We have actually seen the sun today!  Yeah.  It does make such a difference to the day when the sun is out, even Treacle likes it although she is panting as she has her wooly coat! 

As it is #TBT I thought I would find some pictures of Spring.  Below was the sun setting the other day when the sun was out!

I am waiting for my Primroses to flower this year, they always make me smile.

A tale of two Scottish Easters, depending upon which month Easter falls in.  Above was a late Easter in April and as you can see the wonderful blue sky.  Below was an early Easter in March and we had a lot of snow!!!! 

Yet another Easter and this is Loch Ness in the early morning and as you can see quite misty and ethereal!  I just love all the different pictures you can get in Scotland.  We were hoping to go to the cottage this Easter but it looks like that will be out as travel is not authorised until after the Easter holidays.  We shall have to wait and see. 

Had to have a #TBT with DH and the Boys on the boat when we cruised up Loch Ness!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, It’s Friday tomorrow, yeah. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    The many faces and moods of Scotland!!! So beautiful, no matter the season! Of course, I’d choose the warmer times! Yay for the sun to warm everything a bit…the sun shining always makes everything easier. One of these days I’ll be on that boat on Loch Ness!!

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