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It is what it says – our Family!



As we are coming up to Bonfire Night on November 5th I thought the TBT picture should be the Boys with sparklers!!!  This is from 2005 so Eldest was Ten and Youngest was Six!!

Talking about Clearing Out the things you don’t need created quite a few comments, a lot of which were don’t throw out anything really important which I would never do.  I think what all the experts were saying is just get rid of the rubbish.  My own experience with my Grandmother’s house is quite funny in some ways but not when DH and I were in the middle of it.


My Grandmother used to pay her bills in cash (she was born in 1904 so they always dealt in cash) so she would get the bill in the mail, she would then take it to whoever it was from and pay it in cash and then put the bill back in the evelope she had received it in, the receipt and sometimes the change!  So when she passed we had hundreds and hundreds of envelopes with bills and receipts and even some money, long out of circulation, in!  Of course we had to go through every one to make sure that there was not something important in it and it took us weeks.  DH went to the tip with two trailer loads of just paper.  I think that this is the sort of thing which needs to be sorted and not left.

However I did find something very interesting; I found the family bible.  It’s a big old thing with big brass catches on and in fact I must get it out and get a picture of it.  Anyway it was obviously given to my Grandparents as a wedding gift and it had their wedding details in.  Eventually we found all the family papers and I was going through them and I found my Grandparents marriage certificate which had their wedding date as 29th May 1929 but in the bible it said 29th May 1928!  Which meant that my Grandmother was already expecting my Mom when they married!!!!!!!!   I never knew and I don’t know whether my mother knew as she had already passed!!!  DH and I corrected it and also added our marriage to the bible.  Just shows you all those family secrets finally see the light of day!!!!

DH’s Dad moved from the family home to a sheltered accommodation and when he did we did have a big clear out then so when he passed the job was no where near as bad as with my Grandma! 


With out business we have to keep our records for seven years so each year they get put into clip boxes and as we put one in we take the oldest out and shred it all, so at least we are keeping on top of that.  The Boys have Keepsake boxes which have things in from all the years they were growing up.  They are all filed and labled and in the attic  although we have sorted some of their things our, with their help.  I kept every single book from all of their Primary and Senior school years so we whittled it down to just a few they wanted to really keep and have shredded the rest. 

There is a lot of stuff in the attic which I know I can get rid of but as I said the other day it needs a nice weather day to do it so I am planning it as part of the Spring Cleaning.  It will probably involve the whole house looking a tip for a few days whilst everything comes out but I think it will be a good job done. 

I used to collect Bookmarks, you know I love books, and I did have them displayed in frames down the stairs at our old home.  Originally I got them from places I visited which was great and then other people started to buy me them which was lovely but it was really for me to remember where I had been.  Eventually I stopped and when we moved I did not want to put them up, so they are all now stored in the attic still in their frames.  So I think I will take them out and put them in a scrap book, a lot smaller to store and get rid of the old frames.  Again something I can do, of course I am sure when I am gone and the Boys are having to deal with it, it will go in the donate pile but hey ho I liked them at the time and that’s the important thing.

So on that philosophical note I bid you a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Goose Fair 2017.

DSC_0220Some of the rides from last night.  This was Polar Ice, two per car and it goes round and round very fast and the cars go vertical to one side!!!


A version of the Cyclone but they twist upside down as well!


A firm favourite of everyone’s The Big Wheel


I took this for the Boys as the were both Big Fans of Thomas The Tank Engine!!!  They would have loved this ride!!


The weather stayed fine and DH and I just had a walk around the fair but not for long.  Often it is just seeing the lights and hearing all the noise and smell of all the foods that make it a great evening.

Happy Saturday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x



Christmas Monday?


Yesterday was October 1st and I cannot believe that we are in the tenth month of the year!!!  The leaves are really starting to fall now, although the weather is not too bad it has gotten a little colder and been quite rainy.


So this morning was quite grey and cool, having had a lot of rain over the weekend we are being invaded by these hairy eight legged monsters getting out of the cold and rain!!  I picked up a cushion off the floor for our bed and one of these things was running over it!!  I shrieked, Treacle ran and Youngest came to the rescue!!!  After a lot of batting of cushions, pillows we managed to get it on the floor and mostly we try and throw them back outside but this one was not co-operating so he met his end!!!!!  So after a fraught few minutes I started work.



