Great Weekend.

A very long and busy weekend but really had a great time. 

This was us in our seats waiting for Queen & Adam Lambert concert to begin.  This was my Birthday Present from DH and The Boys from 2020 but because of the dreaded Pandemic it was moved to last year and then they moved it again to this year and we finally got to go.  It was held at the NIA in Birmingham town centre but all other concerts DH and I have been to have been held at the NEC on the outskirts of Birmingham.  It was chaos trying to get in but we actually managed to go in the door where our section was which was a miracle.

The concert was due to start at 8.00pm and there was no support act but was delayed as there were so many people not in.  The lighting and affects were amazing and as you can see below, Freddie Mercury was also there via video footage and John Deacon and pictures of the Band from their early days.  Adam Lambert does an excellent job on vocals and puts his own style on them.

As you can tell from the pictures there were some fantastic affects.  It was worth the two year wait to see them. 

The concert finished a little later than expected so DH and I got to the car park by 11.10pm and we were on the top floor.  So we sat there for another hour trying to get out!  It was just a mess as it is the centre of Birmingham and all the roads were blocked.  The Areana capacity is 15,600 so can imagine the amount of cars trying to get out!  We got out of the car park at 12.30am and got home at 1.30am and we had not eaten so ended up at McDonalds!!!  It was a great night.

Because my Birthday is a Monday and the day before DH is out all day at a swimming event we decided to go out for Sunday Lunch yesterday.  We went here, The Saracen’s Head at Shirley in Derbyshire.  They do a wonderful Sunday lunch and we have also been in the evening, the food is great.  Had a lovely time but I don’t know about you but whenever I eat my main meal at lunchtime, I do not want to do anything else for the rest of the day!!!!  Got a few little jobs done and had to bath Coco (don’t ask!) and I decided to dry her with my hair dryer so she will be used to it when she goes for her Spa Day, managed to get her completely dry and then my hair dryer broke!!!!  I have had it for a while so no surprise but honestly!!! 

This week is a busy week with work but tomorrow I am sneaking a day to go out with Jayne, whose Birthday was yesterday.  We always go out for lunch to celebrate our Birthdays and we are going over to Nottingham.  As you know we usually go over just before Christmas to do some shopping, so we thought it would be nice to go over in the summer!!! 

Have a wonderful week you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. Molly the Airedale

    The concert looks like it was lots of fun and we googled Saracen’s Head at Shirley in Derbyshire at checked out pictures in their gallery section and it’s just beautiful! Have a wonderful birthday lunch with Jane!

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