OMG It’s Monday Again!


It’s Monday again, it does come round quickly!!!  The weekend went sideways as Youngest’s car is not repairable so DH, Eldest and Youngest went car shopping Saturday!!!  He needs something which is reliable because of work etc so we have managed to find a newer, less miles one for him and so that is being sorted out for later this week so he is still rolling around in mine so I am vehicle-less at the moment again!!!


Fiancé’s Mom has a big Birthday at the end of this week so I took her out for Breakfast this morning, well she drove and I paid!!!   She is going away next week with her DH to The Maldives to celebrate and I am sure the weather there will be a lot better than here!!!


Yesterday DH and the Boys were “playing” in the garage most of the day so the extra jobs I had planned went out of the window again so I gave up and spent the afternoon reading as it was pouring with rain and I just did not want to try and sort out my sewing!!! I will do that next week sometime.  I had a great few hours though reading!!!!!  As you know it is one of my Aims this year!  I also have a whole shelf full of books to read so there really is no excuse!!!!  Treacle kept me company in the sitting room in the warm whilst I was reading and the men were in the garage in the cold!!!!


We are off to the hospital tomorrow with Eldest to see the Consultant regarding his shoulder and I have everything crossed that he will be able to do something to stop it rolling out all the time!!!!  Please All keep everything crossed too because if not he will have to change jobs which he really doesn’t want to do!!!! I will let you know how it goes!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    Praying everything goes well at the specialist for Eldest! There are so many things they can do to fix shoulders. Mine both work fine after surgery. I hope Youngest’s car is a good one and totally reliable. Too bad public transportation won’t work for him. I still have my Oyster card…somewhere!! Looking forward to a plan of action for Eldest and pictures of the new car for Youngest!!

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