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It’s All About Me Blog Hop Last Day!

ImageToday is the last day of the All About Me Blog Hop and these are the ladies hosting today :

Cherry Blossoms

Hill Valley Quilter

Dachsies With Moxie

I Like To QuiltBlog 

Quilt Smiles

More Stars In Comanche

Tea Time Creations

Shedding the Wolf

Life, Quilts, and a Cat Too

Judy at That Other Blog

Madame Samm

It really has been great to see how everyone has made something different from Amy Bradleys wonderful pattern.  

Tomorrow I will be using Mr Random Number Generator to pick a winner for my Giveaway. 

The coming weekend was going to be busy but I have now had extra things added so I think it is going to be frantic!  Friday night we are in fortunately but Saturday all day the Boys are swimming in the County Championships and then Youngest has a sleepover and party to go to for one of his close friends who is turning 13!  Saturday evening DH and I are off to see a friend who is in an adult only pantomime! It probably sounds worse than it is, it just means there is a lot of innuendo in it and a few slightly rude songs, but it is so funny.  It’s just not for children!!!!

Sunday our good friends, who live in Jersey, are coming to stay over night before they fly home Monday.  We haven’t seem them since last year so it will be fun to catch up.

I am hoping with DH and The Boys being out all day Saturday I can get on with some quilting in the peace and quiet.  Only Treacle and I will be home which will be good and no phones ringing, hopefully.  But it will all probably change!  It usually does.

I managed to zip through all my house jobs this morning as I went to lunch with my good Friend, Jayne, who I have not seen since before Christmas.  It was great to also catch up with her and all the news from her family!

I hope you have had a thrilling Thursday.

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag


The Wednesday Wag

It has been a busy old world here at Quilt Creations.  Mom has been busy making a quilt for Eldest and I have been really busy helping!  Well Mom says it is not helping when I keep stopping her and asking for a biscuit!


This is where I sit for my biscuit!

The weather has not been too good in the last few weeks, so walks have been shortened, it really is cold.  But that’s not too bad as I had my lovely thick coat of hair and if it really was cold, Mom put on my special outdoor coat too!


Then Wednesday of last week, Mom took me to the hairdressers as she said I was getting too curly and it was taking her too long to dry me and get my paws clean!  I don’t know what she means.  Anyway I now look like this :



And I am frozen!!!!!


I even have to curl up small in my basket because I am cold!

I will definitely need my outer coat on when I go for a walk now!!


My garden is also very muddy at the moment so not much fun to be running around in.  Hopefully Spring will soon be here and I can spend more time outside.

Mom has lots to do today, as friends are coming to stay at the weekend and my Boys are out and about.  Which is good as that means I can spend lots of time on their beds!!! I don’t know whey they call it a dog’s life, mine is pretty good!!!

Have a waggy Wednesday.

Treacle – Woof

Animal Paw Print

It’s All About Me BlogHop Day 7


Day 7 of It’s All About Me Blog Hop and I have managed to catch up, seeing all the wonderful mini “me” quilts, they look great. Phew managed it!!!!!

Here are today’s ladies hopping, so hop on over and say hello.

 The Passions of Cliodana


Marathon Quilter

Marla’s Crafts

Fiber Babble

Simple Sew

Sewn Seabees

Charlotte at That Other Blog

Nini’s Patchwork

Charlotte’s Creations


My Spoolish Art

Thought I would get in quick before Treacle has her say on The Wednesday Wag!!  

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Susie x

It’s All About Me Blog Hop – Friday, Monday & Tuesday!!!

ImageOur Boys were on holiday last week from school and I have got so far behind it is not true!!! I am just now trying to catch up.  Which means I am behind with the Blog Hop!!!!!

I have now responded to all the lovely people who left me comments on my day of the Hop.  So I now have to go and visit all the other talented ladies who have hopped on Friday, Monday and Today!!! I was so relieved to find out that there were no hops on Saturday and Sunday, or I would really be running to catch up!!!

