Good Grief, Charlie Brown!!!

Treacle at the top of the stairs after the Boys had gone to school!  Don’t worry they will be back later!


Yes it has been another one of those weeks!  I can’t believe it is a week and I have not blogged anything!
I was so glad to turn the calendar on Monday to October, because September was just awful!  
I still haven’t got my car back!  The two parts they have ordered from The States are stuck in customs (I think it is because the part is electronic and could look like a detonator) and there is no word on them being released.  My garage have been great and have now spoken to Chrysler direct and they are sending another part direct!  Hopefully, fingers crossed, I may have my car back by the end of the week.
I still have not managed to get the new hosting site sorted for my blog, computers!!!!!!
We have issues with work at the moment, which I won’t bore you with but oh boy!!
I sat down at the weekend to work out my quilt block for the Wicked Blog Hop and despite designing it carefully and having clear written instructions of how to cut it out, it went wrong! Then I didn’t get any other quilting done either because of trying to sort this mess out!!!!
I thought I had cut them out correctly!!!!


I think the Karmic world definitely has something against me.  However talking to some friends, they seem to have had as bad a September as I have, so I think there is something going off.
I really hope October will not follow the same pattern.
Susie x

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  1. Suzy

    Hi Susie, I'm Suzy too! Coming over from Sew Many Ways Friend Friday…Love the pumpkin patch! That's really cool. Hope your October goes better than the previous month. When you get a moment and visit with me! I'd love if you would follow me too!

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