Which Way To Turn?

This is actually what it is like this week!!!!!!!

Not only are we busy with work, everything else seems to have got busy as well at the same time and despite trying to keep everything straight this week, I am not doing a good job!

Youngest has had his third brace fitted today so he now looks like Jaws from the James Bond film!!! He said, I didn’t!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Eldest’s last day of school after fourteen years and they are getting a little hyper to say the least (you wouldn’t believe that they are all 17/18 year olds!)  Tomorrow night is their Sixth Form Ball/Prom and I have got the dinner suit dry cleaned, shirt ironed and ready but I am sure there will be something that I will need to fetch/collect/buy before tomorrow night!

The Swimming Club is going through some issues which will hopefully be sorted by June but we have now been informed that our quality standard is changing and we will have just over a month to produce the new paperwork or we may lose the accreditation!  I am the one who does all the paperwork for it and have made strenuous objections to the fact that we will have only a month to get the paperwork done but other clubs have until the end of November!!!!  Again I have spent over an hour sorting this out and the people who are being paid to do the job sit back and issue these dates with no thought as to the logistics of getting it sorted!!!!!!!  Grrrrrr!

Of course the things I want to get done (quilting?!!!!!) get put to the back because of sorting these things out.  Today is house jobs day and that hasn’t been done yet because of this so my little stress meter is in the red zone at the moment!!!!!

Treacle is quite happy though, she is with Youngest on his bed snoozing whilst he is catching up on some work!  It’s a dogs life!!!!!

I hope you are all having a less stressful Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    If you put beer in plastic glasses and bury them so that about an inch is above the ground, they will crawl in and drown. Just hope Treacle doesn’t like beer!!

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