What A Few Weeks!

It has felt like a wacky rollercoaster around our home for the last few weeks.  Every time you get to the top you fall rapidly down the other side!

Youngest finally got rid of all the spots and itchy skin a week after breaking out and we think it was definitely a virus as he was left with a cold!  He is feeling so much better now but really tired in the evenings.  The first day back at school he came home white!!!  However he is slowly getting back to normal and managed to swim at the Matlock Open on Saturday and got two PB’s and two medals so he was really pleased.  He also went training yesterday one hour at the 50m pool and one hour at normal training!  That was my fault as I got the timing wrong and he should have had two hours at the 50m pool!  Never mind he enjoyed the two different sessions!!!  At the end of his illness and when he was getting better, I started calling him Spotty McDougall! Now that’s a great name for a children’s book, don’t you think?  When I have a spare five minutes I will get around to doing something!!!!!

Eldest went to see Girlfriend at the weekend who is all now moved in to her Uni accommodation and spent last week at Fresher’s Week, partying and getting registered!  She now has Fresher’s flu which they all seem to have come down with!  At first she thought it was a myth but no!!!! So at the moment she has no voice, which is not good for a Language Student!!!!!  She is enjoying it though.

Eldest has decided that as his results were not good, he is going to spend this year doing two more courses and hoping to get better grades to be able to go to Uni next year.  We have said great and that he must work at them and we will see what happens.  Watch this space!  He is happy with the decision so that is the main thing!

DH and I managed to get the two bathrooms in our house painted two weekends ago and this weekend we spent the time in the garden.  The weather has been great over the last few weeks, a real Indian Summer, so all the plants are still growing and looking healthy, including the trees.  Of course that has meant that the grass has still been growing like mad and DH thought he had finished mowing for the season but no such luck, although I think it is great!!  He is away this week at an exhibition for three days and staying over so it will be quiet around here.

Youngest is pleased as he gets tomorrow off.  The staff at the Senior School are striking for a day about pay, pensions and conditions so school is closed to Lower and Upper pupils but still open for the Sixth Form!  I think I will take him to the cinema for his day off.  We are extremely lucky that we work for ourselves, so I am able to do this but I feel sorry for all those parents who work for companies having to arrange extra childcare!


Because it has been so frantic over the last two weeks, I have fallen behind with jobs and the washing and ironing is multiplying so today, after work, will be a sort out!

Treacle is busy as always and she will be off to her hairdressers soon for a wash, cut and blow dry! In fact she costs more than me to get her hair done!!! But it is worth it afterwards as she looks soooo much better.  She really is wooly at the moment.


Whilst Youngest was ill I did a little catch up on some of my favourite programmes and have to say I love Dance Moms!  DH never believes me when I say how bad it can be when you get women together, either working or socially.  Then throw in their children as well!!!!!!!!!  I know they play up to the camera and it is all done for viewing figures, but its great!!!  Also Masterchef Australia is back and am enjoying it although they have moved the show from Sydney to Melbourne now and I think it will take a little getting used to. Nothing stays the same!

I was reminded of that fact the other day when I was back in Nottingham and I drove past my old childhood home and my Grandparents old home! My old home had had a huge extension on the side completely changing the look of the place (not well done either [sniff]) and there was a huge extension going on the side of my Grandparents old house!  I know things can’t stay the same forever but I am not very good with change and of course these houses no longer look like how I remember them.  I think with all the changes that have been going on at home this year it really has made me think about changes, not good for me.  So I am going to be like Scarlet O’Hara at the end of Gone with the Wind “after all, tomorrow is another day”.

I have, now don’t be amazed, been quilting!!!!  But I can’t show you yet as the person it is for reads my blog, so it will be a little while before I can show you, sorry!

Must get on, even Treacle is demanding her place needs clearing of laundry!!!!


I hope you all have a marvelous Monday, got to get back into the swing of posting and reading all the blogs I follow too. See you tomorrow

Susie x


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