Here are the Ladies from Friday :

A Little Bit of Lorene

Life In The Scrapatch

Boston Bits

I Love Wool

Patchouli Moon Studio

As Sweet As Peaches

Just Quilt It

Grandmama’s Stories

The Slow Quilter

Robin at That Other Blog


Monday’s Ladies are : 

Quilting Lines

Mountain Delights

Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts

The Fuzzy Hat Quilter

Ramblings of an Empty Nester


Quilt Doodle Designs

Living Life

Freemotion By The River

The German Mom

Spoilt Dog Quilts

And Today’s Hoppers are :

Pat Sloan’s Blog

To Love Handmade

Feathered Nest Studio

Selina Quilts

Gypsy Dreamer Quilts

Sheila’s Quilt World


13 Woodhouse Road


Stitches of Love

Janice at That Other Blog

In The Sewing Basket

I am loving this hop, as everyone has come up with their own view of how it should look and I cannot believe how different they all are!

Last week was only a week off for The Boys but we fitted in so much.  Eldest visited the University that he wants to go to again and then on Saturday visited his “insurance”.  He said it was okay, but really wants to go to his first choice, so I think that this has now galvanised him to work even harder! 

Our next job was to plow our way through the various forms for the Uni, including accommodation, I think I was seeing double by the time we had finished.

Friday we had to go shopping to get some things for the next term at school, feet checked to make sure they hadn’t grown (they hadn’t!!!!) and some books were needed, a few for school and a few for home.

Youngest was at a sleepover on Friday night and I collected him on Saturday while Eldest and DH went off to the other Uni, we all met for lunch before Eldest went off to meet Girlfriend (they are getting things sorted for the Sixth Form Ball in May).  In the evening we took Youngest for a pizza at the local restaurant.

Sunday saw me starting the Spring cleaning!  I know it is not Spring yet but because Easter is early, I need to get a head start on this.  We have friends coming to stay next weekend, as well as all day swimming events on Saturday. DH and I are also out on Saturday night (why does it all happen on the same weekend?) and it is only five weeks before Easter!!!!

Anyway I managed to get both Boys rooms done and boy did it take a while.  It didn’t help that Youngest decided to have a sort out as well, which meant the rest of the house was in uproar, with things waiting to go in the attic, things to go to the charity shop and rubbish! I managed to finish by six in the evening, just in time to get dinner ready, as Eldest walked in the door.

Monday and today have been catch up days for work, and am now trying to catch up with the ladies Hopping.  Tonight there is a basket of laundry to do and then I am up to date, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!  I then need to get on with my quilting!

I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday – off now to prepare dinner for tonight.

Susie x

It’s All About Me Blog Hop Day Three


Morning all you Blog Hoppers.  I just wanted to say thank you everyone who stopped by my blog yesterday and left such great comments and became followers.  It is lovely to know that people are out there who are reading my little blog and even when you make a mistake Quilters are so generous to say that it looks great!  You are the best!

I had a hectic day yesterday so didn’t get around to replying to everyone who left comments until late last night and I still have a few to go.  I did manage to hop over to the other ladies who were hosting yesterday to see what they have been up to.  This hop really is great because although we had the same pattern, everyone had interpreted it differently and some of the quilts have been amazing.  Madame Samm is collecting them all, so if you have missed a day, go over to her Blog ( to see them all.

These are the talented ladies who are hosting today :

Kris Loves Fabric

The Quilting Alleycat

Cat Patches

Bumbleberry Stitches

Chickadees Country Cottage Crafts

In Stitches and Seams


Quilting Unleashed

Rosemary at That Other Blog

Thimblemouse & Spouse

Sew Many Yarns

Treacle came back from the Hairdressers looking so much better, although every time this happens the weather turns really cold, and she ends up shivering!!! It is supposed to be -6°C this weekend, so I may have to let her borrow one of DH’s jumpers!!!!!

