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Our Two Boys – Eldest & Youngest and what they have been and are up to!


Throw back to both Boys at their Sixth Form Balls at this time of year.  Both 18 in these pictures albeit four years apart!!!!  They do scrub up well!!!!


Youngest and Girlfriend were out walking Ralphy Puglet at the weekend and came across this:

You can see the black tracks, train tracks. running down the road.

Here is the other end of the tracks and as you can see, hanging over the edge of the quarry.  You can see how big this is from the diggers at the base of the drop.  Apparently this is for the latest “Mission Impossible” film and no doubt for Tom Cruise to hang off the train as it goes off the cliff!!!!  We do not know when they will be filming here but no doubt it will be whenever we won’t be around!!!!  

Do you ever have one of those days which is all planned out and you get up with the aim of getting that list completed and then it all goes to pot?  Well that is my day today!!!  I was going to get lots done today and nothing has gone right all day.  At least I have tomorrow to try and rectify things.  One thing for sure I WILL NOT sit down at my desk or answer any of my phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do hope you lovely lot are having a better day. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


It has been a busy old week again with work which is great but not a lot else is happening!!!  I think because of the lockdown I am falling into the trap of oh there will be lots of weeks to do things in and yet we know that eventually when things do get back to anywhere near normal it is going to be manic with things!!!!!

Anyway as it is Thursday I thought I would have a look through our photographs for some throw back pictures, they always cheer me up, although it does remind me that I have a few jobs to do with them!!!

The Boys at The British Library in 2005

On the London Eye in 2009

Visiting Churchill’s War Time Bunker 2009

Thought you would like to see Chatsworth Library not at Christmas!!!  This was taken in March 2018

The Boys dressed for Red Nose Day March 2005

Ralphy at Crufts March 2020 just before our first Lockdown!

A view from the cottage in The Highlands in 2016.

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday.  It is home jobs day today and tomorrow I am actually going out to do the grocery shopping, yeah!!!!!  Saturday I am doing a big family dinner on Saturday night which I will have some pictures for you next week. 

Stay safe you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx.

Then & Now!

So here we have Youngest, Treacle and Eldest in 2010 which was the last time we had real snow as in lots of it!  Youngest was 11, Treacle was 2 and Eldest 15.

Fast forward as by magic eleven years and here we have Youngest, Treacle and Eldest with quite a lot of snow again!!!!!!!!  Youngest is 21, Treacle is 12 and Eldest is 25!

Where did eleven year’s go?  Mind you they are all still as daft as they were when they were all younger if not more so!!  All three came in very wet, very tired but very happy!

Well Treacle was happy until she had to be tried and all the snow/ice balls gotten out of her feet and the snow from her nose!  You all know how much she loves to be dried, NOT!

I am trying hard this week to keep up with ALL my jobs so none of them get behind because I think when I do get behind that’s when things get screwy for me!  Well it’s a plan, you can only try these things!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this week is going to be a little calmer although I have the dentist on Friday morning which I am not looking forward to and I can’t even go out for lunch afterwards, Hmm!!!!  Hey ho.

Happpy Tuesday everybody!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

A Good Excuse!

Do you know what I hate the most?  When people use a bad situation as an excuse for bad service!!!!! 

I won’t go into all the details but our energy supplier is using the Covid situation as an excuse not to deal with complaints.  When I finally got through to talk to somebody (after 37 minutes on hold!) on Monday the person who answered said she would call me back on Tuesday; I am still waiting!  I called again today and when I finally got through again the woman put me on hold for 15 minutes and said it would be sorted by Monday next – I don’t believe it!  When I asked woman 1 on Monday where she was she said Nottingham.  When I asked woman 2 today she said Leicestershire however both of them had African accents.  When I asked woman 2 about this she said that they do have an African call centre but she wasn’t in it!  When I said that two of them had different answers of where they are in the UK she had no answer!!!!!!!!  I said I wanted to complain and she said she could deal with it; I said no and I wanted to speak to someone in the UK she transferred me to another automated system and after an hour of no answer I hung up, a call which of course I paid for!!!!  GRR,,,,,,,,

It is also like all the articles being written at the moment by journalists who are making the new Lockdown out to be horrendous and ordinary people are giving interviews saying how bad they feel.  I know for some people it can be really hard but at the end of the day we all have to get through this and we need to make the best of the situation.  Continually moaning about it is not helping anyone!

