Second Weekend of December.

Happy Weekend you lovely lot!  Sorry I have not posted for a couple of days but we are getting into manic mode here!  Customers who want deliveries before Christmas when you just know they won’t do anything with them until the New Year (!) children wanting suggestions from each of us for the other of what to get us for Christmas (!) and 90,000,000 jobs still to do before the big day!!!!  Who said Christmas was easy!

As Treacle promised here are a few pictures of our decorations this year.  Not much different from last year but for me that’s what it is all about, TRADITION!  as Tevye says in “Fidler On The Roof” (I loved that show).

This is our Sitting Room where our real tree is.  We always have a real tree as it was one of my family’s traditions. We have put some lights on top of the Bookcase with the clock on which adds an extra glow to our room.  The Nativity scene which I bought when Eldest was first-born.  Some special decorations on our tree.  A music box which plays Hark The Herald Angels Sing which we bought when Eldest was a baby.  The family cards.  Two Reindeer which we bought when the Boys were little.

Our Dining Room; lights on the piano and candles.  Snowman at the Sitting Room door.  Reindeer with our names on for place cards this year.  The lights on the stairs of course and DH’s Mom’s dresser decorated.

Our kitchen where we all spend a lot of our time and I just love the red as our kitchen is white.  In fact I do keep some of the red out all year!!!!!


Our Den where I spend all of my week generally, well not in December of course!!!! 

Just said to DH when you spend all day everyday in a place like I do you don’t really “see” it so when I actually look at our home through these pictures it really does give you a different view, I love our home!!!!!


One final picture of Madam who at this point was sulking as her beds were being washed and this inner was the only thing dry!!!!  This was after she had come back from the Spa in the afternoon!!! 

Whatever you are all up to this weekend I hope you have a wonderful time.  DH and I are off to the final round of the Arena League in Worcester tonight for our older swimmers!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Second Weekend of December.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Your home looks so beautiful and festive for Christmas! We love ALL of your decorations! And we see that your Christmas cactus is blooming. Mom’s has only a few tiny buds on hers but the plant is alive and that says a lot. I think you might be a wee bit spoiled, Treacle 🙂

  2. farmquilter

    Your home looks so beautiful all decked out for Christmas! Molly’s mom is right, Treacle is totally spoiled…good thing she is so sweet as well!! Maybe it is time for me to decorate as well.

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