Happy Thursday!

Yes I know everyone is having a trying time at the moment but we have to stay as upbeat as possible!!!  DH and I have had a few trying issues this week with work and financial things which should have worked and were done before the lockdown but didn’t get sorted and now trying to get it sorted with less people and telephone lines not being answered has sent my blood pressure higher than normal!!!!!  We are also finding that the Covid-19 is seeming to be used as a good excuse for things not getting done!!!!! 🙁


Anyhoo lets not dwell on this.  DH and Eldest are going to be busy outside building the decorative stone wall to hide the conrete at the front and today we are hoping that the stone will arrive to raise the hole.  I will show you pictures as we progress.


Having worked this morning I am doing home jobs this afternoon and I am also going to start the Spring Cleaning.  The weather is wonderful and sunny again today and it does so lift the spirits.

It’s #TBT today and ten years ago at Easter we were in Orlando, Florida for the Easter holidays.  Of course we got stuck for a further ten days courtesy of the little volcano in Iceland!!!! 

We had a brilliant three weeks and here are some pictures from the trip.  Eldest was 14 and Youngest was 10!


The above was at Fort Christmas Historical Park


We went to Discovery Cove for the day and had a great time. 


DH and The Boys on the Paddle Steamer at DisneyWorld


DH and I queuing at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


DH and The Boys at NASA. 

I just love these pictures and the sky is so, so blue.  I really wish we were going this year and feel for anyone who had booked for Easter and is not now able to go.  We will all be back to normal soon and hopefully this thing will run out of steam very soon.


Here is your Treacle for the Day!!  She looks a little sleepy in this one as it was first thing in the morning!!!!!

Stay Safe All.

Hugs & Love Susie xxx

4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. farmquilter

    So glad you enjoyed an extra 10 days courtesy of the volcano – what a lovely place to get to spend that time, with so much to do and lovely weather to do it in!! I spent 9 months in Florida 9 years ago when my daughter was deployed…I so enjoyed my time there, even if I did little but sew! I love the warm weather. Another day of the weather spitting a rain/snow mix here with it being 30 when I took the dogs out. The pandemic has definitely put in kink in the lives of just about everyone! Stay healthy at home as much as possible!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We love your green, green grass, Treacle, and we look forward to it – just not cutting it 🙂 We can’t imagine Disney being closed seeing as it’s so popular but it truly is. Things will go back to normal eventually and fun times will begin again.
    So from now on, I will copy my comment so I can paste it here again.

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