That Time of Year Again


Nottingham Goose Fair
Yes it is that time of year again and I cannot believe that a year has gone by and it is Goose Fair time again!!!!!
This is where DH and I went on our first date !!!!!!!  We did go for a meal afterwards too!  But it is a tradition if you were born in Nottingham to go to the Fair.  We are going tonight, well I am going with The Boys and Girlfriend and DH has a meeting so is hoping to get there afterwards (which in husband code means he will meet us at the restaurant afterwards!!!!) 
I am picking the children up straight from school, to come home get changed and head off and hopefully we won’t be too late back as it is school tomorrow.  We normally go on a Friday evening after school, but tomorrow is Girlfriend’s 18th Birthday so they are off for a meal and then Saturday is Party night, so will have pictures after that.
I will get some quilting done soon (well I keep telling myself that!!!!)
DH has had a cold all week and guess what?  I have it now!  You know when you said to share everything in your wedding vows, well I want to go back and add an amendment; NOT COLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a thrilling Thursday.  I am doing house jobs this morning, then grocery shopping, then some work and I also have to make around 75 cookies for Saturday as well.  Just a quiet day you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susie x

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