I turned the TV on at lunchtime to discover that True Movies have changed, today October 2nd, to True Christmas!!!!!  Really?  Even if you want to ignore Christmas as it is too early even at the beginning of October you seem to be getting it rammed down your throat every way you turn.

However the weather is putting me in mind of cooking more wintry dinners, so tonight we are having beef casserole with mashed potatoes and peas, the recipe for which is on My Favourite Recipes page if you want to have a go. 6a00d8341c6a0853ef01b8d1556789970c

Over the weekend, as the weather was not good and we couldn’t get into the garden, I have been busy sorting things out and decluttering all those nooks that are often overlooked, including my sewing box.  This was a box that my Grandmother bought for me and held all my sewing things in, until I started quilting and all my things exploded out of it so I had to use other storage.  When I actually looked at what was in my box I did not need half of the things in there, so I have cleared it out and put things in there for ordinary sewing and not my quilting things. 

As I have started this I am going to carry on and sort out other areas which have not been used or sorted for a while.  There are two major jobs, one is the attic and one is our room off the garage but these cannot be done without a full weekend and in the case of the garage a nice weekend so we can get everything out!!!  However there are still quite a few things I can get done on my own, it will just mean a few trips by DH to the tip/recycling place and the charity shops.  I am also slowly getting the Boys to sort their things too.  Youngest is doing a great job having had his new room but Eldest still needs a little push!!!!  I do love getting these jobs done as I feel a great sense of accomplishment doing it. 

I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Manic Monday!


We had a lovely weekend.  I had coffee with Jayne on Friday and we caught up on all our family news before they are off on vacation this weekend.  I then went to see our friend who is not very well and she was feeling a little better, having been diagnosed with vertigo. 

Saturday we went to our friends for dinner with two other couples and our hosts.  This dinner was a re-creation of a dinner held in 1992 when our hosts first moved to the area for business.  The Guys were all in Round Table and the Girls were all in Ladies Circle and our hosts, Anne & Christopher, had just moved to the area and joined Table and Circle.  They were renting this huge house in the village which had a formal dining room and the biggest dining table you have ever seen.  We had all brought lots of wine and we spent the whole evening talking and laughing and it only ended at 4.30 in the morning with the birds singing. 


On Saturday we were working out how long we had all known each other, twenty five years for Anne & Chris, for the other two couples, Christine & Pete and Val and Dave we have known them for twenty eight years!!!!  Of course that just made us all feel old, so we moved on to other topics!!!!

Overheated Car small

We also had to sort out Eldest as his car decided to not work whilst he was on his way back from college!!!  The car came back on a low loader to our house and it will be going into the garage tomorrow!!!  We had fun pushing it up the drive (not) and into the garage but managed to get it in there!!!

EMBARGOED_UNTIL_23RD_AUGUST_VICTORIA_EP2_-18Youngest has been filming again all day today for “Victoria” in Rotherham and left at 6.00am!  He is really enjoying the days.  DH has been busy with work and out all day and I got to go grocery shopping!!!! 

I am trying to get the next quilt finished this week and sorted and have got to get some things for Evalyn’s quilt including some plastic to make a template so I can cut out the blocks!!!!  This will be interesting. 

This week we have appointments, DH and I had our eyes tested last week and Youngest has an appointment next week, I have to visit the Physio again to see how things are going with my hip and then on Friday I have arranged for a spa day for me, Treacle is going next week.  Youngest is away all next weekend at a car show and he is camping so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.  DH and I will be hopefully getting the last jobs done in the house and garden before we go away the following weekend. 

I hope everyone had a lovely summer weekend and a Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Thursday Again?!

Thursday sure does come round quick!!!  No sooner is it Monday than its the end of the week!  Why do the weeks fly by when you are having fun but go slow when it is all work, work, work?

I have managed to get all my work done this week, as well as uploading all the Elements for the swimming club submission for its Quality Mark.  This year the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) has decided to re-brand itself as SwimEngland and they have re-branded everything else.  So what was Swim21 is now SwimMark but of course that means changing everything – headed paper etc.  Which was slightly annoying as I had already done everything with the old name!!!  Never mind it is all done now and in the hands of the officials and am so glad it is done before we go away.


