Thoughtful Tuesday.


I am trying very hard to not spend all my time getting jobs etc done but take time to step back and actually enjoy the Festive Season.  I know that I have not done this in the past and by the time Christmas Day arrives I am ever so slightly (or actually very much) frazzled!!! 

I still have lots of things to do but I keep writing my lists and crossing things off, which definitely helps me to keep organised and I find that once I have written them down, I feel the pressure is off. 


I am also determined to be cheerful around people.  So far some shop assistants and other people I have had to deal with seem to be in a perpetual bad mood and I am determined they will not bring me down with them!  I also hope that being cheerful with them will make them in a better mood!  It is my Christmas experiment this year!!!!


Treacle is also very busy at home and is constantly following me from room to room to see what I am up to but then she is missing out on her sleep.  I sat down this afternoon to finish a piece of work off and before I knew it she was fast asleep in her basket by my desk!!!  This is the first snooze she has had since she got up at 5.00am this morning with us!!!!

I hope you are having a good Festive Week and you have time to enjoy all the preparations.

Christmas Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday.

  1. farmquilter

    It is so nice that our four-legged babies want to be near us! I am glad you are so well organized and determined to enjoy the season. Working in the shops this time of year is so hard – everyone seems to be frazzled and being rude is the norm. It is always nice when customers are kind and pleasant…they are definitely the counterpoint to most! Keep on making their day with your sweet smile!

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