Quite a long #TBT today, sorry.  In 2006 when the Boys were eleven and seven we took them to Lapland to see Santa.  We loved all the trips we have taken with the Boys but this was a really special one. 

The above picture is the greeting we received at the Lappish village in the Ylläs area of Lapland.  The whole area is lit by candles and fires and there is only electricity in the main cabin in the area where we ate.  The best part was when we arrived at the airport there was snow, lots and lots of snow!


Eldest and DH

The whole day was a whirlwind of exciting activites.  The Boys got to ride snowmobiles on their own which they absolutely loved, we got to go for a long ride by husky dog sleds, they did tobogganing  but the best bit was the reindeer sleigh ride to visit Santa in his cabin in the woods, through the snow.  It was truly magical.



DH and Youngest.

It was snowing the whole day we were there which is why the pictures look a little strange and of course they do not get much daylight up there at this time of year so it was dark for all but one hour of the day. 


Our Reindeer and sleigh to go and see Santa.


The Boys waiting outside to see Santa.

Santa was lovely to the Boys and had their letters all there and was busy discussing with them what they would like for Christmas.  They were blown away that he had their letters actually there.


We had a traditional Lappish dinner in the cabin but the Boys just wanted to be outside in the snow, so didn’t get around to making Christmas decorations or icing Christmas cookies. All through the day you could get snacks of hot sausages cooked on the open fires and tea, coffee and hot chocolate to drink.

They got a gift from Santa of a lovely cuddly Reindeer each and on the aeroplane home we all got Certificates as we had crossed the Artic Circle!

IMG_0640This was taken just before we left and as you can tell we are all very wet from the snow and very tired but it really was a magical trip.  We got back to the hotel in the evening and had something to eat and fell into bed and didn’t get up until midday the next day!


One of the open cooking fires.

It is the visit the Boys always talk about even now at 22 and 18. 

Today is house job day and tomorrow I have some errands to run but I am keeping up to date with my lists and jobs.  I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. Judy

    That looks like such an amazing trip! I found out about Lapland when I was in grade school through a story I read and decided I wanted to go there someday. Hopefully that will happen.

  2. farmquilter

    What a magnificent trip!! Truly epic!!!! Now I need to figure out how to get my grands all up there with me! I have always wanted to visit Lapland after reading Papa’s Wife (the whole series).

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