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It is what it says – our Family!



You know all that glorious Summer weather we had and the drought?  Yep well all the water that disappeared over all those weeks has come back down today!!!!  You cannot see too well in the picture above, but the water running down our Hill was just incredible.  The plants, I can assure you, do not need watering!!!!


Throwback pictures to Goose Fair which will soon be on again at the beginning of October

Nottingham-20131004-00010ATP at Hatchards 251005

DH and I took the Boys down to London at the October Half Term school holiday in 2005, Eldest was ten and Youngest was six!  They, like we, have always loved bookshops and they always came out with books whatever the time of year, toys were only bought at Christmas and Birthdays but if we went into a bookshop no matter what time of year they came out with books.  I think this helped them to love books as much as we do.  As you can see Youngest got himself a chair and was quite happy.  This was Hatchards in London and we spent quite a few hours in there.

ANP at Hatchards 251005

Eldest above sorting out the books of what he would like to buy.  They also spent their own money on books a lot of the time too.

On the Thames 251005

Of course a trip to London is not done unless you go down the River Thames on a boat, which the Boys loved to do no matter how old they got.  The River is far too interesting to take time out looking at Daddy taking a picture, but I did!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday, it’s almost Friday!

Hugs, Susie xx

Done a Days Work Already!


As I write this it is 7.00am BST and I feel like I have already done a day’s work!! I had to drop DH off at the Airport at 4.30am for his flight to Germany and I got back at 5.15am to then pick up Youngest to take him to the train station to get his train to Manchester, to then get back and at 8.30am I am taking Treacle to the Spa!!!!  I will then run some errands before I pick her up again about 12.30pm.  Once we get home and had lunch I think I will go back to bed!!!!!!


DH and I got some more tidying in the garden done over the weekend and these are the last of the tomatoes.  I have put in some Spring vegetables and hopefully they will survive over the Winter.  I have also planted my Spring bulbs.  We also put away the patio furniture as it was nice and dry.  Here are a few pictures of the new plants.


We trimmed the wisteria as it needed it and I just now need to “feed” it and hopefully it will be happy and grow next year, fingers crossed!!


I also tidied my little grow house and put some seeds in for Spring too.


We emptied the pots of the Summer flowers and planted Spring bulbs.


Treacle was busy helping!!!!

She then spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing!


The weather is starting to get a lot cooler, especially at night, so I decided to make cottage pie for dinner the other evening!!!

Off now for my third taxi run with Treacle to the Spa!!!

Have a wonderful Monday and great week.

Hugs, Susie xx


For #TBT today I am only going back to last Saturday, so not throwing back too far at all!!

Xander and Cake 2

Eldest’s Birthday has lasted for several weeks now since he was away for the actual day!!!  Saturday we all went out to celebrate and he got another piece of cake!!!! We went to Mr Man’s Chinese Restaurant in Wollaton Park, Nottingham. 

Xander & Sophie

Eldest and Girlfriend.

Mhaira & Andrew

Youngest and Girlfriend.

Andrew & XanderMy Boys!

The rest of the party, Emily, James, Lily, Mel, Charles and DH!

DH looks a bit stern in this picture as does Charles, they did have a great evening but DH is still not well with his tooth and mouth and is on yet another set of antibiotics.  He will be seeing our Dentist next week to hopefully get if fixed!!  He is still not eating well. 

It was a lovely evening and great fun.  DH and I are out this Friday evening at a Retirement party for one of the Consultants at one of the companies we work with.  Italian this week!!!  It really is not helping my diet much all this entertaining!!!!


This has been delivered to the Grandparents-to-Be for them to take to The Netherlands when their new Granddaughter arrives!!!  They now know they are expecting a little girl but think the colours and patterns are wonderful as the Mom-to-Be hates pink, so relieved I didn’t know it was a girl and included any pink in the quilt!!!!!  They loved it and I am sure Jenny & Chris will.  Baby is due on October 1st and I will let you know when she has arrived.

It has been a busy week work wise and today is House jobs day and tomorrow I have some errands to run before we go out.  DH is compering an event on Saturday evening and we may get some jobs done before he goes there and Sunday will be also getting jobs completed.  Saturday evening I will be in my sewing room, getting on with the second quilt and hopefully later sorting out my sewing room which has not been done since we got back from vacation.!


After Treacle’s sleepy day yesterday she is ready and waiting to help with all the jobs!!!  That means following me from room to room as I get things done as she does not want to miss out on anything!!!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx


Oh Goodness!

