The Christmas Star.

Tonight we are supposed to see the Christmas Star in the night sky for the first time in 400 years.  It actually means that the planets Jupiter and Venus will come into line so from Earth it will seem like a really bright star, which astronomers think might be what the Three Wise Men followed to find the baby Jesus. 

Now whenever we get one of these amazing events you can guarantee it is raining or very cloudy and we don’t get to see it and guess what?  It is pouring with rain today so I don’t think we will be seeing the Christmas Star tonight!!!!

I have some work jobs to finish today and some baking to sort out and tomorrow I have some errands to run, Wednesday I will be getting our home sorted before Christmas begins.    Anyway as not a lot is happening because of the Virus, as has been the whole year, I thought I would show you some throw back pictures from previous Christmases.  It’s like watching all the Christmas movies which are on the TV, you may have seen them several times before, but we still love them!

2008 The Boys At Great Central Railway to see Santa.

Little Miss Comfy!  She is not allowed on the sofas unless there is a blanket on there!

Both waiting to open their presents!

Terribly blurry picture as this was taken through the Truck window.  This Light Christmas Tree is at the top of Derby Road in Nottingham.

Nottingham Winter Wonderland.

Christmas morning – why am I outside and yet Treacle is sat in the doorway?!!!!!!

New football, lasted oh all of two minutes!

Candlelight by our front door for our annual Christmas party.

Santa has been!

Great Central Railway again.  We used to go every year to see Santa there as the Boys loved the trains as much as seeing Santa.


I will show some more pictures of past Christmases tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful week whatever you are up to.

Christmas Hugs & Love, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Star.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    We love all of your Christmas memory photos and we love watching our favorite Christmas movies over and over. They make us smile and feel good and this year, that’s an extra good thing.

  2. farmquilter

    Love the pictures of Christmas past!! My daughter and granddaughters are here with me now so that makes me happy!! Have a lovely Christmas week – we saw the “Christmas star” last night and will be looking for it every night!

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