I honestly don’t know where the days and weeks are going to!  One minute it is Friday night and before I know it it’s Wednesday!  The weekend flew by with DH at the new 50m swimming pool in Derby for a two day event to test all the new facilities.  The sound system was not good enough for the event so DH had to use our sound system.  I spent the weekend working, catching up on business work which was not what I had planned! 

Monday I was finishing up work and looking after Youngest after his back op.  It looks very clean and tidy and is now itching which I told him is good because that means it is healing.  He will have the stitches out next Monday.Jayne and I were Ladies who lunched yesterday which was a very nice change of pace after being frantic!  We were due to go last week when it was ridiculously hot so we decided to cancel and re-arrange for yesterday, the only downside was that the children finished for the summer last Friday so the restaurant was full of families and quite noisy!  It was a lovely few hours though.

So here we are at Wednesday, half way through the week and I don’t feel as if I have managed to get anything done!!   Trying to keep on top of things as we are just two weeks away from our vacation and I don’t want to get to the Friday before we go away with a million and one jobs to do and pack and sort the Boys out who are staying at home! 

Are you sure we are taking my crate Mom?

Just to add another level of sorting out, Coco is coming with DH and I on holiday!  Treacle did come on holiday a couple of times but she also went into Kennels and later years the Boys looked after her very well but Coco is too young to be left whilst the Boys are at work and the Kennels are full so she is coming with us.  The flip side is that we will have two weeks of constant training with her, so she will be so well behaved when she comes home – HOPEFULLY!!!!!!  We are taking with us lots and lots of new toys to keep her entertained and we have bought a long (10m) lead as well as her extender walking lead for walks and her her crate and bed, so she should be all set.  Good job DH has a pickup truck with a top where we can fit loads in, although you should have seen what we used to take away when the Boys were small; toys, books, a few clothes (!) outside toys, bicycles, a boat (!), paddling pool, DVDs’ and a million other things.

After being busy for the last few weekends, jobs have been left to slide including our garden!  So before we go away we are trying to get that tidy and sorted.  We find that usually when we are away it is nice weather and the garden is like “yeah” and goes into manic overgrowth!!!  So at least if it is tidy before we go away it won’t take too long to get it sorted when we are back!  Well that’s the plan!

Also still have a few jobs inside to get sorted too!  My aim is to get this all done this weekend and then concentrate next week on keeping on top of work and getting things sorted to pack!  You know it’s a plan!!!!

Anyway I hope you lovely lot are having a good week and your summer weather is good and not too hot.  They are forecasting that we are going to have some high temps during August again but we all know that the weather people are not always correct!!!  Have a good rest of the week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

2 thoughts on “Spinning!

  1. farmquilter

    It is so much work to get ready to go on holiday, and the same when we get home!! But we do need that time away! Glad the temps have moderated for you. Supposed to be 103 here today, with smoke from Yosemite National Parks’ fire heading our way. Two weeks of intense training time for Coco…that will be fun and definitely require extra kit for you to pack. Packing for the kids to be happy on a two-week holiday…almost feels like you are trying to cram the entire house into the truck. Has DH gotten his new vehicle yet?

  2. Molly the Airedale

    How exciting that you get to go on vacation too, Coco! You are going to have so much fun and hopefully meets lots of nice peeps while you are out and about! Yesterday and today were our cooler days. Our temps are heading back up once again 🙁

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