The Wednesday Wag!


Now I know that I look like a very big, brave Airedale in this picture and generally I am until I hear an owl hooting and then I run and hide usually with Mom! 


This morning Daddy left early as usually but before he left he let me out into my garden for a quick look round and then I had my breakfast.  He left and I went upstairs to find Mom and snuggle with her until she got up.  Well their bedroom window was open and this thing was nearby hooting!  I was so scared!!!!!!!! 

The Barn Owl scares me even more as it screeches at me and I really, really don’t like that.  Mom says that I three times the size of them and I really shouldn’t be scared but I am.  

DSC04168 At least I can tackle Youngest and over power him even if I am scared of those little owls!!!!!

Tomorrow Mom is going out to lunch with some friends so I am going to have the house to myself, I think I am going to build a den somewhere so I can hide from the owls!

Scaredy Woof, Treacle

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle…owls can be scary! We have a Great Horned Owl out at the farm right now…my little Tara would make an easy meal for him so she never goes outside by herself. She is with my dad right now and he has hawks, so she doesn’t get to go outside alone there either! Being only 5 pounds makes for a lovely meal for so many big birds…you are too big for them to carry off so they use their voices to scare you!!


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