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It is what it says – our Family!


We are having come wonderfully warm weather at the moment but tomorrow it is due to rain of course but then the weekend, which is a long one for us again, is due to be warm and sunny.  So DH and I will definitely be in the garden getting jobs done.

I always love looking through our photographs on the computer to show you a Throwback Thursday Picture and found these from May 2013.


This was Eldest and Girlfriend before the Sixth Form Ball in May.  This was just before they took their A’Levels.



So although it was only five year’s ago (the above picture was taken a few weeks ago) they look so much more mature now.


The new Duchess of Sussex was at Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Garden Party on Tuesday and looked every inch a member of the Royal Family.  There is still a lot of talk about the wedding and those for and against the dress, I am “for”.  I saw the florist interviewed at Chelsea Flower Show who did those fantastic flowers and she explained that the couple wanted a very natural look and I thought they were stunning.  Of course the weather helped. 

I have been going through my diary trying to arrange to see our friends, amongst all the swimming/carnival events and have managed to find eight Saturdays between now and end of November when we are not doing anything!!!!!  I am hoping that our friends are going to be able to do some of these dates, otherwise we will be having them all at home in one go!!!!

I hope you are having a very Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Another Warm Day and Wedding Fever.


You can see someone has found the sunshine today.  This was early this morning and she is now outside lying in the hot sun, baking!!  It is a good job she is not white and I would have to put sun cream on her!!!  It is 21°C today and tomorrow it is going to be 12°C, a 9°C drop. No wonder everyone is confused.  Saturday is supposed to be back to 18°C and Sunday too so hopefully DH and I can get into the garden. 

You may wonder why I am always going on about the garden.  It is not as if we have acres and acres to deal with but, as my longer followers will know, it is getting to silly season with events on and then it means only the bare minimum gets done.  So if we get it tidy and all done now after winter, we can cope with just minimum work.  This also goes for our home too, which is why it was great getting the Spring Cleaning all done.

The Royal Wedding is now taking centre stage with all the news feeds and it will only get more intense as we get nearer to Saturday.

So I thought I would share with you pictures of my parent’s Wedding on March 19th 1949 below.


There was still rationing and so my Grandmother made my Mom’s wedding dress and their cake having saved their ration cards.  This was outside the church after the wedding.


Here is DH and I on November 12th 1988.  We will be celebrating Thirty years this November and are hoping to go away for the weekend after the 12th, as it is a Monday!!!  What a yuck day to have an anniversary!!!!

DH’s parents wedding pictures are in the attic (!) and I cannot get in there to get a picture of those.  When we sort the attic out one of my jobs is to sort out all the pictures that are up there and get them into albums.  These are photographs inherited when we cleared out our parents homes and are just in piles in a clip box.


Eldest and Girlfriend recently when they were out for dinner.  Not jumping the gun or anything but this may be a wedding in the future.

I have been busy with Work and have also been sewing in the evenings. I have completed one thing but will show that to you in a while.  My job this evening is to cut out my super secret blue quilt.  I am also going to arrange to get my machine serviced eventually!!!!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx




Youngest, Girlfriend and Eldest on holiday in The Highlands at Ballater near Balmoral, the Queen’s summer holiday home.  This is from 2013 and they have all changed in those five years.  We had a great holiday and the weather was good although we were all wearing jumpers that day.


We went to see the Highland Games and here are the marching bands.


The view on one of our many walks.


Of course no matter how old they are, they still behave like little boys!!!!!

We are going up to Scotland the first week of August this year and can’t wait.

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

The First Day of Spring?


Today is supposed to be the First Day of Spring but it still fells like Winter!  Our snow has all gone as it was quite “wet” so the bit of sun we saw yesterday and it all melted but that has not meant that Spring has arrived as it is still flipping cold!  I think this quote from Charles Dickens says it all :

“It was one of those March Days when the Sun shines hot and the wind blows cold.  When it is Summer in the light and Winter in the shade!”

This definitely describes the weather we are having at the moment and I can’t even say I am looking forward to April as I hate the rain showers we get for no apparent reason when you can get soaked and the next minute the sun is out and it is quite warm! 


