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House Day!

Yep this is me today!

Today has been house jobs day, which are now finished! phew.  I love my house when it is clean and tidy but give The Boys and Treacle ten minutes and it looks like I have never cleaned in my life!!!!!

Eldest is busy revising again but is now having a break as I think it is getting to him a little bit!  The first exam is Monday morning at 9.00am for three hours and the second one is Tuesday morning at 9.00am for three hours so I think the nerves are getting to him!!!!  I have suggested he take a break for a while and do something else!

Youngest has had a PJ day, this means he got in the shower this morning and then straight back in his pajamas!!!!!  He will need to get dressed in a little while as it is swimming tonight!

I have done a couple more blocks for Eldest’s quilt and I am determined that by this time next week it will be done!!!!  There I have said it!!!! So it must be true, right?

I also need to get some other quilty gifts done as there are birthdays and things coming up!  Oh my!!!!

Saturday we are going to Nottingham shopping as I have to get a couple of things for Youngest and get his shoes checked and also try and fit in a visit to family too!  So it will be a busy day and then Youngest wants to invite a friend round for a sleepover so I will probably be shattered by Sunday.

I hope you have a thrilling Thursday.

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag


Daddy and I having a snooze

Today it is raining again and although I have been out it is very wet and cold!  Daddy and I decided it was a day for a cuddle!!!!! I am stopping him work though!


Stop taking pictures Mom you are disturbing me!

So today is a basket day.  My Boys are busy, Eldest is revising again and Youngest has been busy and going out later with Daddy! I have decided it is definitely a basket day!



Mom is busy quilting so I am catching up on my sleep

Hope you are having a waggy Wednesday which isn’t wet!!!!

Woof, Treacle

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Long Weekend Lots of Jobs done!


This is a large gin and tonic!

I need it to tackle the washing that youngest has brought home from Scout camp!!!  He had a great weekend, only interrupted by a swimming competition on Saturday night.  The weather was great, which is really unusual for one of our long weekends, and they got to do lots of things including shooting, archery, high wires, games and a party.  On the Sunday evening they had a fantastic firework display, which we could also see as the camp is in the woods above our village!


The Washing!!!!!

He came home yesterday afternoon, tired, happy and quite dirty!!!!  Eldest spent the weekend revising for his exams and is working really hard for the exams when they go back next week.

DH, Treacle and I spent the long weekend in the garden trying to get some tidying up done.  We hadn’t really been able to get into the garden until now as the weather has been so bad.  In fact it said on the radio that it had been the coldest Spring for thirty years and I can believe it.  It was really warm on Saturday and Sunday and not so much Monday but we got a lot of work done.

Unfortunately I forgot to get some pictures and today it is pouring with rain!  Treacle loved the weekend as she loves spending time outside and when she came in, in the evening, she was so tired she lay down in her basket and we didn’t hear from her for the rest of the night!!!!!

Having made best use of the weather, no quilting was done 😦  so whilst the Boys are off this week for half term I am going to sneak a few hours in each day to try and get Eldest’s quilt finished.  The quilt projects are starting to pile up and I need to get moving on them. 

Also it is going to be a busy few months with the usual summer activities coming up, Carnival, Swimming Open, Birthdays as well as Year End for our Business year so I know the next few weeks will fly by in a blur!!!!

Anyway I had better get on now as Youngest is out at his Maths tutor later and I was going to get my hair cut but that has now been cancelled!  Oh well I will soon look like Treacle, very long hair and curly!!!!!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday

Susie x

Annie’s Birthday Party!


Here I am waiting for Annie’s Birthday Party!  If you are wondering what I mean this party is for Annie over at Sew Many Ways ( and she is Thirteen years old! Her Mom wrote a post asking for us all to send Happy Birthday wishes to her and I have taken over my Mom’s blog today to do that.


I brought a toy to play with


Does anyone need a drink?

First Day of Term

These are my two hoomans Youngest and Eldest and they are great fun!

The Wednesday Wag

Well it has been such a great party and I hope Annie has enjoyed herself.

Happy 13th Birthday Annie

Woof from Treacle

And a big hug from Susie, DH, Eldest & Youngest

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What Is It?!


I can’t show you all the material which has just arrived, but I can show you this bit!  I can’t wait to get going on this and it will be for September but I have to concentrate on getting Eldest’s quilt done before I start anything else!!!!!

Today has been a catch up day as well as House jobs day.  I have also addressed all the envelopes for Eldest’s 18th Birthday party in August.  Yesterday was a great day for deliveries.  Normally it’s bills or rubbish but the postman knocked on the door and there were two packets of fabric (happy face!!!!) a large box with table decorations in for the party and the invitations, it was great fun.

I also forgot to show you the books which arrived in the Amazon packets which Treacle had purloined!!


I am always on the lookout for new patterns for mug rugs.  I love them and they are great for using up your scraps


I have a baby quilt to make and saw this for some inspiration.


Well I just liked the look of this book and its great!

It’s swimming tonight so I have to get dinner ready before we leave and then tomorrow I have to bake another cake as Youngest is at Scout camp all weekend.  The weather is supposed to be nice for the weekend and it is a long weekend as we have a holiday on Monday.  DH and I are hoping to get the garden sorted as we haven’t had a chance yet this year with the weather being so bad.  It is still cold here though!

Hope you have a thrilling Thursday.

Susie x


Treacle is waiting for the Boys to get back from school and she is cold!

The Wednesday Wag!


It has been hectic around here lately with comings and goings.  I never know who is in and who is out, and when they are in they go out and then come back and go again!  Phew!!!!

Anyway I have been thinking that if it is going to be like this than maybe I need to think of getting myself a job.  Now Security Officer is okay, I keep the squirrel out the garden and those wood pigeons too.  I bark at the Postman and anyone who comes to the door but I think I need a new challenge. 

Today we have had two deliveries and I think I will apply to this Amazon company for a job.  I think I could be really handy for them.  What do you think?



Better be off now and find an application form.  Hope you have a Woofy Wednesday


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Monday Madness!



Youngest comes home last week and says Mom I need some cakes for next week for our Tea Party we are doing in class.  SO not for the bake sale but for class!  Oh and he would like my orange loaf cake and some cupcakes please?!!!!!

So yesterday morning was spent cooking and I then had a load of ironing to catch up on and Eldest is at home revising before the exams and Treacle was having a mad day!!!!  I should have gone to Quilt Club last night but by 6.00pm I was wiped out!!

This morning I added the strawberries, ironed the table cloth he needed and packed everything up for school.  Eldest took him for me and the cakes got there mostly in one piece.  DH and Eldest are hoping that some of them will come home too!

This morning I was out with Treacle in the garden and whilst she was busy trying to find the squirrel I walked around the pots and they are doing really well



These are my winter pansy pots and they have flourished since Spring finally arrived  However it just shows how things are late in the garden this year, my wisteria is only just coming out and normally by now it is all over and so, too, are the rhododendrons



I know one thing I have noticed this year is how green everything is.  Now I know green is green but this year it certainly seems more vibrant, which I think is because of all the rain we had last year.

Here is a picture of the trees around the garden and the picture does not really show what I mean but it really is green!


I have work to catch up on today, which I didn’t do yesterday and I am going to try and get some quilting done tonight.  

The Ball was a great success and Eldest and Girlfriend had a lovely evening, the food was good and there were speeches and after they finished they went on to a night club, although our two were not very impressed.  DH got the call to go and collect them at 1.30am and they got back and sat talking to us for half an hour and then went to bed.  They didn’t appear again until 11.00am!  We saw some of the others the next day and they got home around 4.00am!!!!!

Oh well I had better get on with some work.  Treacle has got indigestion this morning and I have given her a little bit of bicarb, now she is burping everywhere!!!!!!  Joy

Have a terrific Tuesday

Susie x