Rant over!!!!!


Anyway as it is Thursday I thought I would show you some pictures from various January’s and a couple from December (!) for #TBT.

The Boys have always liked vehicles of any shape or form and both of them could not wait to be able to drive.  We found a scheme where they could have a first, second, third and fourth drives, building up their skills until they could actually have driving lessons.

Above is Eldest having his First Drive.

Above is Youngest having his First Drive four years later!

Of  course trains were their most favourite of transport, especially the steam trains!  When it included The Hogwarts Express well you can imagine! 

At Great Central Railway on a visit and Thomas was there!

For Youngest’s 7th Birthday we were at Great Central Railway and had lunch on the steam train. 

Eldest who is eleven here and I on the train for lunch.

Youngest and DH.

They loved having lunch on the train so we have been quite a few times since.  In fact as last year was so bad for funds for Great Central Railway they have put on Breakfast trains and we were all going to go in February but if the lockdown continues we won’t be going.  Hopefully they will move the events for when we can all go.

It has been snowing here today but not settling really just very wet and Treacle has had the same response, I don’t want to go out!  Needless to say that she does get sent out because she hasn’t been out for ages!!! 

Tomorrow is home jobs day and at the weekend I am hoping to get some more quilting done.  I think DH and the Boys are busy sorting out the garage and car things again!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

21 Years Young!

Youngest – 21 Years Old This Week!

Now where did that go?!!!!!!

He Was Always Thoughtful!

Even when taking his Thomas The Tank Engine yogurts out of the fridge, hiding under the kitchen chairs and trying each one but then being so tired falling asleep under there!!!! Age 2

Of course you have to have a partner in crime with you at all times!

6th Birthday, Thomas is still favourite!

Me and my Dog!

He always liked to Act! Aged 10

Including “Victoria” When he was 17 And “Doctors” at 18!

He does clean up pretty well though!

First car aged 17

Girlfriends! They get you to do things that well……..!!!!

They are worth it though!

But you ALWAYS still need that Partner in Crime!!!!!

Lockdown Birthday 2020!!!!!!

Who cares it’s Lockdown we can still celebrate at home!!!! As you can see.

Girlfriend’s and my interpretation of a Land Rover Cake!!!!! It took a while and it might look like a Disney “Cars” version of a Land Rover but Youngest loves it! Happy 21st Birthday Youngest – We love you Lots!

Hugs & Big Love from Mom, Dad, Eldest, Girlfriend & Treacle xxxxx


Goodness me it is Thursday already!  Another week almost done and I am racing to catch up with everything again!  No matter how organised I start out the week, I seem to get bogged down by the end of it! 

Anyway, enough of the moaning!  I saw this picture the other day when I was searching for something else!

This was 2001, our old home, Eldest was six and Youngest was 2!  The Race Car walker was originally Eldest’s and he kindly let Youngest use it. They could ride it and push it along with their feet or hold on to the back where Eldest is and walk with it!  It was a great hit with both of them.   Of course when Youngest was riding and Eldest was pushing you can imagine the chaos!

My good friend Susan said she had not realised, only having girls herself, how much boys injured themselves, especially after Youngest’s troubles this week.  Little does she know of the amount of times we have ended up in A&E with one or both of them as they have managed to hurt themselves somehow!!!!  However she did say she is learning as her Grandson has got into a few scrapes!  DH and I had their schools phone number permanently in our phones, as we were always get called about some injury they had managed to do!!!

It is swimming again tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday morning (!) but then we have three days off.  The weather looks to be okay, even though it is cooler, to finish those jobs in the garden.  I got the outside umbrella put away after the nice warm days, which was a good job as it has been raining since!!!!  It really is getting to feel like Autumn here now!!!

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow, Yeah!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Also found this!  This is Youngest when he was 13!  Swimming injury!!!!!!!!!

Where Are the Days Going?!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging but the days are just all merging into one and no sooner have I gone to bed, the alarm is going off and it is time to get up!  DH and I went to Barrow in Furness twice last week and the whole day is gone and I have been trying to catch up ever since!

