The Wednesday Wag !


Lunch required please!

I have had an extremely busy morning.  Up at 5.30am for an early breakfast meeting, then a quick visit to Eldest and Youngest before they headed off to school and I got ready for my appointment at the beauty parlour.  

My treatments began at 9.00am and my chauffeur dropped me off just before.  It was quite busy at the parlour today!  


Is this my best side?

My chauffeur arrived to collect me at 12.30pm and the ladies have done an excellent job on my coat and nails! 

We arrived home at 2.00pm where I had a late lunch and I have now retired to my basket for a little afternoon sojourn!

Mom says I look and smell so much better!

Have a wonderful waggy Wednesday

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print


Thank You Mom for taking me to the Hairdressers!

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