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A Throwback Thursday picture of the Boys and one of their most favourite children’s characters, Thomas The Tank Engine!  DH and I read the stories to both of them again and again and I just love them, they have a kind of innocence not seen in some of today’s childrens books.  This was taken at Great Central Steam Railway in Loughtborough in May twelve years ago and the Boys were nine and five.

At Quorn Railway Station

DH, Youngest and I in the carriage being pulled by Thomas.

I hope you are having a Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

Mom has been busy with work this morning but then did some tidying in the sewing room, otherwise known as Eldest’s room, so I have been keeping her company!

I did get into trouble earlier though as I had not long had my breakfast when I was pestering Youngest for my lunchtime biscuit!  Mom came downstairs at 12.00 Noon when I have my biscuit and I was right on her heels and I got into trouble for almost knocking her downstairs.  Mom said it was obviously the Witching Hour but as it was Noon it was the Airedale Hour and I was obviously hexing her if I did not get my biscuit!

I decided to make myself scarce this afternoon and have been on Mom and Dad’s bed as the sun shines through their bedroom windows in the afternooon and although it is cold today it is nice and warm in the sunshine.

Eldest and Girlfriend came for a visit last night and so I had a great time with them and was sad when they went.

Mom says she has lots of quilting to do at the weekend so I can keep her company in the sewing room and then Monday they have house jobs to do, so I will be staying out of the way if the vacuum cleaner is out all day again.  I hate that vacuum cleaner!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday


Monday Mayhem!

Monday sure came round fast this week!  Well no quilting got done because by Saturday I was exhausted!!!  It had been a really busy week business wise and making sure all the work got done meant working late and we were all up early on Saturday for DH and Youngest to go swimming so by lunchtime I was beat!!!  I know that if I do do any sewing it usually goes wrong when I am tired, so I may as well save time un-picking by not actually doing it!!!! 

Sunday, with DH’s help, I got a lot more Spring Cleaning done.  DH helped with the heavy lifting and moving of furniture and Treacle just kept us company.  In fact the weather was quite nice so she had the back door open so she could poddle in and out as she pleased, so by last night she was a tired little girl!  We got a lot done and in fact we just have the kitchen to do next weekend (which is another long weekend for us) and three bookcases to sort and tidy and then it will be done for another year!

DH is at a swimming event next Saturday and Sunday as President so I will have lots of quilting time then.

Youngest went back to college today after Spring Break which was a shock to the system after two weeks off but it is only five weeks in this term before he gets May half term off!!  However it will then be seven weeks before the end of this first year of college (okay so where did that year go?!!!!) which will take us up to the end of July (okay so where is this year going?!!!!) and we will then be looking forward to our summer vacation!!!!  Do you want to know how long it is until Christmas!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (245 Days)

Speaking of Christmas I am busy trying to sort out a swimming club trip to see the above Pantomime at the beginning of December!!!!  You see you have to sort things out this early to make the bookings so I have an excuse to talk about Christmas!!!!  The parents think I am mad sorting this now at the start of Spring but believe you me it is like moving the Seventh Fleet to organise a trip and you should see the paperwork!

I am going to get some home jobs done tomorrow as I have managed to get caught up with work and do some grocery shopping.  Our weather is forecast to be cold for a few days so the heating is back on again (!)  with possible snow flurries!  We didn’t get any snow in the winter months but now its Spring, we get snow!!!!

I hope your week is starting off well.

Hugs, Susie x

Arctic Thursday!

Today is like the Arctic here and the heating has gone on again!!!  Of course I knew this would happen as Treacle has had her haircut!!!!  She has spent most of the day curled up on Youngest’s bed and everytime I saw her, she was scowling at me!!!!

Here is the picture for TBT of Eldest and Youngest ten years ago, aged 11 and 7 at Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness.  As you can see the weather is sunny but cool but not as cold as today!!!!  I love these two to bits!

I have spent the day at my desk and tomorrow I have house jobs to do and a basket of ironing and hopefully get some quilting done as well.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

I’m Back!I have returned from my spa day and Mom says I must weigh 10lbs lighter after all my fluffy coat has been removed!!!  Youngest actually collected me in his car and it was great I could see out of the back window whilst I was lying down!  Here I am waiting for my lunchtime biscuit.  It is hard word at the spa!

A standing position.

Of course I now need an afternoon snooze!

All of my beds and patchwork quilt are now clean, but they just don’t smell like me!!!  Give it say five minutes and they will all be mucky again Treacle!!!!!

Have a Woofy Clean Wednesday, Treacle


Gone to the Spa!  Back Later.

Woof, Treacle



We did not do a lot over the Easter weekend but everyone had been so busy up to the Easter weekend that it was quite nice just to relax!  Saturday evening DH, Youngest and I went to Harts in Nottingham for dinner.  DH had received a gift voucher for dinner for his Birthday last year and we had only now just got around to sorting it out!  It was a lovely evening.

Easter Sunday was another lazy day and the weather was not good so we watched some films and had dinner and that was about it!!!  Of course there is no swimming either as we have the week off so we are not all up at the crack of dawn!!!!!

We, in the UK, always have the Monday off as well and I did think about getting some spring cleaning done but that thought soon passed!!!!!  I have started and done some jobs already but the big jobs, like the kitchen, need to done so from next weekend I will start and try and get it finished asap!!!!!!  Next Saturday DH and Youngest are out swimming so I am going to get on with some more quilting. 

We all went to see this last night at the cinema and it was really funny, well worth seeing if you get a chance.  Eldest has already been to see “Fate of the Furious” which I want to go and see and then we saw trailers for another few films which are coming out later in the year!!!!  It is feast or famine sometimes with movies!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Hugs, Susie x

Treacle had a busy weekend doing not a lot, but as we were all at home she was constantly awake so is now catching up on her sleep!!!!  Spa day tomorrow!!!!!