Happy Thursday all!  Bit of a mixture here today for #TBT.  As the children broke up from school last week I thought I would show you the Boys last days at Primary School before starting Senior School.


Eldest above, so everyone else will have a picture of all of them looking at the camera but Eldest was looking at me!!!!! From 2006.


Youngest when he got back from school with his shirt all signed, a great tradition here in the UK.  They did the same when they left Senior School too! From 2011.

The funny story from these pictures is that they both used Sharpies to sign the names and when they got back there were multi-coloured dots all over their chests and arms!!!!  I had to spend about an hour getting them off with nail polish remover!  They were not amused!!!!!!


The above picture is our holidays to Scotland and particularly Moy Fair.  This was the shoot at the targets, which our good friend Gordon was part of.  Here is Eldest shooting the flintlock they had.  It really made a huge bang!!!!

Culbin Forest - Buckie Loch looking East 1

The Boys and DH used to go cycling at this forest trail which actually lead down to the Beach as well. 

Andrew with horns - Loch Mohr

Youngest at the Loch where the cottage is.  I think this is an antler he found!!!

The holiday pictures are all from 2010 when Eldest was 14 and Youngest was 10.

I am busy trying to get things sorted during this week and next before we go away on vacation a week on Saturday.  I am desperately trying not to end up running around like the proverbial headless chicken trying to get everything sorted before we go.  I swear every year I won’t do it and then by a week on Friday I will still have a million things to do and running out of hours and then declare “I don’t know why we are bothering to go away …….”  I am sure if you are a Mom you will definitely know what I am talking about!!!!

We have another swimming meeting tonight (!) as we are running out of days to get that sorted as well!!! 

I hope you are having a good Thursday, Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Love the pictures of the boys when they were smaller! Fun tradition with the shirts. I hope you are successful in not running around like a mad woman next Friday, but I totally understand why you will because all the little details fall to the women, most of the time! I wonder if we just assume the guys can’t figure out what is necessary for a trip so we just figure we need to do it all? Have a wonderful weekend!

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