Sick Tuesday!

I have been ministering to the sick again today.  Youngest still had a temperature but seems better today than yesterday so hopefully he will be back at school soon.  Treacle is thoroughly confused, it is either a very long weekend or its Groundhog Day!!!!!  Well that was yesterday, or is it today or possibly tomorrow?!!!!

I have been getting bits of work done in between looking after poorly sick person and other house jobs done too, so at least I am not behind.  Haven’t got any quilting done though.

One thing when you are poorly is watching a bit more TV, something which is always helpful when you are not feeling well and can’t concentrate on reading.  I am a fan of “Dance Moms” and occasionally Youngest will watch it with me.  I attended ballet lessons from the age of four to the age of sixteen and loved it so really enjoy watching the dances, although I cannot stand Abbey Lee Miller. 

My Dance Mistress was just like her and in fact probably worse. If your leg was not high enough on point, she would yank your leg up with the hook end of this shephard’s crook she used to carry and mark time with!!!!!!! She also had a little Papillon dog, called Mr Pepys, and if you got too close to him in class he would bite your ankles!!!!!

I really like Holly Frazier and her daughter Nia.  Holly seems to be on my level with her clear and generally calm observations and her approach to everything.  I hope Nia goes from strength to strength with her dancing.

Oh well must dash and see how the poorly one is.  Hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Sick Tuesday!

  1. farmquilter

    Definitely sounds like Youngest has what we have. We all still have stuffy noses and coughs…and Thursday will be 2 weeks. Don’t count on him having his energy level back to normal for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer! We are spanning the age groups here with a 20 month old, 7 year old and the grandmother! Miserable…don’t you go getting sick too!!

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