Only to January 1st!!!  I never got to say what my Aims were for this year.  I don’t do resolutions as, with most people, I forget about them so by the end of January they have gone by the board.  Aims, however, seem to keep me motivated and I also have a list (you know I love lists!!!) with a reminder of them.

1.  Always to be more organised and tidy with work and home. 

2.  To try and do some quilting each week. 

3.  To read more. 

4.  To be healthier for all of us. 

5.  To balance work, home and social things.

Only five things but there can be quite a lot under those five things but you get where I am going with this!!!  I will let you know at Easter if I have achieved some or all of these Aims!!!!


harry-meghan-Nottingham-1Photo:  nottsTV

The situation with the Duke & Duchess of Sussex has been dominating our news now for several weeks after their decision to step back from Royal life.  I think the thing that has annoyed me the most about this whole situation is how we, as a country, have been called racist which is why the Duchess of Sussex cannot live in Britain!  Firstly in any Country there are elements who always want to cause trouble whether it is racist, anti-semitic or hatred of anything but we, as a country, are more tolerant of diversity than most.  She was welcomed as Prince Harry’s Fiancé and after the wedding but things seemed to go down hill from there.

People are comparing her to Diana, Princess of Wales but she was only twenty when she married Prince Charles yet the Duchess of Sussex was thirty six when she married so can hardly be described as a naive girl.  She had had a career, own home and I am sure far more aware of situations then Diana was. 

I am sure that life in the Royal Family is not easy but there are a hell of a lot of advantages than dis-advantages and although they feel that now they are able to do what they want, when they want, I think they may find that having ditched the security of the Royal Home and all the security of managed outings that they will be even more prey for intrusive photographs and being hounded all the time.  

Also the timing of pictures appearing on their website when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are carrying out engagements is also getting a little annoying and really does give the impression of sour grapes from Harry & Meghan.  Also telling the Canadian people that they were, in fact, just a staging post until policital things change in the USA was not the brightest of statments to have made!!!!!  Which gives rise to the phrase “spoilt brats”!

Hopefully now that they are no longer in Britain they can get on with whatever they want to do and our press will stop running stories about them and we can get on with life!!!!!



Saturday is Chinese New Year and 2020 is The Year of the Rat!  DH is announcing for the celebrations during the evening. 


Saturday is also Burns Night!  So if you are one of those families who have a take-away on a Saturday evening you have a choice of Chinese or Haggis!!!!!   My father’s family are from Edinburgh so we will be celebrating Burns Night, although DH and the Boys are not too keen on Haggis!!!!

Took DH to the railway station this morning for 6.00am as he is in London all day for work and collecting him at 9.30pm tonight!!!  I have done all my work so far today so am going to get a head start on home jobs!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

5 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. Ailsa Underwood

    They have been in Canada 2 minutes and they are already taking the press to court for intrusive pictures. If they don’t want the press on their backs they should have stayed here as our press is much more controlled.

  2. Molly

    I think it’s very sad about Harry and Meghan. Being a royal is a privileged that only a few have. I wonder what Diana would think. Good luck on your resolutions. I never make them because I never keep them. One day at a time works best for me.

  3. farmquilter

    Good luck on your aims…I think you can do it!! I think H&M made a mistake, but I thought H made a mistake a few years ago as well. The way they did the split from the BRF was wrong, IMO. They kept talking about going to Africa…why not move there and help the people who are so important to them? Heck, Australia could use any assistance they could give at this point!

  4. Judy

    Totally agree with your thoughts on Harry and Meghan. I have always thought England was more tolerant of race than we are here. As far as I am concerned they can stay in Canada we don’t need any more of the wealthy privileged here telling us how to think and live our lives. I think they have made a decision that they will live to regret and time will only tell if anyone is really going to support them in their money making schemes.

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