Easter is coming up fast and I think because it is quite early, end of March/beginning of April, it has confused me.  Plus we are normally away and we are not this year so another difference.  Youngest finishes next Tuesday from college and obviously we have Good Friday off as a holiday and Easter Monday too.  I am planning, if the weather is good, to either empty the garage and our room off and get rid of anything we don’t use, need or have duplicates of.  If the weather is not good then the idea is to empty the attic (!) and do the same for that.  We also have some rooms to paint but that may be a bit ambitious after my Op and may have to wait for later in the year!!!

Speaking of Ops, I am doing okay but still very tired by the end of the day.  I have been busy doing the exercises and making sure I am walking “properly”.  I did not get up early today as I was so tired from yesterday when I spent all day at my desk.  Tomorrow I have some more work for the end of the month to get done so will probably get up early then.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-28 at 21.33.43

It is Owen’s First Birthday on Saturday but we are not able to go but are visiting on Sunday to see them all then! As we have all said, where has a year gone?!!!!!!  Saturday DH and Youngest are out at swimming competitions so I will be spending a day quilting again, especially if the weather is still not good.

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s Friday!


It’s Friday, do the Snoopy Dance!!!!  It has been a busy old week but we got through it!!!  What are your plans for the weekend? 


This was Treacle very early this morning, after DH left for work and whilst I was drinking my tea!!  She is very much a snuggle monkey!!  We were catching up on what had happened overnight at the Winter Olympics.   We love the Ski Jumping, Luge, Skeleton, Bob Sleigh.  The Skiing, Ice Skating, Speed Skating and Biathlon. 


Sleepy head!  She has already been out and had her breakfast so is all set until lunchtime!!!!


She has actually moved and come into the sewing room with me.  She is very much of the opinion that you need as much sleep as possible!!!!  She did go out at lunch and had her biscuit, so does not need anything now until dinner time!!! 

I will hopefully show you later what I have been working on in the sewing room.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx



It has been trying to snow here all day, but I think it is too cold so it has just been tiny little flakes which have not settled.


Martha Stewart today has sent out her daily things to do, one of which is how to entertain yourself when the weather is bad and you are stuck indoors.  Martha you are too late I did that post on January 18th with “Thursday Thoughts” Here.


I ran a few errands today and got my work done so I am really doing well with one of my New Year Goals of keeping on top of everything.  I have a basket of ironing to do and then I am definitely all up to date.  Tomorrow I will be doing some cooking and making meals for the freezer and some baking and getting a few extra jobs done in the home as well. 

Tonight I will be getting on with sewing some of those bindings to the back of the items.   I also got some material out of my stash for another super secret quilt I am making for later in the year.  I think I may need some more material to go with it and if I haven’t got the right things it will mean a trip to the quilt shop!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx


Treacle and I last night.  Whilst Daddy is away Treacle has his side!!!!!



DH and I were out last night for a business dinner and it was lovely.  We went to a Chinese Restaurant in Nottingham which has been there for over thirty years and it is always good food.  In fact some friends had their wedding reception there which is a whole other story.


The restaurant was getting decorated for the Chinese New Year in a few weeks time and it looked stunning.


Dinner has arrived, our friends had a banquet meal and DH and I had a main course each.


DH was hungry!!!

It was lovely to go out on a Friday evening and in fact it was our first meal out of the New Year so a real treat.  We got home around 11.30pm and Youngest was home and asleep when we got back!

It is raining here again today so I will definitely be spending the day quilting.  DH is out tonight at a swimming event announcing, hopefully not coughing too much.  Perhaps spending the evening in a hot, steamy swimming pool will cure him finally of this cold although from what friends have said the cold goes but the cough does not!!! 

Youngest has another audition and interview at one of his chosen Universities which is great news and he is really excited by it all.  He has also filmed another part in a soap opera which is on the BBC every afternoon called “Doctors”.

Andrew on TV Programme Doctors 180118

He is playing the friend of one of the characters who have been to a fancy dress party and who are a little worse for wear!!!  As I said when I saw the picture “everything you hope for your child when he is born”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully this part will not be cut out of the production!!!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Last night when I was getting ready to go out, Madam was on the bed and this look says “Mom please be quiet I am trying to rest”!!!!!!