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Things which strike me as well Strange!

A Strange World.

Instagram is a funny thing.  It can give an unrealistic view of people, places, things but it can also inform if you use it in a certain way.  I have Instagram and of course a lot of the things/people/companies I follow, besides friends, are book publishers, restaurants we have been to, stores I shop at, crafty things and of course Airedales. 

However I did discover an Instagram account by a Lady who lives in Derbyshire, not far from us, who absolutely loves the 1940’s, she and her family live like it is the 1940’s!  I have gone through quite a few of her posts and am amazed by the detail to which she mainly goes to, to recreate the era.  From dressing in the style of the era to doing her hair like the old film stars of the time.  Where they live is also decorated with things from the 1940’s, albeit with the odd modern touch of a flat screen TV. 

The lady does not work and stays home with their two very young children and cooks, cleans and shops like they would in the 1940’s.  It is very admirable that she shops locally and trys to reduce the amount of plastic that they have and buy fresh rather than do a weekly shop, which we are all trying in some way to do.

There are quite a group of these people living like this and they are called “the Young Revivalists” and often go out at the weekend to events which show life in past eras.  Our local Steam Train centre does quite a few of these events.  These young women are going back to the days of the men go out to work and the women work in the home.

I find it fascinating in some ways.  Haven’t we all at one time or another wished that we could not always be reached on our mobile phones, or thought that life was simpler years ago but of course life was also a lot harder too.  As you know I spent all my school holidays with my Grandparents.  My Grandfather was born in 1897 and my Grandmother in 1904 so were young in the Roaring Twenties (they actually married in 1929 and there is another story about that I will tell you in another post!). 

Now my Grandmother was a stay at home Mom and she taught me how to sew, cook, bake, clean the house and all the tips and tricks that her mother had taught her.  I also used to help my Grandfather in the garden and learnt alot about plants and growing things from him.  So you could say that my Grandmother lived the life that these women are re-creating.  However when my Mom was off and married my Grandmother bought a shop and ran that for fifteen years until my Grandfather retired from work and my Great Grandmother had her shop until she retired in 1967.  So they were both modern women of the day.

I think to aim to do things around your home, like baking, sewing and shopping to try and reduce plastic waste and all that is a good idea but I don’t think I could live like it is the 1940’s no matter how much I would like a quieter life!!  There was an experiment done by one of our TV companies quite a few years ago now where they took a modern family of six and put them in a house from the 1900.  The house was returned to its original fixtures and fittings from the year it was built and the family had to live there for three months.  It was an excellent programme seeing them cope with things like no washing machines, cooking on a range, only gas lamps or candles for light and walking/cycling everywhere and shopping locally on a daily basis a there was no cold room/store and definitely no fridge!!  Look out for the show which is called “The 1900 House”

I do follow the Derbyshire 1940’s Lady to see how she does things and copes with living like that in 2022, whilst I am using all my modern things. However she does use her mobile phone to upload pictures to Instagram of her 1940’s life!!!!

I hope you are having a very sunny Tuesday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Can You Imagine….?

Can you imagine the song writers now trying to write their hits in the current climate?

“Saturday Night at the Movies/The Drifters – Saturday night at the movies, Who cares what picture you see when you’re huggin’ with your baby in the last row in the balcony?” Now it would be “Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture you see when you’re socially distanced with your baby, face masks for you and me”!!!!!!!!!!!

Or how about “Uptown Girl/Billy Joel – I’m gonna try for an uptown girl, She’s been living in her white bread world, As long as anyone with hot blood can, And now she’s looking for a downtown man That’s what I am” Now it would be “I’m gonna try for an Uptown Girl, She’s been living in her current Tier, As long as I’m in the same Tier, and now she’s looking for a downtown Tier That’s where I am”!!!!!!!

Or “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree/Brenda Lee – Rockin’ around the Christmas tree At the Christmas party hop Mistletoe hung where you can see Let the Christmas spirit ring Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie And we’ll do some caroling” Now it would be “Rockin Around the Christmas tree, only six at the Christmas party hop, Mistletoe hung where you can see, Let the Christmas spirit ring, later we’ll have some pumpkin pie And we’ll do some socially distanced caroling”!!!!!

It’s the same with our favourite novels can you imagine how they would be written today? How would Hercule Poirot manage to do his final reveal at the end of the book if only six people could be in the room at one time? Can you imagine George R.R. Martin having to deal with all his characters under the restrictions today? The books would be even longer!!!!!! Harry Potter not able to go to Hogwarts but doing his wand work over the computer and blowing it up!!!!!!!!

It’s also the same with our favourite movies. No way could you film the biggest scene for extras ever in a movie at the moment which was “Ghandi” his funeral which had 300,000 extras! Or “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy which had 20,000 extras in or “Around the World in Eighty Days” which had over 60,000 extras, spread out in 13 countries and 112 locations!!

Anyway I hope you have had a little giggle at the above but it does make you wonder…….!

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Friday 13th?