You are quite happily getting on with things when something throws everything to pot!  Well that was us on Saturday morning.  As DH was busy on Friday evening we decided to have a slow day, doing nothing much until Treacle put paid to that!  She was sick, a lot!!!!!  Fortunately it was just as the vets were opening and we managed to get her an appointment.


She is fine.  The vet thinks she has been eating something she shouldn’t and it has irritated her stomach so she had two injections, two lots of tablets and special food for a week!  The above picture was after her injections when she was a little sleepy.

Before that she did have a new present to cheer her up a bit.

A huge tennis ball, which she can still carry.  They were reduced at the market and I just knew she would love it!!!


We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend and the temperature dropped by 20°F and it was so much better, at least it was cooler to sleep. 


When Treacle went out last thing on Saturday night we saw this little fellow in one of our patio pots.  I think he likes it as it is safe and cool.

DH and I did some tidying in the garden and so it is all sorted now before we go away on vacation.  We also got the bags out and I can start adding things this week.  It is going to be a busy week with shopping to get to go away and also food for those staying at home, hair appointments to keep as well as tidying up work, cleaning, wahsing and ironing!  Sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it just for two weeks holiday, but by the time we are on our way on Saturday I won’t care!!!!  Friday evening they are all coming for dinner which will be lovely and the weather is set to be good again by then.

Have a wonderful week all of you.

Hugs, Susie xx

Thankful Thursday.

Today is Thursday and instead of #TBT, I am doing

Thankful Thursday.


I am Thankful for this lot.


I am Thankful for my Fabulous Family, our Boys and DH!


I am Thankful for this Goofball, Treacle.

Not only being Thankful but also counting my blessings.  I hope you have a happy, Thankful Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s Monday Again.


Monday came round quick this week!!!  Our weather held over the weekend so we were able to eat outside with our friends on Saturday evening!!!  It was a very hot day and was very warm into the evening. 


Here is out outside dining table set for the evening.  I put my summer quilt on the bench in case it got cool in the evening. 


The friends who came to dinner are the ones celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in September and this is the quilt I made for them.  They loved it. 


Another picture of the front and one of the back courtesy of DH.


We had a lovely evening and we had not seen them in a while so it was great to catch up. 

Sunday was another very warm day so DH and I took the opportunity to get the garden tidy again and also continue with the changes we made to the top of the garden.  At least now it is in great shape before we go away on vacation. 

The top picture below is where we have put decorative bark down to help protect the plants with moisture, especially in this heat.  We have also put down weed suppressant membrane down as well.

The six pictures above are just the tidying we have been doing and getting it ready before our vacation.


The Buddleia has come into flower and the bees and butterflies are just loving it.  Above is a Peacock Butterfly.


The garden from the patio and you can see just a few wispy clouds.


The above, sorry it is blurred, is a Comma Butterfly.


Treacle spent all day outside on Saturday and yesterday too and was so tired last night she was fast asleep by 7.00pm.


This was a couple of hours ago where I caught her asleep sitting up (!)  I don’t think she has recovered from the weekend!!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and ready for a great week ahead.

Hugs, Susie xx

Terrific Tuesday & Wednesday Wag.


Yesterday The Queen and the Country celebrated 100 years of the Royal Air Force, which is close to my heart as my father served in the Air Force during WWII.  There was a Memorial Service at Westminster Abbey in the morning with several members of the Royal Family attending, followed by the presentation of New Colour to the Air Force by the Queen in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, followed by the biggest flypast ever.


The Queen watching the flypast.


The new Duke & Duchess of Sussex on the balcony.


The RAF Pipes & Drums Band.


The planes in the flypast just kept coming.


Finally the Typhoons flying in the 100 formation.


The RAF Squadrons spelling out RAF 100 in the Grounds of the Palace.

Watching the whole event made me very proud to be British and to have the connection with the RAF.

Today DH and I went to see a show case of the work done by Youngest this year, his final year at college before he goes off to Uni or something else!!!!!  We not only saw his work but work by the other students and it was all very good and of a high quality.  I am sure they will all do well with their final marks.

Today, of course, is Wednesday Wag but Treacle was in all day on her own as we were out but probably a good thing for her as it has been very warm today. 


This is when I come in.


When Daddy comes in!!!!!!



Still watching the wonderful tennis matches but so sorry to see Roger Federer go out but great for Kevin Anderson to be in the semi-finals.  It really has been an open Open this year with lots of different names coming to the fore.

Tomorrow is house jobs day and I am also going to go to the gym for the first time in over a year and as you know it is never that day or the next when you feel it, it is the day after that so probably by Saturday I won’t be able to move, tee hee!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs, Susie xx