmas Reading.

Hugs, Susie xx

Christmas Books wrapped edited2

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Five Sleeps To Go!

Sleeps To Go!

Yes I know it’s what we used to say to The Boys when they were little on the countdown to Christmas, but it still applies!!!

We had a wonderful evening last night the five of us!  We were supposed to go Christmas shopping in Nottingham after work, as it was late night opening, and then look round the Winter Wonderland in the Market Square and then go for something to eat.  Needless to say by the time all of us had finished work and got ourselves over to Nottingham we went straight to dinner, did not pass Go or collect £200!!! Tee hee!!!


The Boys and DH at the Restaurant, Piccolinos.


The newly engaged couple!


DH & Youngest.

The food was good and it was a great way to kick off the Christmas festivities. 

Today I have to get the meat and things for our Christmas Party on Saturday and run some other errands, whilst avoiding the Christmas shoppers!!  I will be going to the supermarket very soon, 7.00am, to avoid as many people as possible!!!!! 

I do hope your Christmas prep is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx


The Week Before Christmas Wednesday Wag!


Goodness me it is that time of year when our hoomans start being very silly with this thing called “Christmas”  I know there are lots of presents scattered around our home and I have been shooed off them so I don’t open them too soon!


Sometimes I just have to hide from Mom, but this day she got me with my Santa hat!


Yesterday the weather was dreadful here with heavy rain all day, so what is a little dog to do but push her basket into the correct position so she can hang her paws over the edge of the  basket!!!!


Of course it means that Mom’s chair at her desk doesn’t turn properly with my basket pushed out but I am sure she doesn’t mind!!!!!

I don’t think we are going to get a White Christmas this year, it is forecast to be grey, overcast and rainy!  I so would like to have snow at Christmas!!!!

Thank you for reading my Woofy Wednesday Wag every week this year, I have really enjoyed being with you.  I hope you all have a very Happy and Wonderful Woofy Christmas.


It’s Almost Christmas, Yeah!

I am busy crossing off items on my very long “To Do” List as well as the rest of the family adding things onto the bottom of it!!!!  Any hoo I thought today, as all the things I am doing are for Christmas but not very Christmassy, I would share some Christmas Pictures. 

Only SEVEN days to go to the Big Day!!! Oh My!!!!!  Enjoy !


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I have this picture of The Boys and Treacle in a frame in our sitting room as I just love it.  They are both smiling (!) and Treacle is just about sat for all of two seconds before racing off to play in the snow again.  I so remember taking the picture!!! It is from 2010!

Happy Christmas Hugs, Love Susie xx


It Finally Happened!


Yes it finally happened I hit the wall of too much to do and not enough time in which to do it!!!!  It didn’t help that DH has had a heavy cold these last few days so no sleep for anyone including Treacle! 

So because DH didn’t feel well at all he stayed at home working instead of visiting customers etc, which then completely threw out my routine, which is why the Blog posts stopped!!!  Friday I did my house jobs and then ran out to do some errands and then Saturday was supposed to be getting some jobs done before Christmas, which didn’t happen as DH had some urgent work to do and then he was out in the evening compering a 60th Birthday party! I spent the afternoon quilting 🙂


Sunday we went to visit family in Nottingham and to lay a wreath at DH’s Parents grave and I also went to see a tree that was planted for my family and then in the evening we went to Derby Cathedral for the Carol Service which was lovely.  As the Boys were both out and busy doing their own things DH and I went for an early dinner and it was really nice.  We got home at 8.00pm which was good as it was blowing a gale and raining stair rods!!!!

DH is now starting to feel better so is back out visiting customers and has a Swimming meeting tonight!  I got all my proper work done today as well as a visit to the tip with some rubbish and also to our local Charity Shop with some things we had sorted out.  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to get through and hopefully tomorrow I can get a few more of my jobs crossed off my list. 

I do hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.  I will also do Friday Book Club this coming Friday as I missed last Friday, but I blame DH!!!!

Happy Festive Monday, you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx