Odds and Ends!


This is our ornamental cherry tree in the garden.  This year the flowers are stunning and I think it is because of all the rain we had last year!  Treacle, of course, had to get in on the act.



These are just a couple of the lambs born at the Farm Shop at the beginning of the month, aren’t they cute?  Of course, like children, they don’t stay small for long!!!!!!!

Today Youngest is swimming all day at an Open Gala to the north of us and DH is timekeeping.  Eldest is working hard revising for his exams which begin next week and Treacle and I have house jobs to do!  Well I have jobs to do and she is supervising from her basket!!!!!

If I can get through the jobs quickly I have got some more quilting to do.

Have a sunny Sunday

Susie x

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