Christmas in the Planning!

Been busy with getting things ready for Christmas and the first big job is all the baking!!!  Mince pies, which are pastry cases with dried fruit in mixed with some brandy; Christmas cookies, oats with cranberries and white chocolate; cheesy stars and sausage rolls.


The first of a lot of shortcrust pastry rolled out and ready for cutting.



First batch of mince pies cooling.


Sausage rolls and cheesy stars.


Christmas cookies.



I keep some out in tins but the rest are stored in clip boxes in the freezer and I get some out as and when and defrost them. That should keep them going up to and over Christmas!  Although I have had a request from Youngest for mince pies and cookies to take into work on the last day!!  So I will be baking again.


After I popped out to run some errands this morning after working, I then sat this afternoon and wrote all the Christmas cards, all 101!!!  Some are hand deliver, some are post, some are Scout post and some are air mail, hence the separate piles.  I will be getting these off this week. 

The presents are all wrapped now and I will be getting those delivered soon too!

This weekend DH and I have a lovely Christmasy weekend to look forward to and no announcing at any events swimming or otherwise!!!!  I will not tell you about it just yet but will show you all with pictures next week!!!  We are also aiming to get our home decorated at the weekend too.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Christmasy Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    You have been busy!!! All your baking looks so good!! Care to share how you do your sausage rolls and cheesy stars?? Otherwise, I may need to get on a plane!!!

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