The Wednesday Wag.

We have had some very cold and frosty days of late which is so much better than constantly getting my paws wet and having to be dried every time I come in with all the rain we had!

This was my garden this morning with frost on the grass and fog, which got progressively worse during the morning.


Here I am out first thing, the ground is quite cold on my paws.


Mom took some pictures of the top of the garden in the fog and the berries on the tree in the centre of the garden.


I am keeping an eye out for the squirrels who keep digging in our garden!


The fog eventually cleared and the sun came out although it was still cold, however is was nice and warm in Mom and Dad’s room so I had a snooze on their bed in the sunshine!


After the next few busy weeks Mom and Dad will be available to take me on one of my extra long walks so I can’t wait for that and I am also keeping my paws crossed that we get some snow this year, as I love snow as you know!!!

There are lots of lovely things going off at home with presents being wrapped and cards being written and lovely food being made!!!  I manage to get one of the mince pies and cookies which Mom made the other day and they were yummy. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Week. 


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, you are the spoiled one, Treacle!! Getting Christmas goodies…were they given to you or were you able to sneak them??? I’m not big enough to sneak anything…and I just get to lick plates that are put on the floor for me. Mom is really bad at doing that, but Papa always gives me his plates!! We’ve had a bit of snow *up to my belly* and rain, along with freezing temperatures that I hate!! I love sleeping in a patch of sunshine!! Before your long walk, tell mom to open your gift…it will be good for the walk and my “sister” Tristan made it!!

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