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It is what it says – our Family!

Almost Youngest’s 18th!

I know it seems odd but we had Youngest’s party on Saturday, a whole week before he is actually 18, because we could not find a venue on December 2nd as all the Christmas parties start!!!  However I managed to badger a very good friend of ours, who actually ran our wedding day (29 years ago now) into sorting out a room at her new venue!!!  We were getting desperate for somewhere to host it and it almost came down to putting a marque over the whole of our garden and gettng patio heaters in, Youngest was not impressed!!!  Also it was the same venue where we held Eldest’s 18th Party. The Boys were given an option of celebrating either their 18th or 21st and both choose their 18th. 

Anyway the evening went off very well, although we did have a few people who could not attend because of other committments, including some Christmas ones!!!!!  Here are a few pictures (Warning: very picture heavy post!!)


The room which of course was all decked out for Christmas.


DH had done a photo montage with music of pictures of Youngest from a baby to today, I mean if you can’t embarrass your son on his Birthday when can you?  Of course as he is the second one there were alot of Eldest in it as well.  You must always take the opportunity to embarrass the Eldest one as well!!!!!


Youngest’s cake made by our great friend Christine.  You can see there was an acting theme!


Youngest with his cake.



Youngest’s Guests


Youngest cutting his cake (it wasn’t that hard to cut!)

After Youngest had cut his cake we brought out Alan’s cake, whose Birthday it was and then brought out Charles’ cake, whose Birthday is this Thursday.  They didn’t know about it and were completely surprised.


Alan with his cake.

It was a lovely evening but I can honestly say by the end of it DH and I were tired!!!! 

Round Two of celebrating his 18th is this Saturday when we are going out for pizza and decorating the house for Christmas and of course opening his gifts.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x



Although there has not been much of this over the last few days!! 

Monday we were at Auntie Margaret’s Service of Thanksgiving in the village that DH grew up in.  The family did this when Uncle David passed preferring to have a private service beforehand and then a Thanksgiving Service for everyone else and I can honestly say it really is a better way than a more traditional funeral.  The Church was full and DH and I got there realtively early before it started but the biggest surprise was the two ladies in front of us who arrived just before the service started with a dog!  She turned out to be owned by one of Auntie Margaret’s sons and she would have loved the fact that the dog attended her service!!!! 

We went afterwards to the reception and saw quite a few people who knew DH when he was a little boy which is always funny as they tell me all about the naughty things he got up to when he was little.


Talking about Christmas, well I am now :), we got this done over the weekend and


We got all the cards done too.  They now have stamps on them and are just waiting to be posted. 

Saturday is Youngest’s 18th party and it will be lovely to see everyone, although I have a million things to do before now and then (well perhaps a million is a little bit of an exaggeration but it seems like it)  Friday night we have the Christmas Lights switch on in the village and it is getting colder again just in time for us all to be stood around outside. 

Sunday we have los of jobs around the house and garden to get done because the following week, when it is actually Youngest’s Birthday, he wants to get the Christmas tree and decorate it and the house.

We should have been at Youngest’s parents evening on Monday but it was cancelled due to the Tutor being ill and we are now waiting for it to be re-arranged, but I can bet that it will be on a night when we have twelve other things to do.

I am at the swimming lessons all this week and next to give out the gifts for the small pool swimmers instead of their party 😦   I have been getting up an hour earlier than normal to try and get things done but that’s taking its toll.  Treacle is also sulking as she is missing out on her snuggle time.  Usually DH brings me a cup of tea before he leaves for work at about six and so she snuggles until I get up at seven but I have been getting up with DH at five so she is miffed.

IMG_0613This is her “ignorning me” face as I have not been able to snuggle with her!  Normally Wednesday would have been The Wednesday Wag but she is in a snit!  It hasn’t helped that Daddy was not filled up her Bonio box and so she only had a handful of small biscuits at lunch which she really does not feel is correct!!!

Tomorrow will be house jobs day as Friday and of course Saturday will be hectic from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed.  At least this time we have no body staying over with us, unlike Eldest’s 18th when every bed, sofa and floor was taken up with bodies.  The morning after I seemed to be cooking breakfast for hours! 

I hope you are all having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs, Susie xx


29 Years Ago!


Twenty Nine years ago last Sunday we said “I DO”. 

This would have been a great picture except for the fact that it looks like I need holding up the way DH has his arms round me!!!  I didn’t need holding up!!!!!  We had taken The Boys to see Santa at Great Central Railway at the beginning of December, that’s a steam train in the background, and they had a massive Christmas tree on the platform and we had gone at night so that all the lights looked wonderful.  So this is a Throwback Tuesday picture!!!!