Yesterday DH and Eldest went to the University again to look at the course he wants to do and he came away bubbling with excitement over the course.  He just now needs the grades to get in!!!  From now until August I think it is going to be very stressful for us all.  At least Youngest is in a year where not a lot happens.  Next year will be his first big year when choosing his options for his GCSEs’, but at least by then we will know what is happening with Eldest!!!

Quilting, I am still working on Eldest’s quilt for him to take to Uni.  I seem to have bursts of activity and then life gets in the way and don’t seem to get any done for a week or so!  However I am fully intending to take everything away with us at the Easter break and try and get most of it done then.  Although I think I will take another project too, so I don’t get bored with doing just one thing.  Must be the Gemini in me!!!!

Have a lovely day Hopping around Blog land, I have house jobs to do today, but will be there later.  Have a Thrilling Thursday.


It’s All About Me Blog Hop – My Day!

It’s My Day on The Blog Hop

Firstly thanks to Marlene at Stitchin’ By The Lake for being our Cheerleader on this hop (and answering my emails!) and to Madame Samm as always.

Secondly an apology to the lovely Amy Bradley who provided the pattern for this Hop.  This is only the second time I have done applique work and as you may see from my little quilt, some of it didn’t go too well.  Especially as I had not used the applique feature on my Janome before!!!!

Anyway here it is :


As with all the other hops I have taken part in, I have tried to use fabrics from my stash and also my scraps and as I have not done much applique decided to stick to Amy’s pattern.  The material I chose for the background was quite thin, so when I began to put it together the dress moved!!!!  This is why it looks on an angle!!!!  

So I am really on the bias!!!!  I started on the words and I think I should have started on the picture first, as that went well.  I had great fun and having seen what some of the other ladies have produced they are amazing.  These are the ladies who are hosting with me today, so hop on over and leave a comment.

Buzzing and Bumbling
Cherries Prairie Primitives
Kwilty Pleasures
Sew On And So Forth
Sew. Darn. Quilt.
A Stitch In Time
Doodling In My Mind
Moosestash Quilting
A Patchwork Life
Vickie at That Other Blog
Susie’s World (you are here!)

I would also like to welcome you to the new home of my Blog.  I had to move because of Google so set up on WordPress.  Everything is the same just a different home.  It has been fun getting everything set up, you know like when you move home!!!



A Spring mug rug and two little Easter ornaments.

I am giving away the above and will ship Internationally.  All you have to do is become a follower of my blog and let me know you stopped by.  I will draw a name on Friday March 1st and please ensure I can contact you. 

Now I know that quite a few of you who blog hop regularly will be followers on my old blog, but no matter how I tried I could not transfer my followers, so please follow again on here, I will also get DH to try and get the names of my followers to be shown on the Blog!!!!!

Today is Wednesday and would have normally been The Wednesday Wag but Treacle is busy today, she has gone for her hair appointment!!!! She will be back next week, no doubt showing off her hair cut.

Thanks for stopping by and hopping with me.


I’m A Little Bit Biased

Marlene is our resident cheerleader

Hi All

It has been a very hectic few weeks, since my last post,  getting Eldest sorted for hopefully going off to Uni in September!!!!

This week The Boys are off on a week’s holiday from school and it is great.  A little breathing time and we can get things sorted.

Anyway today is the first day of the new Blog Hop, hosted by Marlene from Stitchin’ By The Lake and as always suggested by Madame Samm.

These are the talented ladies who are hosting today, so hop on by and say hello and see what they have been up to.

Just Let Me Quilt

Sunshine Quilting

Karen at That Other Blog

Grammie Q

Gracie Oliver Arts

Marjorie’s Busy Corner


Sowing Stitches

Pigtales and Quilts

Stitchin’ByThe Lake

My Day is tomorrow so please stop by and see what I have been trying to do!!!!!! There will also be a Giveaway too.

Susie x