Fifteen Days To Go!

Yes that is correct, you did read that right, only fifteen days to go before the Big Day!!!  I am doing okay with all my “To Do” lists and slowly ticking off all the jobs.


104 Christmas cards have been written, addressed and mailed out.

This weekend I did a lot of my Christmas baking. Of course now I have to keep DH, Eldest, Youngest and Treacle away from them so I have chance of having some left actually by Christmas!!!  The one benefit is my freezer where I store quite a few.


Ready for the pastry making etc.  The kitchen did not look like this when I had finished!!!


72 Mince Pies done, above.


50 of my Christmas Cookies.


On the left homemade Sausage Rolls and on the right Cheesy Stars, favourites of The Boys, especially Youngest!


My AireElf was busy helping me all day!!!!


I also got the Christmas Puddings made and steamed and then re-wrapped ready for Christmas Day.

DH and I were at the last event for the older swimmers on Saturday evening and DH was compering and I ended up helping to record the times!  Our Team did really well against strong competition and came third, ironic as we have come first, second and now third out of the three events!  This means that we will, for next year, move up to the Top Division where we will be swimming with the likes of City of Derby, so we don’t think we will be winning next year, but our Head Coach and the swimmers are really pleased that we have moved up.

Sunday DH was compering the County Sprint Competition at the 50m pool in Sheffield and so that is when I did all the baking.  I did go to Church in the morning for Morning Service which was lovely as it was the Second Sunday of Advent and they lit the Advent Candle.  Below is the Cathedral when a special concert was taking place but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.


I must say I am really enjoying the run up to Christmas this year.  I think because I have been organised and written my lists and following the plan I am enjoying the whole process.  All the presents have been bought, wrapped and tagged and I have already delivered a few and during the next two weeks the others will be delivered.  We have also arranged to see friends and family over the next two weeks which we are really looking forward to. 

I have also got a couple of “personal” appointments arranged which will be great, I am seeing Girlfriend’s Mom tomorrow for breakfast and a quick catch up and next weekend DH and I are going to our Church’s Carol Concert.  All the food has been ordered and drinks bought so I am in really good shape for the Big Day.   This means that I am able to take time and really appreciate the Festive Season. 

I hope all your plans are going well and if not remember, breathe; don’t panic and do what you can.  The important thing is spending time with your family and friends, everything else really is just window dressing. 

Happy Festive Monday!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Fifteen Days To Go!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    How mom and I wish that our fingers and paws could reach through the computer screen and help ourselves to your yummy baking, Miss Susie. I hope you are getting to sample something, Treacle! The Cathedral looks just beautiful.

  2. farmquilter

    You totally have a handle on Christmas this year! Your baking looks delicious, as always, but your AireElf is the cutest! I have not done a single thing for Christmas this year. Between all the doctor, dentist and physical therapy appointments, I have no energy left. Your cathedral is beautiful! Totally reminds me of the cathedrals I went through when I visited England.

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