Friday of Lockdown Week 1.


Well we have made it to Friday of Week 1 of Lockdown, how is everyone doing?  I hope okay and no one is getting sick!!!! 

DH & Eldest are getting on with their building works and then are going to tackle the conifers.  They are only doing this because neither of them are keen to help with the Spring Cleaning.  Little do they know but they will be helping!!!!!  Especially by moving the big furniture around!!!

Being at home all the time it is quite difficult to know what to post to keep you entertained.  I have noticed in the past with some other blogs when they are away they re-post old posts but I am not going to do that!!!  I will show you old pictures about things we have done in the past or things I think you will be interested in.


DH’s Great Grandfather was called T.N Parr and had a company in Nottingham established in 1874 of butchers and what would be called now a deli and in particular pork pie manufacturers.  This is the plaque (below) which was above the old shop in Nottingham until 1932 when they moved premises.


T.N. Parr had lots of sons, some of whom went into the business and others who became Gentlemen farmers.  DH’s Grandfather became a farmer and his Great Uncle, did too.  His Dad, William Parr, became a butcher and his Uncle, Kenneth Parr, set up his own business as butchers, deli and pork pie makers under the name Pork Farms. 


The Pork Farms shops did really well and there were lots around Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and the rest of the The Midlands. 

T N Parr's Pie and Sausage Factory, Lilac Grove, Beeston 1973. The fire damaged the cook room and roof

T.N. Parrs eventually just became known as “Parrs” and this was the main factory in Beeston where this picture shows there was an issue and the fire brigade were called!

In the early 1970’s Parrs and Pork Farms shops were next door to each other in the centre of Nottingham and eventually Pork Farms bought Parrs and the two companies became one!

Uncle Ken Parr eventually retired and Pork Farms were sold on again to a major rival. 

Uncle Ken and Mrs Elizbeth King

In retirement Uncle Ken decided to resurrect the original pork pie made by Mrs Elizabeth King which was the original shop that Uncle Ken first bought.  It was all to do with slaughter licence and produce licence after WWII.  Uncle Ken’s Granddaughters’ husbands came into the business and is going strong today under the original name of Mrs Elizabeth King! 


I hope you liked our little slice of family history.  I will hopefully be able to show you some pictures of the ground works next week.

Have a great weekend stay sane and stay safe.

Hugs & Love Susie xx


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