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Finally Quilting

Cookies, fishing mug and mug rug.

Closer view of the mug rug,  I quilted around the tyres.
I finally managed to get some quilting done last weekend, in between running the Boys around to their two swim meets!
It was our good friends in Scotland his birthday in September but because of being laid up after my hospital visit I was not able to get things done.  So this is a belated birthday gift for him.  He repairs and renovates old motor bikes and loves fishing hence the mug rug choice and mug choice.  I made the cookies which are Nigella Lawsons’ cranberry and white chocolate cookies from her Christmas book and they are really good.  My Boys love them.
I still have four mug rugs to make for Christmas gifts and another quilting project so I am going to be really busy over the next few weeks!
Susie x

Goose Fair

The Wheel
View from The Wheel
For anyone who has read old posts you will know about Goose Fair and apologies.  For those who haven’t here are the details.  Goose Fair is held in Nottingham on the first Thursday in October for three days.  
The name stems from the Geese which used to be driven into the City from Lincoln where they were sold to be fattened in time for Christmas.  The earliest fair is thought to be 1284 and it was moved to October dates in 1752.  The Fair has not been continuous as it was cancelled in 1646 because of the plague and during the two World Wars.  It moved from the City Centre during the 1920’s to its current location just outside the city at The Forrest Recreation Ground.  
It has always been a tradition in our family to go on a Friday evening and we have carried that on with our Boys.  This year we took them and Eldest’s Girlfriend too!  We park in the City and walk out to the fair and then when we get back go for a meal.  It was a really great evening and the rain held off.  

Here are a couple of pictures the first is the wheel, whilst I was waiting for them to come off the dodgems and the second is from the wheel!

Susie x

90th Birthday Celebrations

Last weekend we went as a family to help celebrate DH’s Uncle’s 90th Birthday!  This is his father’s brother and if his Dad had still been with us he would be 99 now!  It is amazing age and his Uncle, although having had a few health issues, is very active and still engaging.  
We all had a great lunch and our Boys had a great time with all their cousins.  Here are a few pictures of the day.
Susie x
Uncle John dancing with a companion.

Waiting for the cake!

Uncle John has always been a fan of cricket so the cake had a theme!


It has been a tiring few weeks but I now have the all clear from my Consultant that the infection has gone, which is a relief as I felt awful on the tablets to get rid of it!  My next appointment is not until four weeks which is also a good sign, although when I made that appointment I suddenly realised it would be November!  Yikes where are the weeks going?  I still need to get a lot done before then and really am running out of time.
Some very good friends sent me some flowers because of not feeling too  good and I wanted to share the picture with you as they were wonderful.  Very much Autumn colours but they really did make me smile.
The weather here has been confusing to say the least, last weekend you would have said it was summer again with very warm days and this weekend it is cold and wet and really quite miserable.  We managed to get into the garden last weekend and did a lot to it but need probably another couple of days at it to get it ready before the bad weather starts, including putting all the summer furniture away!  Oh well I am sure it will get done. 
Must dash now as I have some baking to get done before tomorrow!
Susie x