Rainy Saturday.


Sorry for the radio silence this week.  It was our business year end on May 31st and it takes a while to get everything finished and the books taken to our Accountants and then do all the budgets etc for the new business year.  But it is now done and we are off on a new year!

The Boys are busy with work, Eldest at his work and Youngest keeping himself busy until he can go back to work.  They are saying from July 4th that the social distancing here can come down to 1m+ which will hopefully mean that he will be able to get back to work.  He is, however working on his project car so that is keeping him occupied.

DH is busy with work as more and more companies get up and running again and of course they all want their parts NOW!!!  Of course they miss the fact that all of our customers want their parts now!!!!!  We will sort it all out eventually!!!


This week has been extremely hot, well hot for us in the UK!  Around 32°C which meant hot days and not much sleep at night.  I usually wear boots during the day but decided as it was so hot this week to wear my Scholls and I ended up with heat rash on both feet!!!  So I am now back in my boots!!! 


The Boys and their Girls came for dinner outside last night and we were lucky as the weather was very sunny but very warm!  I made lasagna, salad, homemade bread and the Boys asked for chips as well!!!!  It was a lovely evening.  We all had to be up really early this morning as DH and Eldest are helping Youngest with his project car today.  I will be doing some tidying and getting on with some of my other nice jobs!!!!  Even some quilting!  I know don’t faint!!!


Today here in the UK it is National Armed Forces Day.  Both DH’s Family and mine were both involved in the Services during both World Wars so we say Thank You to all those who were and are in the Armed Forces and what they do to keep us safe, including these last few months during the virus crisis. 


Treacle has been busy helping me now that the Boys are busy but as soon as they get home she is constantly with them.  Eldest had just got a packet of crisps and so definitely had a friend to help in case he needed it!!!!

I hope you had a good week, whatever you were up to and have a great weekend.  I will be back as usual next week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Your dinner table looks so pretty and inviting and the meal sounds so yummy. I hope everyone appreciated it as we know how kitchens can heat up in the summer when the oven is on and you don’t have ac. We’ve had hot humid weather too with NO rain! The grass is burning and looks horrible so we are praying for rain. Happy Armed Forces Day!

  2. farmquilter

    Happy Armed Forces Day!! I hate doing numbers work, like what you have been doing!! Not my strong suit, for sure! Nice to have you back…I’ve been missing your posts! Cooking in the summer when it is hot out is not fun. I’m lucky here to have central air so the house can be any temperature I feel is comfortable. It has been in the mid-high 90’s here and thunder storms have been popping up with lots of lightning and little rain, causing fires.

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