Christmas – ish!

So!  Because cases of Covid are rising again and a lot in London and the South East which has a new varient they are now in Tier 4 which means not meeting anyone outside  your home or bubble (!), the Government have also decided to cancel the five day “truce” between the 23rd and 27th for families across the country and now making it only Christmas Day when they can get together!  It is not the Government’s fault but it is hard for families after the year we have all had.  Fortunately it is only DH, the Boys, Girlfriend, Treacle and I over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day so we are compliant. 

Yesterday DH and I went over to Nottingham to socially distance outside, ie we stood at the garden gate and saw our relatives who were stood in their doorways and hopefully delivered a little Christmas cheer!  Also a visit to the cemetery and a takeaway lunch of hot sausage cob and tea as no cafes/restaurants are open!!!  It really is a very different time of year this year.  In fact I said that with only a week to go before The Day, in some ways it does not seem like Christmas!

We didn’t get to go into the centre of Nottingham but did drive round some of the local areas and I got a few Christmas pictures.

Christmas lights at Belper!  It was raining which is why the photograph is a little blurry!

The Town Hall at Ripley.

The Christmas Tree at Ripley.

One of the pubs in Ripley, obviously closed, but I liked the building.

Christmas lights on the buildings.

These are Christmas trees from last year!  The Old Market Square, Nottingham.

The tree in the Library at Chatsworth.

The entrance to Great Central Railway Steam Line.

The Christmas Tree in the Painted Hall at Chatsworth.

This coming week is going to be busy as always with lots of things to do before the Day, starting today when my hairdresser is coming!  Monday I have some more errands to run, I have to get the Christmas cake finished, the Christmas cookies made and some more mince pies (they have eaten the last lot!), the chocolate log made, the final grocery shopping done, washing, ironing, cleaning and re-claim my dining table before Friday!!!!  As well as the final bits of work and orders to sort out.  DH is delivering the last of some parts on Wednesday to one of our customers and Youngest is going with him.  I am sure it will all get done by Thursday but after this year who cares!!!!  I just think it will be so nice to have a break and do not a lot!!!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good weekend and will have a great week in the run up to Christmas whatever you are up to.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    At least you will have your family with you!!! That is what is important! Tomorrow my daughter and granddaughters arrive from Texas – looking forward to spending time with them! Hope you make it through your new lockdowns!!

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