GroundHog Day 2015!

I loved the film “GroundHog Day” and ever since then have waited to see what Punxsutawney Phil will say each year and for 2015 he saw his shadow which means another six weeks of Winter and I can believe it after the weather forecast today which is for very cold winds and more snow for here!  It may be a load of hog wash but I love the tradition!

I’ve got one of these at home today!!!!  Youngest is running a temperature and has a heavy cold so he has been in bed all day.  Hopefully he will be better tomorrow or the next day.  So today has been spent doing Mommy jobs.  Whilst he was asleep I got the ironing done and I am now going to start dinner and see if he will eat some of it!

Treacle has been keeping him company all day (she will expect an extra biscuit as payment!!!!)

I did get some more quilting done over the weekend but haven’t taken any pictures yet.  I have cut out the rest of the blocks for Youngest’s quilt and just now need to get them put together and then sandwiched and quilted.  I need to start one of the super secret quilts as well soon.

Hope you Monday is going well

Hugs, Susie (wrapping up warm with six more weeks of winter)

2 thoughts on “GroundHog Day 2015!

  1. farmquilter

    All the sickies here are on the mend, but if Youngest has what we had…10-14 days for it to go away! Hope he gets well really soon. I don’t think Phil saw his shadow…he just got cold 🙂

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