Sixteen Days To Christmas!

16 Days To Christmas!

Has that sent you into panic mode?  Hopefully if you have used my planner you are well on your way to an organised Christmas but if not don’t worry you can still get it all done in the two weeks and two days left!!!  You will just have to scale it all down and here is my relevant page of the planner to help you get it all done in time for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Planner 2017 4

I love this time of year when the mail arrives, unlike the usual slew of bills, you get lots of cards so I actually enjoy opening the mail!!!  The cards are starting to come thick and fast now and I mailed ours out on Tuesday of this week.  Speaking of mail our last posting dates in the UK for mail to arrive by Christmas are :

Wednesday December 20th 2017 for Second Class Post

Thursday December 21st 2017 for First Class Post


This is Sunday’s job this week, Christmas baking.  Of course keeping DH, the Boys and Treacle away from the end results will be the biggest challenge!!  Tomorrow our visit to Chatsworth House to see Christmas there.  I will take lots of pictures for you.


It’s all getting a bit much for Treacle as she is missing out on her sleep during the day as there is too much going on!  She is quite nosy so if you are busy doing something she is there with you and of course I am busy at the moment so by bed time she is exhausted!  Please note that she is in the middle of our bed and almost the length of it and grumbles mightly when you get in or disturb her!!

I hope you have had a lovely, productive week and have a Wonderful Winter Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Sixteen Days To Christmas!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m sure Treacle helps to make sure there are no crumbs on your kitchen floor!! Does it count that I bought extra flour and sugar for holiday baking?? I decided at the last moment to try and make 3 Christmas stockings for Youngest, her BF and my new grandson…saw some cute ones online with an arrow pieced on the front (perfect for them because they live in Oklahoma) – you pattern, just a picture to figure it out from!! I don’t even know if they are pieced or appliqued, so I’m having fun figuring it out. I have the feathers pieced and bought the fabric for the arrow shaft and tip along with the background fabric yesterday, so perhaps today I can figure out the rest! Have you been to Doddingham Hall for Christmas before? Visited there the summer I visited and it is so lovely – England has so many of these manor houses that are just amazing! Enjoy your lie-in this weekend, Treacle, while the family is out!

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