I am so glad it is Friday!!! It has been “One of Those Weeks”!!!!  Nothing major happened but just a lot of work and backwards and forwards and cars!!!  Don’t mention cars, I am tired of them!!!!  They are great when they just work and a real pain in the rear when they don’t!!!  DH, Eldest and Youngest are out tomorrow morning on a car looking trip!!!  I am NOT going!!! 

Managed to get caught up on my work, which is a relief, and home jobs and just have some bits of ironing to do and then we are all up to date again!!!  It definitely helps me to be up to date!


The weather has just been grey for the last few days.  You know the sort of days where it really doesn’t get properly light and you have the lamps on all day and it has been like that all day today.  We saw the sun last weekend whilst we were in London and it makes everything seem a lot better but not this week!!!! 

Sunday we have some home jobs to do and then I am going to get some sewing out and do that, especially if it is going to be grey over the weekend which looking at the forecast it will be!!!


I have been enjoying the Australian Open.  I record it over night and then watch the matches the next day!  There have been a few upsets, particularly Serena going out, but the tennis has been really good and it certainly helps get over these dreary January days!!!!


Over the last week I have also had some new followers, so a Big Hello to you and thanks for following and hope you enjoy my ramblings!!!!


I hope you lovely lot have a great weekend whatever you are up to and the weather is kind wherever you are. 

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Dreary grey days suck the life out of me!! I’m sorry your family is having car troubles…that always is a pain. Who is getting the new vehicle?? Have fun sewing tomorrow!!! That always makes the day better (and you have to have lights on for that!).

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