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I’m Having a Giveaway!

Hi folks, I thought I would host a giveaway for when we reach 5,000 views of my Blog.  I love reading the Stats. for my blog and seeing where people are in the World that read my blog and since joining I have had lots more views.  Also a few other quilters have put me on their blog roll which has generated more views and Find a Friend Friday from Karen at Sew Many Ways.
So when we hit 5000 views I will post what the giveaway will be.  It will be open for everyone around the World.  So look out for the info.
Have a great Thursday; I have house jobs to do and then some work and errands to run and the Boys are in different directions tonight and DH has to help put tents up for our Scout Troop and their camp this weekend, so I think I will be getting to bed about midnight and the weather has turned as well!  Oh well it is good for the garden.
Happy Quilting

The Wednesday Wag

My deck where I enjoy lying as it is in the sun and shade

It really is warm today.
My quilt is almost finished!  Can’t wait I love cuddling up to these quilts but Mom does get cross sometimes when I do.
I have spent everyday outside this week and over the weekend as the weather has been very hot.  My coat is growing too so soon I will be off to the Parlour for a pamper session.  
I also need to get into trim for the Dog Show which Mom runs for the Carnival.  I spend most of Carnival at home as Mom, Dad and The Boys are busy for lots of days and if the weather is too hot I get very tired, so I am at home.  But they do come home let me out and feed me which is the best thing!  I do get an extra long walk when it is all over.
The squirrel has been playing havoc with the bird feeders and managed to damage the pole so Dad has to repair that at the weekend.  My leg is still not good so walks have been cut short, but I don’t mind in this heat.
I hope you all have a lovely day and Mom says Happy Quilting.
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Treacle’s Quilt

Treacle’s Quilt on my new bench.

Closer view.
I managed to get quite a bit done of Treacle’s Quilt yesterday evening.  Am pleased with the way it is turning out, however, I cannot say it is an original pattern.  I have shamelessly, but with her approval, copied Cooper’s Quilt over at Thelma’s Blog; Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.
I still have a couple more rows to put on and then a border.  The back is going to be similar but in the centre I am going to do some applique.  I have never done any applique before so thought this would be a good project to have a go on!  I will keep you updated.
DH, The Boys and Girlfriend have been busy, with others in the village, putting up the bunting for the Jubilee weekend, which will stay up for our Carnival and then for the Olympics.
I also managed to get to the plant nursery yesterday and got some plants to put in, in a flower bed I am overhauling.  We inherited the garden when we bought the house and it was in a state and it has taken the last ten years we have been here to try and get it looking half decent.  Unfortunately the previous owners were not gardeners and had planted things to fill in spaces whether they were suitable or not!  Pictures next week.
Happy Tuesday and Quilting.



A Very Royal Day!

Youngest Facing the camera, third from right, just get the flag in position.

Standing to attention as the dignitaries leave.

The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire leaving.
Youngest with our local MP, Mrs Pauline Latham, who also lives in our Village

The weather yesterday was perfect.  In fact the whole weekend was very warm so DH and I tackled the garden.  We hadn’t managed to get into the garden this year yet due to other activities, although we only had to do a little weeding but mainly tidying.  A few of the bushes over the winter have gone mad so there was a lot of pruning to do.  Next week on Jubilee Day, June 4th, our Village is hosting one of the Beacon Bonfires and our good friends are actually having it at their farm, which was great for all the stuff left after pruning to add to the bonfire!  When we have finished I will take you on a tour.
We also had an important date yesterday afternoon as Youngest had been asked to represent his Scout Troop and our District at the Diamond Jubilee Service at Derby Cathedral at 3.00pm.  We got there at 2.00pm and he was on duty with the flag as the dignitaries arrived, including The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire, The Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff and of course The Bishop of Derby.   He then marched down the aisle and placed the flag by the Altar with the other flags in attendance.  At the end of the Service he retrieved the flag and made a Guard of Honour as the dignitaries left.
DH, I, Eldest and Girlfriend attended and Youngest did very well and we are so proud of him.  It was lovely to take part in something for the Jubilee and for Youngest to have such a part of it.  Of course this meant I did not get any quilting done at all, so tonight I will set to and get some done.
I hope your weekend was lovely.  Happy Quilting.



May – A Month When …..

It is another warm beautiful day here, like Summer although it is only Spring.  We are hoping it will last all Summer!
I was thinking about superstitions and remember by Grandmother (who taught me how to sew, cook, keep house) “Never wash a blanket in May or you will wash someone away”!  At the moment I have two blankets to wash and with all the warm weather it seems a shame not to do them, but you know I just cannot bring myself to do it!  My Grandmother was very superstitious and taught me very well, so the blankets won’t be washed until June 1st!
I also found some other interesting facts about May :
May 29th
This is the day that traditionally people wear oak apples or oak leaves pinned to them to remember that on May 29th King Charles ll returned triumphantly to London after the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.
oak laf
The reason for the wearing of oak apples or oak leaves was to celebrate the King’s narrow escape from capture by Cromwell’s soldiers by hiding in an oak tree.
Until well into the twentieth century, anyone caught not wearing an oak leaf or oak apple on 29 May could be pinched, kicked, or otherwise abused. Whipping with nettles was a favourite punishment, hence the name ‘Nettle Day‘ in some areas.
Some Notable Dates in May :
21st May – 1946 Bread rationing introduced in the UK.
28th May – 1908 Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books, was born.
29th May – 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Everest.
29th May  – Oak Apple Day.
30th May – 1431 Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.
30th May – Death of King Arthur in 542
And how about this; too late for this year but maybe next!!!!!
All year round
May Day Superstition
First thing in the morning on May 1st, young girls used to rush out into the garden to wash their faces in the May dew.
There is an old tale that says that May dew has magic properties and that anyone who has washed their face in it will have a beautiful complexion all through the year. This dew was supposed to be able to remove freckles and also spots and pimples.
So on this fine May evening I will be having dinner and then getting on with Treacle’s quilt.  Happy Quilting and hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are.


Hot Weather

It is another glorious day here in Derbyshire and the temperature has risen to 80° and it is lovely.  Today has been a busy “house” day with the cleaning being done.  It takes me three hours to clean it from top to bottom and I decided to start at 8.00am this morning to try and get it done before it got too warm.  I am glad I did, as it is really warm now!
The washing is all done and hanging on the line.  I love ironing it after it has been drying outside, not always possible with our unpredictable weather.
Treacle has been outside all day, lying in the sun and panting!  Silly Dawg!!!!  Karen at Sew Many Ways was asking about favourite cartoons and I loved Deputy Dawg, but my favourite was The Jetsons.  I have always been mad on Space things, I think it stems from watching the moon landings at 6.00am on July 20th 1969.  Not only were they landing on the moon but the television was on, in the morning, completely unheard of in 1969 (of course now it is on 24/7!).  Our television was black and white and the images not very good, but it was so exciting.
Since then I have loved almost every space programme from Star Trek (the original which I used to watch with my Dad) to Stargate and everything in between.  I also enjoy stargazing too, when I get the chance.  When we visited Orlando the NASA visit was essential and we did the lunch with an astronaut too and it was amazing.  I loved every minute of it.
Anyway on that spacey note I will get working, I have to do the swimming run tonight and when I get back may do the ironing as it will have hopefully cooled off a bit.
 Happy Thursday


The Wednesday Wag!

Hello World, I am still poorly!  Mom thought I was better but I have started limping again and my leg hurts when I have been sleeping, so she took me to my Doctors again this morning.  I have more tablets and yes my leg is still swollen, oh well!
I found a frog yesterday in the lawn but he didn’t want to play very much  (I managed to rescue him before Treacle did any damage – Mom!!!!) 
The weather has been extremely hot here yesterday and today and I have spent all day outside and all the fresh air has made me very sleepy.  I hope you all having a good day and Mom says happy quilting.
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Tuesday Chaos

The wisteria has finally bloomed.
A close up of the flowers.
Today started off okay.  I had to run a few errands this morning which I got done super speedy and just got back home and I forgot to go to the Post Office!  Out I went again.  I then sat down to get my work done when all the power went off!  It has been off for two hours!
Where we used to live was more rural than where we are now and we never had as many power cuts as we have at this house.  Everyone was off which was a relief as it meant it was not just our house.  So I am now behind with my work, so guess what I will be doing tonight instead of sewing!
The weather has made a dramatic change today and its 80°F here so out come the summer clothes for the first time this year.  By the end of the week we will be back in jumpers and jeans!
I took a couple of pictures of my wisteria today in the sun as it has finally bloomed.  It is a little late this year and I think it is because of all the rain we had in April.  However it looks lovely.  I chose this wisteria as I like the colour of the flowers with them being pale with little yellow centres instead of the more popular mauve.  
I hope your Tuesday is a little calmer than mine!


PS  I hope you like the new signature, Karen at Sew Many Ways had done a little tutorial of how to do it on her blog and I love it.


The front of the quilt.  I am really pleased how it turned out.
A sideways view and Treacle got in on the action.
A closer look at the blocks and the spinning stars.
The Back
A closeup of the quilting.
I didn’t get any other quilting done over the weekend except for sewing the binding on my quilt.  I did get to watch some films whilst doing it so it was a great weekend for that too.  The weather was not good with it being cold and dull grey so I was not inclined to get out in the garden.  The weather this week is due to improve but who knows, certainly not the weathermen!  This meant the pictures I took of my quilt had to be done inside so they are okay but would have been better outside.
The Boys were swimming on Saturday and yesterday was a catch up day before the week starts again.  We are still in exam phase so still stress levels are high but they end on Friday.
It is Quilt Club this evening when I am handing my quilt in for the show at the beginning of June.
Happy Monday

Thank You

To all the lovely people who have read and commented on my posts over the last week and from Karen’s Sew Many Ways Find a Friend Friday and other links Thank You.
I love hearing from everyone and try and respond to those comments but if I don’t, please know that they mean a lot to me.  I love making these connections.
Have a great Quilting Weekend.
Susie x