Crossings Out!


Although I use my computer for all my work and digital diary I still like to have a paper diary which I carry with me.  However this year it is full of crossings out!!!  Do you remember at school when you used to get told off for crossing anything out?  We did.  We were taught not to write anything down unless you had first thought it through!!! Anyway because of everything being cancelled this year because of the virus I have more crossings out than entries!!!


This week would have been Carnival Week in the village.  Of course we cancelled this very early on to save incurring costs etc.


DH carrying the US Flag as it was July 4th that particular Carnival year when he was Chairman and we had an Indpendence Day theme.


This week would also have been Wimbledon!  Which I am missing a lot!!!  They are showing past games on the TV and at least children will get to see some fantastic historic matches. 

Although we have had time to get jobs done, Summer does not feel quite the same because of the lack of events.  We only generally have a short summer here in the UK and sometimes it can be dreadful weather but that is all part of living here!!!  I know all the reasons why it is happening and it is hopefully keeping everyone safe but I certainly do miss the structure of the year.  Hey ho.

I am now off to the hospital for a check up (!) and then it is our friend from Derbyshire her funeral this afternoon.  We are only able to go as there is a large area outside where we can all stand 2m apart of course.

I hope you all are having a good Tuesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I hope all goes well at hospital and you are able to draw some measure of comfort from the service for your friend. I’m off this afternoon to the cemetery to see about interment of my parents ashes on my brother’s grave in August when my girls can be here. Hard day!!

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