Strike Day Instead of Snow Day!!

Youngest got the day off today as the Teacher’s were on strike (note the apostrophe!!!!) so instead of an extra day because of snow, we had an extra day because of strike!!!!!

We went over to Nottingham to get a few bits for the new Baby, which is due this month (oh my goodness it is October already????????!!!!) and then went to the cinema to see this

Youngest was able to go and see it as it was rated 12 and I can tell you it was a great film, constant action, great special effects and a good story.  If you like this type of film you will not be disappointed.

We managed to get back in time for Youngest to get to his maths Tutor for his lesson and the Boys have gone to swimming tonight.  DH is away until the end of the week at the exhibition so he won’t be home for two nights 🙁 but I can get things sorted in the house. 


Friday we are all, and Girlfriend, going to Goose Fair.  Yes it is that time of year again and I cannot believe how fast it has come round.  It is in its 719th year (!) and has obviously changed a lot since the first one in 1294 but I don’t think that one attracted 250,000 visitors! 

Youngest was also working out how long it is until his Birthday, nine weeks, which means that there are only twelve and a half weeks to Christmas!!!!! Oh my!  I think I need to start making some lists and get myself into gear.

I hope you had a Thrilling Tuesday.  Treacle is ready for her Wednesday Wag tomorrow.

Susie x

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