Happy Anniversary DH!

Love Susie xx


Halloween and October End!


Well Halloween is almost here and so is the end of October and I cannot believe that there are only two months left of 2017!   The weekend flew by in a whirl of events and parties! (Warning Picture Heavy Post!)

Friday during the day I managed to get my house jobs done and some work too and Friday evening we went to a good friends, their Grandson’s 18th Birthday celebrations.  They have the farm across the valley from our home and they had a huge bonfire, fireworks and food.  It was a lovely evening although it started to get very cold, especially sitting on the hay bales!


The Bonfire

A selection of the fireworks

Saturday we managed to get some other jobs done and in the evening DH was out providing commentary and assistance to a local village who run their own Talent Contest each year.  Youngest was out too, so I had the enviable job of a basket full of ironing!!!


Sunday was this one’s Birthday and it had a “0” in so he was ignoring that fact, he didn’t mind the Birthday just not the number!!!!  Anyway we, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and I took him out for Sunday Lunch!


This is Callow Hall near Ashbourne and I can vouch that they do an excellent Sunday lunch! 


We had drinks in the sitting room before lunch and had coffee here afterwards and it was a lovely day, very relaxing.  The above is the view from the front of the hall from the sitting room.  The weather was lovely and sunny although it dropped very cold in the evening. 

Fliss, Lee, Evalyn and Owen came in the morning to see DH and Youngest was busy keeping the children entertained, although Owen was not too sure!


We got home at 5.00pm having left the house at 12.00pm and DH had a wonderful day.  He is also going out next Sunday too for another Lunch which Eldest and Girlfriend had bought him for his birthday. 


Saturday night we gained an hour back, although I usually think it is great this year I don’t seem to have felt the benefit!  I am going through another period of waking every night at about 3.00am or 4.00am so am constantly tired by the end of the day, which is silly when you think about it as you would think I would then sleep through but it does not!  Hey ho.


Finally, Treacle last night when I was getting ready for bed!  This was “you’ve been out all day and so I am not letting you into bed”!!!!  As you can see she is stretched almost the width of the bed!!  Needless to say I did move her, with some shoving and pushing so I could get in.  When DH came to bed she just moved!!!  Always the same, wheneve Daddy speaks !!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx



Some very old posts ago I talked about our house which when we moved in was only eighteen years old but had a myriad of problems one of which was the lounge, now our sitting room, which was painted Sainsbury orange (for those of you who don’t know Sainsbury, it is a popular supermarket in the UK and their colours are BRIGHT orange!).  When we moved in the builders moved in with us and we moved walls around and took single glazed doors out and had all new windows etc in, you get the picture.

However as we started each job we found lots and lots of hidden problems like walls not sitting on joists, second hand heating system despite the previous owners having the house built new!  One of the main problems was that the bath was leaking into the kitchen as it was old.  When the builder took the old bathroom out he found that they had put the wrong floor in so we had a completely new bathroom put in.  However because of the height of the room and to get a shower in the bath had to be lowered which has now, after sixteen years, started to leak again, into the kitchen!!!!  So we now have to get that fixed and then the ceiling fixed where it has leaked!!!  I love my house but I can also hate it at times!!!!


I have done lots of errands today which is great but nothing else has got done (!) which is always the case.  Tomorrow is house jobs day and catch up on all the work I should have done today!  Compromise, compromise!!!!


Treacle has had a quiet day as I have been out and so has Youngest, which is a good thing as he is full of cold at the moment (!) It is a shame as it is his week off from College but isn’t it always the same when you are on holiday you are ill.  Hopefully he will get it over and done with so that at Christmas when he is off for three weeks he is fine.  I just hope he doesn’t decide to pass it on to me!

Tower of London - The Boys at St Thomas Tower 251005

#TBT Picture today is the three of them in front of St Thomas’s Tower at The Tower of London from October 2005, obviously twelve years ago.  Youngest is six and Eldest is ten.  We had a lovely week in London during that Half Term and we went everywhere; the Science Museum, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, went to see “We Will Rock You” at the theatre, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abby.  We were very tired at the end of it but it was great fun.

We have been to London quite a few times with the Boys over the years to stay and done different things each time, especially as they got older and their interests changed. 

I hope you are having a Terrific Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tower Bridge - Royal Launch 251005Tower Bridge