We were talking earlier in the week about superstitions and here we are on Friday 13th!  Do you worry about Friday 13th?  I must say, touch wood (!), that it doesn’t bother me!!!!!! Ha, Ha!!!!!!!

I must admit I have never had the bad luck that other people have said they have had on this day but then are they noticing things because of the date and on any other date they wouldn’t have noticed it!!!!

I have been working at my desk all day and not got any of my house jobs done but I am going to get them done in the morning whilst DH and Youngest are out at swimming.  We had a sprinkling of snow this morning but no more and Treacle was most disappointed! 

Quilting tomorrow and Sunday as well – I am going to ignore all the other jobs that really need to be done and push them back a week, well its a plan!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely Winter’s weekend and Happy Thoughts to all.

Hugs, Susie x

Very Cold Weather But….

IMG_20160121_081438This has been what my car has looked like every morning, heavy frost and very cold.  But I just love the patterns of the ice on the window.

The weather is supposed to get a little warmer by the end of the week but at the moment it is really cold but still no snow.  However these days do provide some great pictures.

IMG_20160203_164558The sunset when I was on my way to fetch Youngest from school.  Love the tree in all its bareness!

On March 6th the weather conditions were just right for lots of parts in the UK to see the Northern Lights, especially in Scotland.

Brian Doyle captured the kaleidoscope of colours over Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire

This was taken looking over Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire (from the BBC News Website).  We have had friends who have paid quite a lot of money to go on trips up the coast of Norway and into the Arctic Circle specifically to see the Northern Lights and have not seen them at all!!!  We didn’t see them here in Derbyshire unfortunately.  However as we are going to Scotland for our vacation in a few weeks you never know, we may get to see them then!

Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do but hopefully tomorrow evening I will be able to do some more sewing.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

I Want To Believe!

There are lots of talks happening about an X-Files Revival for a short run with all the main characters reprising their roles!!!  I really want to believe this will happen as I really do love the show!  It would be great to wrap up some of the story lines that the ending sort of wrapped up but really didn’t!

So I am keeping my fingers crossed it will happen.

Today has been a non day of getting things completed, as we are all away on vacation at the end of the week to see our friends who have moved to France!  It will be great to see them and their new home but there is much to do before then.

The baby quilt is finished I just need to sandwich it and get it quilted but I have put it to one side for now as I have something to try and get finished this week!!! 

Getting quite tired now as we are getting ready for the school holidays and I will be glad that the next two weeks there will be no after school events or swimming!!!!!!!

Hope you are having a good Monday.

Hugs, Susie x

Solar Eclipse

This is a picture from a city near us.  I actually saw the eclipse just before the clouds came.  Amazing!!!  The sun had a smile!

Treacle was running around in the garden like a lunatic, but the birds did stop singing!  It certainly got a little darker as the lights in the house got brighter, obviously not completely black as it was only a partial eclipse here.

Susie x

The Best Ball Boys In The World!


Billed as the 'best ball boys in the word', the obedient dogs proved to be better than the real thing

Now you all know that I love Tennis and Dogs and Treacle is very keen on Tennis Balls.  Take a look at this article and the video in the article.  They are sooooo cute!  If it was Treacle, of course, she would be running off with the Tennis balls and you wouldn’t get them back!!!!!!!

Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetova were recently treated to canine ball boys during a warm-up match

It made me smile.

Hugs, Susie x

April Already!

Yes I got them again this morning!  Eldest and Youngest still asleep and I rushed in at 6.45am to say that it was 10.00am and we had all overslept, get up quick!!!!  Eldest sat up and then looked at the clock and groaned at me and Youngest was getting up until I pointed out the real time!!!!! I think it helped putting the hour forward as no-one is sure what time it really is at the moment.  But I got them, I really did have them going!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a couple of days of lots of work and one or two other things to do but I am determined not to get behind, once I do it just gets worse so I am going to keep on top of it.  We are going away for the Easter break and we all can’t wait so I need to make sure that things don’t get behind.  However I have broken my resolution of getting some quilting done each week!!!!!  But I may be able to get caught up with that whilst we are away.

Okay so who can tell me where January, February and March went to?  The first quarter of 2014 has gone and I really don’t know where its gone to.  I know I have been busy and lots of things have been happening but three months already?  Wow before we know it summer will have gone and it will be the big run to Christmas.  Now how many days are left? (267 apparently!!!!!!!!)

So on that note I think I am going to do a Second Quarter Resolution!!!!!!!  Yep it is not only for New Year, you can be resolute any time of the year! Everything I planned to do in January, February and March is now transferred to April, May and June BUT I am going to do them this time!!!!!  I always think the first quarter of the year can be hard.  Its dark, often cold and you really want to hibernate (well I do) but as April opens the weather is getting better, the nights are lighter and the garden is coming to life so on that note I am off to get some jobs done that I have put off.  Well after the basket of ironing I still need to do!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Thoughtful Tuesday

Susie x

Found this on the Web, quite appropriate for me!!!!!