Ladies Who Lunch.

Jayne and I were “Ladies who Lunched” yesterday in Nottingham for our Birthdays which are a week apart.  We went to Bella Italia, above,  in Nottingham and the food was great.  We usually go over to Nottingham near Christmas so it was lovely to have a walk around in the summer instead. 

Also in summer the City Council host a “Beach” event in the Old Market Square, above, but obviously it has not happend the previous two years and I am not sure it will be on this year.  It is always a very popular event and the weather is mostly good.  In winter of course they have the Winterfest event with the ice rink. 

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and the rest of the week it is due to be the same although on Friday it is set to be very hot with a maximum temperature of 29°C so I am going to get all my jobs done tomorrow and have Friday off.  Last year when it was like this the temperature in our Den where I work reached 32°C and it really was unbearable!!  I think I will need to get the fans out again!

Today is a work day and at the weekend DH is out on Sunday at a swimming event and on Saturday, for a change, I am going for a spa day as part of my Birthday present!!!  I hope you are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xxx

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  1. farmquilter

    It is fun to occasionally be “Ladies who Lunch”, but a steady diet of it would turn me into a rotund old lady and that just wouldn’t do! Looks like you had a wonderful time with Jayne – having friends is so important, and one you can share a birthday lunch out with is fabulous! At 32C, you do need a fan to be moving the air around. I’ve turned off the furnace/air con and will try to get through the summer without using it much. A few mornings, the house is 65 and then it warms up to 85 in the afternoon/evenings. At the farm, I have no air con in my quilting room, so summers need me to be up there early and I won’t be going back after lunch. I’ve stuck it out until it was 100 and I was dripping sweat on the quilt…no more!!

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