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It is what it says – our Family!


A Throwback Thursday picture of the Boys and one of their most favourite children’s characters, Thomas The Tank Engine!  DH and I read the stories to both of them again and again and I just love them, they have a kind of innocence not seen in some of today’s childrens books.  This was taken at Great Central Steam Railway in Loughtborough in May twelve years ago and the Boys were nine and five.

At Quorn Railway Station

DH, Youngest and I in the carriage being pulled by Thomas.

I hope you are having a Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

Monday Mayhem!

Monday sure came round fast this week!  Well no quilting got done because by Saturday I was exhausted!!!  It had been a really busy week business wise and making sure all the work got done meant working late and we were all up early on Saturday for DH and Youngest to go swimming so by lunchtime I was beat!!!  I know that if I do do any sewing it usually goes wrong when I am tired, so I may as well save time un-picking by not actually doing it!!!! 

Sunday, with DH’s help, I got a lot more Spring Cleaning done.  DH helped with the heavy lifting and moving of furniture and Treacle just kept us company.  In fact the weather was quite nice so she had the back door open so she could poddle in and out as she pleased, so by last night she was a tired little girl!  We got a lot done and in fact we just have the kitchen to do next weekend (which is another long weekend for us) and three bookcases to sort and tidy and then it will be done for another year!

DH is at a swimming event next Saturday and Sunday as President so I will have lots of quilting time then.

Youngest went back to college today after Spring Break which was a shock to the system after two weeks off but it is only five weeks in this term before he gets May half term off!!  However it will then be seven weeks before the end of this first year of college (okay so where did that year go?!!!!) which will take us up to the end of July (okay so where is this year going?!!!!) and we will then be looking forward to our summer vacation!!!!  Do you want to know how long it is until Christmas!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (245 Days)

Speaking of Christmas I am busy trying to sort out a swimming club trip to see the above Pantomime at the beginning of December!!!!  You see you have to sort things out this early to make the bookings so I have an excuse to talk about Christmas!!!!  The parents think I am mad sorting this now at the start of Spring but believe you me it is like moving the Seventh Fleet to organise a trip and you should see the paperwork!

I am going to get some home jobs done tomorrow as I have managed to get caught up with work and do some grocery shopping.  Our weather is forecast to be cold for a few days so the heating is back on again (!)  with possible snow flurries!  We didn’t get any snow in the winter months but now its Spring, we get snow!!!!

I hope your week is starting off well.

Hugs, Susie x

Welcome To The World!

Owen Ezra Wilkes

Welcome to the World Owen Ezra Wilkes, DH’s Grandson, who was born on Friday March 24th weighing in at 7lbs and 12oz.  Here he is at one week old.

Behaving himself with Granddad!

DH snook a picture of me with him!

Big Sister Evalyn.

Oh good grief are these my Grandparents?!!!!!!!!

Baby Gym already being used!

Here is Owen’s quilt, DH is holding the quilt for me again outside and as you can see Treacle is bored of the whole thing!

A closer view and it has cats on it (they have a cat) I also did a very close free motion quilting on it.

The back.

We went to see him on Saturday for a couple of hours and he is very cute.  Unfortunately his two Uncles were otherwise engaged so they will be going to see him over the Easter holidays when they are both off. 

Hugs, Susie x

Talking TV!

Image result for tv

Image result for Bones

Image result for Grimm

A couple of TV shows which I have watched for a while are finishing this year, Bones and Grimm.  It takes a lot for a show to hold my interest and I tend to go for either out there shows or procedural shows but I don’t watch every one.  Bones has been on the air for twelve years and I have read all of Kathy Reich’s books and it will be finishing its final series in a few weeks and I will miss this show.  Grimm has not been on the air as long only six years but again it has been a great show to watch.

Image result for buffy the vampire slayer

It was announced on TV the other day that the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is twenty years old!  Oh boy I remember watching this when it was first out, so where did twenty years go?

Image result for Twin Peaks

Then of course who remembers this show?  This is actually twenty seven years old (!) and I watched every episode!  I can’t say that I understood every episode or even the ending but I hung in there!  More depressing is the fact I was twenty five when this first appeared on our screens and now the new Twin Peaks will be on our TV screens in May this year.  Are we going to understand the new version?  Who knows.  I do know that they did repeat the original series on TV and I did start to watch it again and after about the second episode my impression was how slow the story line was!  At the time it was really out there and new and different compared to what was on TV then but it really is dated now.  Especially after the X-Files which is my favourite of all time and even though it is twenty four years old the episodes are not dated!

Image result for twin peaks 2017

I will certainly give it a go but lets hope the episodes move a little quicker!!!Image result for Big Little LiesThis has just started and seems promising, especially as so far some of the women are very much like some of the Moms I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also to make DH and I feel really old Youngest was invited to a party the other weekend which was fancy dress.  The theme?  The Eighties!!!!!!  We were young in the Eighties!!!!  No Fair it is now a fancy dress theme!!!!!!!

