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Well Pin It has been completed and Kristen and her team of Bloggers have done a fantastic job.  Unfortunately I completely lost the plot with the ladies hosting as our Youngest has been poorly over the last few days.  It culminated in us being at the Children’s Hospital at 7.00am this morning as he had gotten worse over night!  

He has had an allergic reaction to something, we don’t know what, and after last night it has begun to affect his eyes, as well as the rash which is all over. Unfortunately the Doctor is not able to say what has caused this, so we have some tablets and we are now home and have to keep an eye on him.  If he does not get better or if it gets worse again, we are back at the hospital!  So, as you can imagine, he is feeling very sorry for himself and I have been very fraught!!!!

As today is the 18th I am to get Mr Random Number Generator to draw a number for my Giveaway from the Pin It Hop. 

He chose Number 1 which is Sharon at Dexter Days who said :

“Seasonal pincushions..what a great idea! I love that perfect slice of cake!! Thanks for sharing them all!”

DSC03287 DSC03288

Congratulations Sharon and I hope you enjoy the fabric.  I have sent her an email and will get the fabric posted off to her by the end of the week. 

I would like to thank everyone who left lovely comments and became Followers of my Blog.  Welcome to you all.  I will get round to responding to the last few who left me lovely messages, in between running up and downstairs to check on Youngest.  I will also try and visit everyone else who hosted to see the wonderful pincushions.  I love Blog Hops and think this one has been one of the best, so thanks to Madame Samm and Kristen for all their hard work.

Got to go for now.

Susie x

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  1. Nancy

    Hi Susie, I hope that your son is feeling better. Recently my friend Joannie was test driving a new car and she broke out into hives. Must have been the chemicals they cleaned it with. She had to go to the Emergency Room. She is fine and she did NOT buy that car. Pugs and kisses,

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