We have been having some lovely warm weather the last two weeks but it dropped very cool in the evenings, however it has now changed to much more like Autumn and it is raining today!!!

The Wednesday Wag!

This is what happens when both Boys are at home!  You are sitting waiting for your dinner and the Eldest Muppet puts his cap on your head, I mean really!  Then Youngest Muppet is taking pictures!

It’s amazing what you will do to get your dinner!

I think it suits me further back on my head, don’t you?

As the weather was wonderful at the weekend Mom and Dad were in the garden and the Boys were helping too.

They were busy trimming some of the trees in the garden and whilst they were not looking I pinched a branch to have a chew on it!

I just need to get hold of the end of it!

It is not behaving so I had to put my paw on it!

This is when Mom shouted at me as I am not supposed to be chewing sticks as I hurt my mouth the last time!  She then came and picked it up and spoilt all my fun!


You might have gathered if you read my Blog regularly that the Boys can injure themselves without too much difficulty.  I got a call yesterday to say Youngest was on his way to hospital because of this :

That is a pick tool and he was using it and it slipped and he stopped it with his hand!!!!!

From the X-ray you can see how far it went through and fortunately missed everything and surprisingly there was not a lot of blood and no stitches needed!  He is fine today and gone off to work to see what other damage he can do!

My Boys are both a pair of Muppets!!!!!!!!

Stay safe

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Happy Thursday all!  Bit of a mixture here today for #TBT.  As the children broke up from school last week I thought I would show you the Boys last days at Primary School before starting Senior School.


Eldest above, so everyone else will have a picture of all of them looking at the camera but Eldest was looking at me!!!!! From 2006.


Youngest when he got back from school with his shirt all signed, a great tradition here in the UK.  They did the same when they left Senior School too! From 2011.

The funny story from these pictures is that they both used Sharpies to sign the names and when they got back there were multi-coloured dots all over their chests and arms!!!!  I had to spend about an hour getting them off with nail polish remover!  They were not amused!!!!!!


The above picture is our holidays to Scotland and particularly Moy Fair.  This was the shoot at the targets, which our good friend Gordon was part of.  Here is Eldest shooting the flintlock they had.  It really made a huge bang!!!!

Culbin Forest - Buckie Loch looking East 1

The Boys and DH used to go cycling at this forest trail which actually lead down to the Beach as well. 

Andrew with horns - Loch Mohr

Youngest at the Loch where the cottage is.  I think this is an antler he found!!!

The holiday pictures are all from 2010 when Eldest was 14 and Youngest was 10.

I am busy trying to get things sorted during this week and next before we go away on vacation a week on Saturday.  I am desperately trying not to end up running around like the proverbial headless chicken trying to get everything sorted before we go.  I swear every year I won’t do it and then by a week on Friday I will still have a million things to do and running out of hours and then declare “I don’t know why we are bothering to go away …….”  I am sure if you are a Mom you will definitely know what I am talking about!!!!

We have another swimming meeting tonight (!) as we are running out of days to get that sorted as well!!! 

I hope you are having a good Thursday, Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Thomas The Tank Engine.


This little chap is celebrating his 75th Birthday!!!!

His creator, The Rev. Wilbert Awdry, released the Thomas story in his Railway Series but soon became the favourite along with Gordon, Edward and Henry.  He originally created the story for his son, Christopher, as a bed time story when he was at home with measles.

Needless to say both of our Boys adored the books and eventually the DVDs’ and more often than not the bed time stories were one of the Thomas stories.  In fact they both have a huge book full of the stories and the original drawings.


We are very lucky where we live to have a steam railway near and they host Thomas The Tank Engine Days regularly during the year and we always went.  Here are the Boys with Thomas.  Eldest is 10 and Youngest is 6.  In fact Eldest actually spent his third Birthay at a Thomas day at the railway!

Engine Drivers Jan 2008

Even when they were older and we were visiting the steam railway for another event they could not resist getting into the toy Thomas on the platform!

New Layout - Right

Above is the model railway they both had in their bedroom when they were young and they played for hours with it.


This was taken at the next station along on the steam railway line and we just love the old fashioned style of it. 

So Happy Birthday Thomas The Tank Engine, you are looking good for 75. 

Stay Safe All.  Hopefully we will be able to go to the Steam Railway again very soon.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx