The Wednesday Wag!

Snoopy and my bestie Molly may have snow but I don’t!  There was a sprinkling just after Christmas but it all went away within an hour, I didn’t even get to play in it!!!  They keep forecasting lots and lots of snow but I haven’t seen one single flake!

Molly and her wonderful Mom sent me some lovely presents for Christmas, this mouse plays a tune when I pick him up and I absolutely love him first thing in the morning but the Boys are not keen and they hide him from me.  However I soon find him again!!

I also got these yummy treats too!

I had some great Christmas presents and got to open them myself!  Mom and Dad bought me a new collar and lead, you can just see the collar here.  It is very much the same colour as I am but they bought it for winter as the pale piece either side all round the collar is reflective and so is the lead.  Mom can now see me in the dark and also what I am getting up to, Drat!!!!

The weather here is just very cold and damp!  I am not keen on very cold and damp and especially as I have to have my paws wiped every time I have been out!  We have this tiled floor so I don’t see why I just can’t paddle all the way through with wet paws!!! (you don’t have to do the cleaning Treacle!  Mom).

We are in another lockdown but everyone is out at work so it is back to being just Mom and I during the day although when everyone is back they won’t be going out anywhere so I do get them at home more!!!  Just a shame the weather is not good enough to be in the garden but I am sure the nice weather will come round soon.

I do hope you all had a Woofy Wonderful Christmas and are going to have the Woofiest of New Year’s!

Woofy Love, Treacle xxx

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Not much snow here wither, much to my delight!! A bit of rain, which is almost as awful, and definitely cold. I spend my time curled up under my blankets, in front of the heater vent or in mom’s lap to stay warm. I’m loving the treats you sent for Christmas, as well as the toy. Stay warm!! xo Tara

  2. Molly the Airedale

    My snow is 99% gone now, Treacle, and there is no more snow in the forecast in the near future. booooooooooooooooo Your boys are so mean to hide Ratty from you but I understand. I have a tennis ball that needs to be tossed and mom keeps hiding it from me and moving it closer to the trash can but I find it and bark and wait for her to retrieve it for me ☺
    Your new collar is pretty and I really like it, Treacle!

  3. Cecilia Upchurch

    Hi Treacle and Susie
    Molly is the bestest shopper ever…a musical mouse…OMDs that has to be fun to play with in the wee hours of the night. You 2 stay warm and cozy. I too have lots of indoor activities for this time of year. I’ve been sewing since I was very young..about 2 years ago I taught myself to quilt…very very elementary quilting but I’m enjoying it and learning new things.
    Oh I saw your post about Biltmore Estates. We live in Raleigh, NC which is about 4 hours from Asheville, NC. Over the years we’ve toured Biltmore many times. It is always breathtaking…especially their Candlelight Tour during the Holidays. I will try to find some of my blog posts about our tours there. I’ll send the links via email They also have a Gingerbread House Contest during the Holidays.
    Hugs and stay safe and warm. N.C. currently has a high number of Covid cases so we are staying home all the time.

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