Today is a lot cooler than yesterday so we seem to be back to winter again (!) and Treacle is snoozing in her basket whilst I am working.  Tomorrow I have lots of errands to run and then house jobs in the afternoon and I am seeing Jayne for a coffee, yeah!  I hope your Thursday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

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Spanner In The Works!

Image result for spanner in the works

I was going along quite fine last week and then one spanner and another got thrown in and the whole works went out of wack!!!!!!!!  Well that’s what it felt like!!!  It took me from Wednesday to today to catch up!!! 

Image result for Snoopy spring cleaning

Anyway enough of that our weather has been great over the last few days, very spring like and it has even got me round to planning my Spring Cleaning.  I even managed to get a bit done over the weekend! 

Youngest dragooned his brother to help with his documentary he has to do for one of his college assignments which is about cars (!)  So on Saturday they were out and about filming and then on Sunday DH and Youngest were down at Mercedes World again filming.  This meant that I was able to get the second baby quilt finished on Sunday and just now need to sew the binding on and sew it to the back.  Yeah!

Monday I got caught up on my work and a basket of ironing in the evening to get up to date which is a relief!!!! Youngest and DH are out again this Sunday filming so I am hoping to get another full day in of quilting although I will miss National Quilting Day as I have jobs to do 😦  Never mind I will do mine on Sunday.

I hope your last few days have been okay and the weather kind.  Treacle is feeling spring like and is far more active and I will need to book her into her spa if the warmer weather stays as she is getting very curly again!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

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Throwback Thursday!

james-bondTwelve years ago here are the Boys on Half term Holiday in London.  Daddy was at an exhibition just outside London and I took the boys into the city every day to visit the museums and one of the visits was to Madame Tussauds.  They both loved and still do James Bond so when they saw the wax of Pierce Brosnan as Bond they had to have their picture taken with it!!!!!  Eldest was nine and Youngest was five!

Image result for Chertsey village

Chertsey centre

We were staying at an apartment in Chertsey which is twenty seven miles outside of London and getting the train in which went over Clapham Junction.  This is a huge hub for the trains and it has railways going in every direction.  The Boys loved it, they had never seen so many trains. 

Image result for clapham junction

Clapham Junction

We came into Waterloo station which is enormous and at that time the terminal for the Eurostar.  We came back to the station in the evening and I was trying to find the platform for the Chertsey line and there were hundreds.  I suddenly found it and it was right round the other side and we only had a few minutes to catch it.  It was like a comedy film with the Boys and I running through to get the train.  We made it, just!!!!  The Boys loved it!!!!!

Image result for Waterloo station

Waterloo Station with all the boards!

It was a great week and we spent every day at the museums, including the Natural History Museum which was their favourite.whaleLovely memories.  Happy Thursday everyone

Hugs, Susie x

Blue Monday? No Happy Monday!

Image result for blue moon

The Daily Telegraph says today is Blue Monday.  This is because that Christmas was three weeks ago, everyone is waiting for payday and they have been back at work and the bills are starting to arrive. 

However I feel that if you look at it this way you are setting yourself up to be blue.  So Happy Monday everyone!

We got jobs done on Saturday and then Sunday I did some quilting!!!!!  I know shock, a quilting blog with some quilting on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

img_0417I have been quilting Eldest’s quilt and have been carrying on with that.  It takes a lot to do this as it is a single quilt but longer so a little between a single and a double but I have been managing, but it does make my arms ache after a while.

img_0416Treacle loves it now that I have made a space for her and she can be found in this spot even when I am not in the room!

img_0418Just to show you another quilting thing, I got this pattern in the post all the way from Australia (through Etsy).  I am going to make Evalyn a new quilt for her new room and thought this would look great for a three year old but not be too little girl ish that it will last for a while.  However I am going to get my UFO’s finished first.

img_0430I think the thing I miss most about Christmas when it has ended are the lights.  I love the fairy lights and because they now have lots of white lights I decided to keep this set out and put them in my sewing room along the shelves.  I think they look very pretty and I love the warmth they give to the room. 


img_0432Treacle is now tired of me taking pictures so is snoozing!

img_0427Do you ever have a good hair day?  I don’t very often but today it looked okay.  Tomorrow it will be dreadful but I thought a picture was worth taking!  Good bathroom shot!!!!!!!!


Here is our handsome Eldest at the weekend.  They were out celebrating Girlfriend’s nephew’s 18th Birthday.

I have a basket of ironing to do tonight but tomorrow evening I am hoping to get some more quilting done. 

I hope you are having a Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie x