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Oh Boy Busy!


Today is St. Andrew’s Day, Patron Saint of Scotland, and celebrated in our home as my father and his family were Scottish.

We have had a busy few days, as always, and today was even more so as Treacle had to be at the Spa for 9.15am!  I am currently taking some strong medicine which makes me very sleepy by about 7.00pm and also makes me sleepy by 7.00am as well!  I got up with DH which was 5.00am and had breakfast, put one load through the washer and got some work done by 7.00am.  Treacle and I were on the road by 8.15am making our way through the rush hour traffic.  She was the first to arrive and I left her for three and a half hours so they could weave their magic.


Profile Picture 1.


Profile Picture 2.

Here she is all clean and smelling soooo much better than she did! She does not have her collar on at the moment because it is currently in the washing machine, along with her two beds, quilt and Teddy! 

IMG_0895Can I have my lunchtime biscuit please, as I have been extremely good this morning?


Of course after a very busy morning she needs a sleep and the inners of her beds were washed and dried so they are in her basket by my desk whilst her outers and other things are still washing. I covered her up and she was very happy, especially as they were still warm from the dryer.

You will no doubt have seen and heard about the new Royal Engagement (unless you have been on a desert island with no WiFi this past week!)

Well their first official visit as a newly engaged couple is to our home town of Nottingham, tomorrow!!!!! This may sound great except for Youngest has to be in Nottingham city centre, its where his college is, by 9.00am and the visit is due around mid-morning, DH has to be at one of the company’s offices we work with on the outskirts of Nottingham tomorrow and Girlfriend has to be a Uni, again on the outskirts of Nottingham!  Youngest will be the most affected as his college is not far from where they are visiting, so he is planning on leaving at 6.00am to get into the City and parked well before any roads are shut!!!!!  I suspect that you will not be able to get in or out of Nottingham tomorrow at all. 

Youngest won’t have a problem in the evening as he is going out with his college friends for dinner to celebrate his 18th.

I am still lugging around Advent Calendars for the younger swimmers and am slowly getting rid of them but suspect I will still have a few left after tonight’s session!  DH is compering the Christmas light switch on in Long Eaton tonight and Ilkeston tomorrow night so I will be on my own, hey ho.

I am getting my quilting things finished slowly but surely, I just can’t show you them yet! 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x


St. Andrew


PS  They are forecasting some of this over the weekend, we shall wait and see if any falls here!!!!!

The Wednesday Wag!

I have been very busy helping Mom today!


Dad left realllllly early this morning so I kept Mom company whilst she was still in bed, although she said I was snoring again!  I don’t know how she dare, I don’t snore!


It was very cold and bright this morning so I did get to spend sometime outside and I was very good as I brought Mom the post this morning too.


So can I have my lunchtime biscuit now please?


I have been so busy today and then Mom snuck into the sewing room for a few hours so I took advantage of that and had a quick snooze on the bed.  I, by the way, did not snore!!!!

I am also going to be very busy tomorrow as it is my Spa Day!!!  Mom is also planning on getting all my beds, blankets and quilt washed so we are all clean together and ready for Santa!

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.



Almost Youngest’s 18th!

I know it seems odd but we had Youngest’s party on Saturday, because we could not find a venue on his actual Birthday, as all the Christmas parties start!!!  However I managed to badger a very good friend of ours, who actually ran our wedding day (29 years ago now) into sorting out a room at her new venue!!!  We were getting desperate for somewhere to host it and it almost came down to putting a marque over the whole of our garden and gettng patio heaters in, Youngest was not impressed!!!  Also it was the same venue where we held Eldest’s 18th Party. The Boys were given an option of celebrating either their 18th or 21st and both choose their 18th. 

Anyway the evening went off very well, although we did have a few people who could not attend because of other committments, including some Christmas ones!!!!!  Here are a few pictures (Warning: very picture heavy post!!)


The room which of course was all decked out for Christmas.


DH had done a photo montage with music of pictures of Youngest from a baby to today, I mean if you can’t embarrass your son on his Birthday when can you?  Of course as he is the second one there were alot of Eldest in it as well.  You must always take the opportunity to embarrass the Eldest one as well!!!!!


Youngest’s cake made by our great friend Christine.  You can see there was an acting theme!


Youngest with his cake.



Youngest’s Guests


Youngest cutting his cake (it wasn’t that hard to cut!)

After Youngest had cut his cake we brought out Alan’s cake, whose Birthday it was and then brought out Charles’ cake, whose Birthday is this Thursday.  They didn’t know about it and were completely surprised.


Alan with his cake.

It was a lovely evening but I can honestly say by the end of it DH and I were tired!!!! 

Round Two of celebrating his 18th is this Saturday when we are going out for pizza and decorating the house for Christmas and of course opening his gifts.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

Christmas has Arrived!


Friday evening we were all out on the park in the centre of the Village for the Christmas Lights switch on.  DH had gone down earlier and set up the PA equipment and was busy playing carols whilst we waited for everyone to arrive and of course the special guest.  It was really, really cold and I had driven down instead of walking and decided to leave Treacle at home as I was helping with tea, coffee and mince pies afterwards.


The special guest, Santa, arrived to switch the Christmas lights on.


DH talking as usual!

The local choir, Friends in Harmony, helped us with singing the carols.

The pictures are unfortunately a little dark because of how far away we were!  It was very nice to go inside afterwards and have a hot drink.  It was a lovely start to the Christmas festivities though. 

This coming Thursday and Friday DH is compering the Light switch on in Ilkeston and Long Eaton and it is getting colder!!! 

During the day on Friday I was busy finishing off two birthday cakes.  Our good friend had made Youngest’s 18th cake as her present to him but on Saturday when his party was, it was also a good friend of ours, his birthday and Girlfriend’s Dad’s 50th this Thursday so we could not leave them out, so I made them each a cake.


This is Alan’s cake whose Birthday was Saturday.


Charles’ cake for Thursday!  His business is selling top of the range vehicles, hence the cars!!!

They were both thrilled, I just hope the cakes both taste good!!!  I will show you the pictures of Youngest’s party tomorrow.

It was a very busy weekend and I am just catching up now!!!!  Needless to say I will be in bed early tonight!!!!

As we have been talking about Christmas, and doing Christmasy things I have changed the blog over to Christmas, hope you like it.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

Frantic Friday!

I have had a frantic week to be quite honest but today has been particularly busy.  Not only is is Youngest’s 18th Party tomorrow evening it is also a very good friends actual Birthday tomorrow and then Girlfriend’s Dad is celebrating his 50th on November 30th.  So a good friend of ours has made Youngest’s cake as her gift to him (I will show you pictures next week) but I decided that the other two had to have cakes as well.  So I have spent today sorting them out!!!  They are both drying at the moment but again I will show you pictures when they are done.


I finished all my house jobs yesterday and made dinner before I spent three hours at swimming giving out the Advent Calendars to the young swimmers!  We didn’t get home until 10.00pm and then had dinner.  So I hadn’t touched my computer for a few hours and when I did I found that the screen resolution has become huge.  It amazes me how my computer manages to do things without me doing anything to it!!  DH, my IT guy, had a quick look but it is not obvious what is wrong, however I do know that there was a Microsoft Windows update this week and it seems that whenever that happens it messes up all my settings, grr!!

I also received our first Christmas card in the post this morning (!) however it is from friends who don’t have a lot else to do so I can forgive them for sending that out in November!!!  On the way home the other evening from the funeral we saw several houses with Christmas lights up.

Sunday we are getting the other house jobs done in preparation for our decorations going up the following weekend when it is actually Youngest’s 18th Birthday!  Tonight is the Lights switch on in the village and last night and for the next few nights it is going to be very cold and frosty although I love this weather and hopefully it will kill off all the coughs and colds everyone seems to have, I am trying to avoid them so I don’t get sick at Christmas.


Treacle decided to come back to bed this morning after DH and Youngest went out at 6.00am, but as I have spent the day in the kitchen she has been “helping” me with clearning up anything that has dropped!!!  This means she has not slept all day so she will definitely be tired tonight.  She was not impressed when we let her out last thing last night when it was very cold.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Winter is Coming!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx





Happy Thanksgiving to All My American Friends and Followers

Although it is not a holiday in the UK I am Thankful for my family and friends, to all the lovely people who take time to comment on my Blog and to my Followers and those who read my blog.  I am Thankful for today.

Hugs, Susie xx




Although there has not been much of this over the last few days!! 

Monday we were at Auntie Margaret’s Service of Thanksgiving in the village that DH grew up in.  The family did this when Uncle David passed preferring to have a private service beforehand and then a Thanksgiving Service for everyone else and I can honestly say it really is a better way than a more traditional funeral.  The Church was full and DH and I got there realtively early before it started but the biggest surprise was the two ladies in front of us who arrived just before the service started with a dog!  She turned out to be owned by one of Auntie Margaret’s sons and she would have loved the fact that the dog attended her service!!!! 

We went afterwards to the reception and saw quite a few people who knew DH when he was a little boy which is always funny as they tell me all about the naughty things he got up to when he was little.


Talking about Christmas, well I am now :), we got this done over the weekend and


We got all the cards done too.  They now have stamps on them and are just waiting to be posted. 

Saturday is Youngest’s 18th party and it will be lovely to see everyone, although I have a million things to do before now and then (well perhaps a million is a little bit of an exaggeration but it seems like it)  Friday night we have the Christmas Lights switch on in the village and it is getting colder again just in time for us all to be stood around outside. 

Sunday we have los of jobs around the house and garden to get done because the following week, when it is actually Youngest’s Birthday, he wants to get the Christmas tree and decorate it and the house.

We should have been at Youngest’s parents evening on Monday but it was cancelled due to the Tutor being ill and we are now waiting for it to be re-arranged, but I can bet that it will be on a night when we have twelve other things to do.

I am at the swimming lessons all this week and next to give out the gifts for the small pool swimmers instead of their party 🙁   I have been getting up an hour earlier than normal to try and get things done but that’s taking its toll.  Treacle is also sulking as she is missing out on her snuggle time.  Usually DH brings me a cup of tea before he leaves for work at about six and so she snuggles until I get up at seven but I have been getting up with DH at five so she is miffed.

IMG_0613This is her “ignorning me” face as I have not been able to snuggle with her!  Normally Wednesday would have been The Wednesday Wag but she is in a snit!  It hasn’t helped that Daddy was not filled up her Bonio box and so she only had a handful of small biscuits at lunch which she really does not feel is correct!!!

Tomorrow will be house jobs day as Friday and of course Saturday will be hectic from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed.  At least this time we have no body staying over with us, unlike Eldest’s 18th when every bed, sofa and floor was taken up with bodies.  The morning after I seemed to be cooking breakfast for hours! 

I hope you are all having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs, Susie xx


Friday, finally!


I am so glad it is Friday, it has definitely been one of those weeks where the Universe had something against me and yet I have done nothing to the Universe!!!

Having looked at the calendar we now have no Fridays or Saturdays available!  This may sound great except I know it will just be manic from now until Christmas Day but I am going to try and pace myself so by the time Christmas Day arrives I don’t feel like a horse put away wet!!!!


Its swimming this weekend again and getting all those final jobs finished before “manic” begins!  I have booked Treacle in for her spa day on November 30th, next week we have the Christmas light switch on in the Village and the following week the light switch on in Long Eaton and Ilkeston and DH is compere for them all, two events for Youngest’s 18th, Advent Carol service at Church, swimming events again, a Christmas visit to Chatsworth House, Presentation Night for the swimming club, dinner with friends and visits to family and then DH’s cousin’s son’s wedding on December 23rd! Hmm, maybe I could clone myself for this period.  At least I will have lots of pictures to show you!  I do love all the activities, especially seeing family and friends at Christmas but sometimes it would be nice to have a steady run up to Christmas. 

It has been cold over the last few days, although it is going to get a little milder again later next week.  Snow has fallen in The Highlands where we go on holiday and it looks very pretty, I would love to have some snow here as long as it is over Christmas when we don’t have to go out and about. 

I have just finished cleaning out the fridge and microwave and now need to finish cleaning the house.  I have a huge basket of ironing which I am going to get done tomorrow evening whilst DH is out at swimming. Hopefully Sunday I will be able to get some more quilting done and some jobs finished.  Of course before we know it, it will be Monday again!  Such is life.

How are your plans for Christmas going?  Have a wonderful weekend

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle and her Santa hat from last year!


Nottingham Council House last year, the lights switch on is tonight but unfortunately we cannot go.


Having been talking about Christmas this week and all the Christmas adverts on TV and the shops playing Christmas music, we had to have a Christmas Throw Back Thursday!


Youngest with Santa on the Steam Train from 2008 aged nine


The two of them with Santa. 

Yesterday DH and I managed to get all the Christmas presents sorted, yeah.  Just now need to get them wrapped and they will all be ready for delivery and visits.  Still keeping on top of my work which is then allowing me to get other jobs done.  Treacle is very busy keeping her basket warm!

As always with us we have Auntie Margaret’s Memorial Service on Monday and have now been informed it is Parents’ Evening for Youngest at college!!!  Fortunately we have managed to make a late appointment so will be able to go.  Sometimes I wish the Universe would be kind to me instead of always challenging me!

We are getting into gear for Youngest’s 18th Birthday party on Saturday November 25th and then his actual Birthday the following week.  Oh boy this has come round fast and of course Christmas is now coming up fast with only 39 days left until the Big Day.

Excuse me while I just go off and scream for a while.  Despite planners and lists it can still feel overwhelming.

I hope your Thursday is thrilling, how are your Christmas plans going?

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag.


They are all out today so I am left to my own devices, now what can I get up to?


I think I will try out all the beds to make sure they are extra comfy, for my hoomans of course.

image (3)

Mom and Dad’s bed is the best as it is the biggest!


Just better make sure that everything is okay outside.


What do you mean Mom, I can’t be on the bed?

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.