The heavy grey sky over the valley!  Can’t believe last week as so hot and sunny!

Our weather seems very inconsistent at the moment.  It is now grey and cold!!!!  Treacle is tucked up in her basket as if it is November and I am now back in long sleeves!!!!  I just wish we could have some settled warm weather, which is not too hot or cool!!!!


The garden today, it is also very windy!

On a happier note I had a wonderful Birthday with DH, The Boys and their Girls.  They sent me some flowers which are made up into a book (you know I love books) and it has been wonderful.


My cards from them on the mantlepiece and DH’s Father’s Day cards on the fire and both the Boys got the same card one a little larger than the other which Eldest bought!!!!  They have said that they will now speak before buying their cards!!! It was such a laugh.


My “To Read! bookshelf which needs tidying but as you can see I am going to be okay for the next few months!!!  It has been a godsend over the last three months of Lockdown for me to have these to read!!! 

This little lady is twenty one tomorrow!!!  How time has flown.  Here she is in the Playschool Nativity as an angel and right at Youngest’s Sixth Birthday party!!!!  She and Youngest are good friends and at Playschool/School together.  She is the sister of Eldest’s best friend.  We hope she has a wonderful day.  Her Mom and I, Jayne, usually go out for lunch especially as our Birthdays are a week apart, and we are hoping that we will be able to go out for the day soon.  We are also hoping that we will be able to do our annual trip to Nottingham in November for Christmas shopping and lunch.  I really do miss that.

I also had some visitors, outside of course, on my Birthday and it was lovely to see them and had some lovely flowers and plants.  The worst thing about seeing them? Not being able to give everyone a hug!!!!  We are at one of our friend’s funerals tomorrow and it will be the first time we have seen a lot of our close friends since Christmas and New Year and we will not be able to hug anyone there either, especially tomorrow when we could all do with a hug!  I also have a hospital checkup beforehand!!!  It is not going to be a good day at all.



I have had some new Followers join me on this blogging journey over the last few weeks so I wanted to say Welcome and thank you for following and I hope you find some fun and friendship here. 

Thank you also to all the followers who contacted me after my post on our friends’ passing, it was very kind of you and meant a lot to me.  You are all a wonderful lot.

I think I am getting a little jaded by all the talk on the virus and the fact that we are having spikes of the virus and could now go into another lockdown!!  I feel now that we are living in limbo.

I hope you all have a great week and things are all well where you are. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Treacle tucked up in her basket next to my desk!!! 




2 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m with you, totally over all the COVID crap!!! Here they are testing more, yet wonder why the numbers are going up!! smh! They no longer have the numbers that matter – hospitalizations, intubations and deaths. We also had temps in the 90s and yesterday and today it has been cold, windy and a bit of rain…long sleeves are the order of the day! Glad you had a special birthday…funny that the boys got you the same card!!! Have a good check up and enjoy being able to at least see other people!! Praying.

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Your birthday flowers are just perfect in a book! They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect gift and how funny that you got the same card from the boys!

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