We have a busy weekend coming up, starting tomorrow for me as I am having coffee with Jayne before we both disappear on holiday.  Then I am visiting another good friend who is not very well.  Saturday DH and I are out to dinner and Sunday will be house jobs and hopefully getting the garden tidy again before we go away.  Sometimes I do wonder why we do all this work before we go away on holiday!!!!!!


This is the next quilt project, which I showed you earlier in the year.  This is for Evalyn for her new room and the aim is to get it finished by October for her Birthday.  I am also continuing to finish my UFO’s, which is my goal for this year.  Planning forward I would love to start a quilt for our bedroom so that will be on the list as well.  I am still finishing my super secret quilt, getting the binding sewn to the back and this is something else I want to get finished before we go on vacation.


img_0413Tidied the sewing room before I put Eldest’s quilt on the bed.  I always like things tidy and cannot stand a mess, in fact I am a bit like Monica from Friends with her clean/tidy freak!!!!


I am going to our big quilt show in Birmingham on Friday August 11th and can’t wait, although I am going to be good and not buy a lot but am on the look out for some fabric.  I have actually treated my self to a VIP ticket which means that I should, at least, have somewhere to sit for lunch which is the only thing I think they have wrong with the show, not enough seating especially at lunch!   I will make sure my camera battery is charged to get lots of pictures.

DSC00078#TBT – Brothers and cars – always!!!  This was taken at Epcot in 2010 at the Test Track ride.  Cool Dudes!!!

I hope you are having a Thrillling Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Yes after all that anticipation I have finally finished Youngest’s Quilt!!!!  Phew.


Youngest is actually helping with the photograph by standing on a chair and holding up the completed quilt.  As you may have guessed he loves camper vans!!! 

IMG_0626A closer view of the quilting.


The back which is actually navy, like the binding, but as we are outside and the sun is actually shining at the moment you cannot see it very well.

IMG_0628A closer view of the back.

He loves it and it is at the bottom of his bed at the moment as it is still nice and warm so really no need for a quilt at the moment.

Eldest’s quilt is on his bed now too.  I managed to get all his bedding washed, dried and ironed and the spare set put on so have put his quilt on top of that;  Of course it is now covered by the boxes which contain my stash of material but you can see it.  There is of course room for Treacle to sleep when I am sewing!!!

We had a lovely few hours at our friends on Sunday for Brunch and got to sit with some other good friends.  We are so lucky as we are out again on Saturday evening at some other friends for dinner and we have not seen them for quite a few months.  I love summer for spending time with friends and getting to be outdoors.


Here is a picture of Treacle from Saturday morning on the way back from her Doctors without a bandage or the dreaded cone of shame!!!  She has been a little monkey this week licking her scar but we have put a temporary bandage on over night and left the cone out but so far she has left it alone!!!!  In two weeks time she will be able to go and have an Airecut!!!!


Took this this afternoon, you can see how blue the sky is and it is lovely and warm  These Peacock butterflies are on the Buddleja.

Although the swimming club is on its two week holiday we are watching the World Championships on TV from Budapest.  Adam Peaty beat the World Record this morning in the heats for 50m Breast at 26.10 and this afternoon has beaten it again in the semi-finals with a 25.95.  Our swimmer, Molly Renshaw, is also out there and will be competing later in the week.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunny Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

Too Many Matches!


Second week of Wimbledon and today is the day when there are too many matches to watch as they are all playing in the fourth round to get to the Quarter finals!!  So far they have been great. In fact on Saturday I was so engrossed with watching the Federer match that I didn’t get all the ironing finished!!!!  It got done yesterday!


I got the binding sewn onto Youngest’s quilt and have now begun to sew it to the back but as it is quite large it will take a while, but I am going to try and do some of each evening.

DH was busy over the weekend and did not get home until 1.30am on Sunday so we all got up and left him to have a lie in – until 3.00pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He got up just in time for dinner!!!!


It is Molly’s Mom’s Birthday today, Happy Birthday!  I am sure you will have a wonderful day.


It is quite hot here again but thundery, we are due rain all day tomorrow, so Treacle has been lying on the cool tiles of our floor most of today.  She won’t be happy with us tomorrow morning she is not allowed breakfast as she is having her little op to remove the little wart on her leg, which she won’t leave alone!!!  I will let you know how she gets on.  DH is taking her in for 8.30am on his way to work!

I hope you all had a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx