The Christmas Wednesday Wag Week 1.

It has been a very busy few weeks and Mom has been one of those Whirling Dervishes getting lots done.  In fact I have not been able to get my normal 18 hours of sleep that I usually get at this time of year. 

She has been cleaning up a storm in the house including my beds, she has washed everything in sight and lots of things have been wrapped and written.  I am tired just watching her.


So I have had to catch my fourty winks whenever I can and at the moment it is usually when Mom is in the sewing room when she is sitting down!


It is sometimes very noisy in there as her machine is going alot when she is sewing.  She also has her DVD player on and at the moment she is watching the various Seasons of “Bones”.


After a while I still go to sleep even with all the noise, a little dog just has to have her beauty sleep.


This was last night and nothing was stirring not even a mouse!!!! Mom was hand sewing and it was very quiet.  Dad and Youngest were out at swimming so it was just Mom and I and even the DVD playing did not disturb me!  I had been for a walk with Dad yesterday morning when he dropped his truck off for a service and then they were both in for the rest of the day so I was up and about.  Therefore I was really, really tired last night.  In fact when Mom went to bed I went with her and spent some time snuggling with her before Dad came to bed.

I have done my list for Santa and am ready to put my stocking out for him on Christmas Eve, it really is getting very Christmassy.

I hope you are having a Seasonal Woofy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Wednesday Wag Week 1.

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle, missing out on your beauty sleep with the house so busy getting ready for Christmas!! I hope Santa isn’t quite so busy so he doesn’t forget us! My mom loves to watch Bones too…in fact she usually has the TV on all the time so I am used to that as background noise (even at night she needs it to sleep!). Sleep while you can because when everyone gets home for the holiday, there will be no rest!! I hear that my 2-legged sisters (3 of them) and their kids (3 of THEM!) will be here soon and I’ll have to hide under the bed to be safe! Woof, Tara

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